Inactive [WGEN] Nordic v0.2.0 - Add nordic landscapes to your server! [1.2.4-R1.0]

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    Add nordic landscapes to your server

    Version: 0.2.0 [1.2.3-R0.2]


    Over at BukkitDev => Link

    Source can be found at GitHub: Link

    Nordic is a Worldgenerator which creates a world that will have a nordic looking. There are continents and smaller islands, lakes, a custom Treetype, some caves and all ores/mushrooms/flowers/lava... whatever you need. Most of the screenshots were made during development using the seed 1337 if you want to try this world. You might experience some strange spawning locations and some strange blocks around the generated lakes, but it should be very rare.

    You have to know how to edit the bukkit.yml or use a plugin that does this part for you, like Pinapp.
    The command & permission beneath are not needed if you use Pinapp or edit the bukkit.yml, i just left them in so its possible to take a look on a Nordic world without doing any configuration stuff.

    MOAR SCREENS!!111 (including a shiny 360° panorama)

    Also thanks alot to @codename_B for allowing me to use his BlockPopulators.

    And as always, feedback and suggestions are always welcome, hope you like it.

    • /nordic <worldname> <seed>
    Creates a new BananaNordic world and ports you in the world. If there already is a world with the given name, you will just be ported in the world.

    • nordic.command
    Gives access to the /nordic command

    If you don't use a plugin that does this for you, you have to edit the bukkit.yml file. Add the following and insert your worldname:

            generator: Nordic

    • 0.2.0
      • Updated for new chunk format
      • Added new lake populator
    • 0.1.4
      • updated for latest RB
    • 0.1.2
      • fixed load:startup in plugin.yml
    • 0.1.1
      • permission nordic.command now defaults to OP
    • 0.1.0
      • initial release
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    multi world supported? i wanna make a second world that is nordic but keep my first world too, this plugin looks great and might i add 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Erm. Did you read the OP?
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    so this is a multiworld plugin itself, thanks
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    Anyways great work @s1mpl3x :D I see it now has the bannana logo :) (@codename_b at this point you must have every great world generator dev in one place you better use all that talent :p ) hope you make some more cool generators as well!
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    OMG I KEEPS SAYING I HAVE NOPERMISSION WHEN I DO!!!! i have it set in admin and i am a op and in admin group
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    i might should have said that its SuperPerms only, i guess you use Permissions2/3 @aidanhd500 ?
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    yes, that is a shame :S. can you maybe make a version where there is no permissions and only OP's can use it? i reaaaaaaaly dont wanna have to move over all of my perms

    can you make a tutorial as well? im totally confused and i am really feeling like a noob

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    Oh you noticed did you? :p actually there's one dev who does WGEN that we don't have ;)
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    @aidanhd500 download the new version, i made the command default to op.
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    Would this be the group that made PhoenixTerrainMod? :p might want to try to get them also.. and then spam 400 WGEN plugins ;) Also the plugin looks sick. I'll give it a shot and see what the worlds look like in motion.

    I also see that you have bumped up ore generation just a tad.. lol. Works out rather nice.
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    The group that made PhoenixTerrainMod just ripped the code from a mod, as far as I know, they didn't write it themselves.
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    King Rat

    Brilliant work!

    That is all.
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    thank you
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    lol who? It seems that every new WG in the WIP and well all over gets help by you :) or gets asked to join if they make an awesome WG (like this one).
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    Don Redhorse

    btw: would it be possible to create a plugin architecture for the wgens so that you only need to add some config files to ONE plugin instead of having 20 different plugins?
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    1 Word:

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    Easy to implement with MultiVerse?
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    would be possible, but i guess that it is more likely that someone only uses 1 or maybe 2 custom wgen, so putting them all in a single plugin would be a bit overkill.

    create a world with the command, edit the bukkit.yml and add the generated world to MultiVerse. I haven't used MultiVerse, but i think this is how it works
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    Ahh, even easier than that
    /mvcreate newworld normal -g Nordic_0_1_1

    (im guessing its based on the file name, but not sure.) Cleanroom Generator is done like this.
    -g CleanroomGenerator
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    @fffizzz oh ok but isn't it the pluginname instead of the filename? (BananaNordic in this case) Thats how Pinapp calls the Populators
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    Don Redhorse

    no... you did misunderstand me... not ONE plugin to rule them all :)

    one plugin as the center which handles commands, commoncode etc (don't have any idea if there is a lot of common code though) and than you just drop in the world you want to create as a snap-in to that plugin... similar to bukkit ;-)
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    You mean like Pinapp or MultiVerse?
    The WGEN plugins are just containers for the code to generate said world.
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    It seems to be based on the plugin name, just gave this a go from the server console:

    >mv create Nordic NORMAL -g BananaNordic
    07:55:13 [INFO] Starting world creation...

    which created a mighty fine world :)
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    Don Redhorse

    well could be it.. just wondered because so many seperate worldgenerators are comming up all with own commands and features

    hmm... my server "crashes" at that point.. it just does nothing anymore... the directory will be created and some files but I never get any messages.

    and restarting the server will put it into the same state again as soon as the nordic world gets loaded...

    hmm perhaps too many worlds?
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    @Don Redhorse this is because the generator can't find a spawn location. Delete the nordic world directory and try another seed. This really shouldn't happen... meh i guess i have to change the spawn stuff again
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    Don Redhorse

    ah.... hmm will try the original seed was 404.. will try something else and let you know
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    my generated a nordic world for about 5 blocks in all directions, then big gushing mountains and whole pools of water 5 to 10 blocks high.

    It seems whole chunks are just normal, and a few scattered ones are nordic...way for me to fix this?
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    thats strange... any console errors? also what does your bukkit.yml look like and are you using any multiworld addon and if so what does the config for the nordic world look like?

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