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  1. Plugin category: RPG

    Suggested name: Better Mechanics - Weapons (BMW)

    What I want: I would like a plugin that makes combat more realistic by making players have to use a certain weapon type to become better with it. I would also like it to have wind that pushes ranged attacks (arrows and spells). (Optional) Spout support - I don't use spout but others who may want this plugin might have it and use it.
    Here are the features I would like added:

    • Killing a configurable amount of players upgrades your mastery of that weapon
    • Only Player kills count toward upgrading (Configurable)
    • Axes only lose 1 durability instead of 2 when used in combat.
    Combat Types:

    1. Archery upgrades per bow kill getting more accurate and dealing more damage per level and also travelling further. First level accurate to a 5 block radius and maybe half vanilla damage. Last and best is after 75 kills, deals 2 times vanilla with a chance to deal critical.
    Note: Critical damage is configurable.

    2. Swordsmanship upgrades per sword kill dealing more damage per level. First level does just less than vanilla damage. Last and best is after 75 kills, deals 3 times vanilla and adds chance to paralyse target. Also adds parrying (only when blocking), the higher level you are the more damage that is reflected (maybe a maximum of 20%).
    Note: Parrying will not affect ranged attacks, e.g. Arrows, ghast or blaze fireballs.

    3. Axes upgrade per axe kill dealing more damage per level. First level does just less than vanilla damage. Last and best is after 75 kills, deals 4 times vanilla and adds a chance to drop the targets head (functional with mobs as well).

    4. Magic (optional, but would appreciate it) is upgraded per magic kill but players have to learn spells by purchasing them, before they can use them. First level only allows certain spells to be bought with each level allowing new purchasable spells. At level 5 players can purchase the best spells and the levels after that amplify previous abilities.
    Note: Spells will not be affected by parrying.

    5. Wind effects arrows and its speed and direction can be found out with a command (maybe /bmw wind) and flags (Spout support) or configurable blocks will move to face away like a normal flag. Follows East being sunrise and West being sunset. (Not 100% sure if this is possible)
    Configurable wind speed
    Min: 0 (will push ranged attacks, certain spells as well, the number in blocks)
    Max: 5
    Average: 2.5
    Note: Pushing the Arrow/Spell would be preferable, but if it changes the angle before it is in the
    air it’s fine.

    Ideas for commands:
    • /bmw reload Reloads the config
    • /bmw setwind {true/false} Sets if wind in on or off
    • /bmw IncludeMobKills {true/false} Sets if mob kills count toward upgrading
    • /bmw setlevel [player] {archery/swordsmanship/axes/magic} (level number) Sets the level of a players particular combat style
    • /bmw wind Checks the current speed of the wind
    Ideas for permissions:
    • bmw.admin.reload Gives access to /bmw reload command
    • bmw.admin.setwind Gives access to /bmw wind command
    • bmw.admin.includemobkills Gives access to /bmw IncludeMobKills command
    • bmw.admin.setlevel Gives access to /bmw setlevel command
    • bmw.admin.exemptwind Stops players arrows/spells being affected by wind
    • bmw.user.archery Allows upgrading of archery
    • bmw.user.swordsmanship Allows upgrading of swordsmanship
    • bmw.user.axes Allows upgrading of axes
    • bmw.user.magic Allows upgrading of magic
    • bmw.user.wind Allows use of /bmw wind
    When I'd like it by: Before the end of the year

    Extra Notes: If anyone wants my rough config.yml please leave your email address and reason why you want it (I don't want to give it to people who have no interest in making this plugin as it wastes my time).
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  3. It is close but it doesn't have individual weapon levels from what I read.
  4. So can anyone make this? is it even possible?
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    So, if someone do that plugin for u, please post here warning, it is a nice plugin
  6. Bumpity Bump Bump
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    You're asking for Spoutcraft support?

    Edit: Just realized that was optional, give me some time as I go on vacation tommorow, ill get started today after I get home from work.
  8. TheTrixsta I sent you some extra details. Should be in your inbox. :)
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    Im on vacation, it will get done when its done lol
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    I've got a plugin for you that can help emulate this.
    Item Rules can limit a player's use of an item based on exp levels or Mcmmo levels
    Strange Weapons give you weapons that can track kills and have additional statistics added to it.
    McMMO will give you what you need for additional damage being added to weapon use such as Axes, Swords and Bows. You can change durability loss for abilities that McMMO comes with and you also get crit rate added when activating an axe on a person. You can change EXP gain when in pvp and hitting a player so that you don't level up your skill the moment you hit them or something.

    As for Magic and Wind, I'm not really too sure on those but the above should help you for the most part.
  11. Chaositic I don't want to get mcMMO as it changes to many things, e.g Mining, Excavation, Woodcutting and Herbalism. Strange Weapons is per weapon not weapon type as I want. Thank you for the suggestions but I think I will wait for TheTrixsta to create the plugin closer to my specifications.
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    So you basicly want a improving system like in Skyrim? :)
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    How about this one ?
  14. mikhaelcool7 It is good! But do you know of a plugin that adds wind? Also it looks like per weapon, I would like it weapon type. eg Swords, bows, axes.
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    Wind ? Can you describe what will the character do, when he/she will use wind.
  16. Wind would push arrows and ranged magic spells.
  17. Can Anyone do this?
  18. Nah, He has moved on to writing programs and games, and doesn't do plugins any more.
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