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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Amazing_kid, Apr 10, 2012.

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    can someone please update showcase, so many people are wanting a update for it
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    no its not... and how can you tell from the old forum page its not even a dev page, the last update was in december.
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    Well, 1.1-R5 is a few RBs back, when the new event API (Which is what would need changing) was put out, so I figured he would have updated it to use the new event API.

    if you look at the bottom of that thread: This post has been edited 8 times. It was last edited by narrowtux Feb 28, 2012.
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    Well it doesn't seem to work, look at the comments.
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    I'll tell you what, you try it out yourself before saying something doesn't work.
    If it really does not work you can ask NarrowTux if he wants to update it.

    Sorry this sounds really mean but if you don't take the time to try things for yourself and read the rules (correct formatting, etc), I don't have time to make a nice response.
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    Use ShowcaseStandAlone
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    i have and it doesnt

    ok thanks for the showcasestandalone i didn't see that plugin before, oops

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