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    This is now inactive - is where you can find the currently active developed version.

    Release v0.854 contains the fix to stop the IndexOutOfBoundsException that happens when 3d shapes have no light blocks. Also contains the fix for 2d gate iris levers (they get added properly again). The Wormhole X-Treme Worlds support is for a version of WXW that is still under development, expect things to break badly if you enable it without the proper version of WXW (0.5, which is not released as of yet).

    If this is your first time downloading this please download the zip, it contains the database software we depend upon.
    You are also encouraged to read the changelog and readme. Especially the readme.
    Basic instruction for use and configuration can be found below.

    Major Features:
    • Player teleportation!
    • Multi-world support
    • Permissions integration (As well as some basic built-in permissions)
    • Custom 3d & 2d gate shapes
    • Iris password protection
    • Minecart teleportation
    • Help plugin integration
    About Wormhole Xtreme:

    Get the Source
    Donate to my coffee fund (It helps me code faster!)

    When I first heard about bukkit I knew I wanted to write a plugin. As I always wanted a way to teleport around I thought it would be fun to write a mod that could do this. I thought writing one like the Stargates from Stargate would be cool.

    So I decided I would make my own portal plugin as my first try at bukkit (and really first mod for Minecraft so far).

    So here is my release of Wormhole X-Treme!

    video (open)

    Samkio made a usage video here, it is a touch out of date but the general idea still works:

    Changelog with important entries in bold (open)

    Changes 0.854
    • Updated chunk (un)loading to happen when gate (de)activates and when dial lever state changes happen.
    • Fixed iris levers not being added properly with 2d gates. (Oops, guess that code WAS needed)
    • Fixed IndexOutOfBoundsException on 3d gate shapes without lighting blocks.
    • Hamfisted fix for signs not updating. Now we nuke the sign and build it from scratch every time a gate sign is toggled. Causes a flash, but... who cares. It works EVERY time now.
    Changes 0.853:
    • Fix for /dial gates breaking when a user who doesn't have dialer permission hit the lever.
    • Switched to getTypeId() from getType(), hopefully this works around the getType() == Air bug that might be lingering.
    Changes 0.852:
    • Added support for upcoming Permissions 3.0.x release.
    • Fixed a NPE in 2d shape code dealing with light block positions.
    • Added soft dependencies to plugin.yml.
    • Minor log format changes for readability.
    Changes 0.851:
    • Complete revamp of how we handle permissions checks. Lots more case statements, lots less if/else if. Much better. This is what enums are for.
    • Added new gate use cooldowns. This feature will only work on complex permissions enabled servers. There are three groups you can assign a player to; 'wormhole.cooldown.groupone', 'wormhole.cooldown.grouptwo', and 'wormhole.cooldown.groupthree'. If you have an '*' on any user/group, remember to '-wormhole.cooldown.groupone' etc. There is a new command to enable, disable, and modify cooldowns; 'wormhole cooldown [true|false|group] <time>', valid groups being 'one', 'two', and 'three', valid time being between 15 and 3600 seconds. There are also Settings.txt options for all of these new settings. Cooldowns are set when a player enters a stargate, not when they /dial. Cooldowns are removed via timer events, and even if the timer event fails, we do a fall back calculation when a player enters a stargate, and gets denied access.
    • Added new gate build count restrictions. This feature will only work on complex permissions enabled servers. There are three groups you can assign a player to; '', '', and ''. If you have an '*' on any user/group, remember to '' etc. There is a new command to enable, disable, and modify build count restrictions; 'wormhole restrict [true|false|group] <count>', valid groups being 'one', 'two', and 'three', valid count being between 1 and 200. There are also Settings.txt options for all of these new settings.
    • Updated the stargate sign dial sign reset code to be more reliable at causing the client to notice update changes.
    • Added a thrown exception during stargate 3d shape parsing if the shape doesn't have an exit point. We depend on this location for pretty much everything. If it isn't there, really bad bad bad things happen.
    • Now we have more than just Standard as our default shape. We extract Standard, StandardSignDial, Minimal, and MinimalSignDial to the gateShape folder if it is missing shapes.
    • Now we don't toggle stargate signs when we start.
    Changes 0.850:
    • iConomy support removed. I will not depend on plugins that decide to change their package name 5 major versions in and basically give everyone who depended on the package location the middle finger.
    • 3d Gate shapes now implemented.
    • Custom gate settings now in place (read: per gate material settings). This included the re-addition of the portalmaterial and irismaterial commands. lightmaterial, redstone, wooshdepth, and custom commands newly added.
    • Massive internal overhaul, refactorings, cleanups, general goodness and bugfixes.
    • Added support for Wormhole X-Treme Worlds. This allows Wormhole X-Treme to offload its chunk loading and world loading to WXW, for worlds that exist in WXW. Requires user to change Settings.txt option WORLDS_SUPPORT_ENABLED from false to true. This option requires Wormhole X-Treme Worlds v0.5 to be installed, and preferably configured for every existing world populated with stargates. If this option is set to true but WXW is not v0.5 (or not installed), WX will not load its stargates from its database.
    • Removed many superfluous chunk load requests. Added graceful chunk unload queue when we are done with a chunk.
    • Bumped supported version of permissions to include the 2.7 tree.
    • Updated help text for new/modified commands.
    • Added backwards compatibility, for those users who just don't want to upgrade to 3d shapes.
    • Added loads of failsafe settings, for when users don't have any shapes installed, but have stargates already.
    • wxidc now only works on non-sign powered gates which have iris activation blocks set.
    Changes 0.833:
    • Fixed iConomy double(or many many more) charging issue. Tried to do something awesome, turned out to be a bad idea. We'll revisit these kind of changes when 3d shapes are in and I can do some major refactoring and method merges/splits.
    • Bumped supported version of permissions to include the 2.6 tree.
    • Merged some of the sign click schedule related methods. Should make sign click messages more reliable.
    Changes in v0.832:
    • Fixed a NPE in new database initialization. Whoops, missing null-check, added.
    Changes in v0.831:
    • Fixed erroneous messages sent when a plugin is attached to already and WXT receives a plugin event for it. Cosmetic bug, fixed.
    Changes in v0.830:
    • Water now will not flow over Stargate anythings. No more broken levers and magic blocks of water floating in their place.
    • Buckets now will no longer work with stargate anythings. No free water and lava.
    • Minor optimizations and code cleanups.
      • All configuration values associated with these are gone now.
      • Gate shapes without these default to
    • Updated default gate shapes that come in the zip to include these new values.
      • See gate shape files for more details
    • Removed version 1 DB conversion because new design doesn't allow for it anymore.
      • For users this means if you are upgrading from version 0.3 or less to this version you will need to remake your gates.
    • Fixed NPE in onPlayerInteract caused by event not reporting the block the interact event was associated with.
    • Logic tweak in the find safe teleport code. Should be *safererer*
    • Sign powered stargates now can only target other sign powered stargates.
    • Fixed so that when coming from a lava portal stargate to a non-lava portal stargate fire damage is canceled still. No more nasty fire after a teleport.
    • Added the logic back in to stop people from randomly teleporting when next to the lever of an active gate. The side effect is, when block.getType() fails, gates don't work. Its one or the other.
    • Fixed /wxcomplete permission deny issue with stargates on public networks.
    • Added ICONOMY_OWNER_EXEMPT option to Settings.txt with a default value of true. When true this option disables the charging of gate owners for using their own gates.
    Changed in v0.821:
    • Update version of iConomy we build against and test for.
    • Fix NPE in old non-shape based gates.
    • Added custom StargateTeleportEvent for MinecartMania as we nuke the minecarts before we teleport the player and put them back in the minecart.
    • Refactored package to com.wormhole_xtreme.wormhole in anticipation of adding more stargate related projects.
    Changed in v0.820:
    • Initial support for CraftBukkit Build 600.
    • Got rid of the stupid double error that people got by not reading the readme. Now when we parse settings.txt, if the value is integer for the iconomy settings, we change it to a double by simply dropping a .0 at the end of it. Problem solved.
    • Lots of optimizations to the distance finding method we were using. Also fixes to the gate shape parsing code. (Thanks lirelent)
    • Overhaul of the way we handle permissions internally. More unified approach to the actual permissions checks.
    • Gate block protection should now be compatible with plugins like mcMMO. "Should" being the operating word.
    • Levers now properly move when used and toggle on and off when stargate and iris are activated.
    • All Permissions deny events now log at Level.FINE. Got permissions problems with WXT? Now see what is happening.
    • Optimized fire protection. Now we use timer events that go off 2 seconds after gates close. This way we don't have to listen for fire type events 24/7. :)
    • Fixed teleportation dropping people into very unsafe locations. Now we scan for safe place to drop people, if we can't find one we drop the player in front of the DHD. This will also FIX wormholes by setting the stored teleport location to the new clean and safe location.
    • We now support using the help plugin along with WXT.
    • We now have settings.txt options to hard disable support of iConomy, Permissions, and the help plugin. No longer do we log a warning when unable to find the plugin we depend on. We log at INFO. :p
    • Buttons are no longer really used. If a button exists on a stargate, it will be replaced with a shiny new lever on the first use.
    • Lava stargates are *really* safe to use now. For trees even. Not minecarts though.
    • A whole host of debugging information has been added at Level.FINE. If you can trigger a bug reliably, set yourself to fine and provide the server.log details surrounding the bug. Not recommended for production servers as well... its exceissive.
    • The '/wormhole regenerate' command is partially added. Will regenerate missing activation and iris levers.
    • Minecarts work across chunks and worlds now! If you run into a location where it doesn't work, use the wormhole in both directions to correct the wormhole, then try again. :)
    Changed in v0.812:
    - /wxgo now works properly when traversing world bounderies. First we quickly pop into the default spawn location for the target world, then from there we go to our final destination. It is a hack, but it is a working hack. :)
    - methodized the code to find closest stargates, and find distance from closest stargate blocks as well as the math to find distance.
    - Updated block ignition events to only use proximity style checks. Block ignition event cancellation radius increased to active stargate woosh depth or 4 blocks, which ever is further.
    - Updated '/wxcompass' to use new FindClosestStargate method.
    - Updated onEntityDamage to use only proximity style checks. On active gates a bubble of no fire damage of either woosh_depth or 4 blocks, which ever is larger, is created. On closed gates a bubble of 2 blocks is created to stop fire ticks occuring right as a gate closes. Stopped caring about potential drowning in stargate. If user decides they want to stand in the wrong side of a gate till they drown, that is their choice.
    - Re-added missing CONSTRUCT_NAME_TAKEN error string in ConfigManager. This stops an NPE in 'wxcomplete'.
    - Added support for tkelly's Help plugin. Will generate proper config based on permissions type (simple or complex) or lack of permissions plugin altogether.
    - Refactored the heck out of iConomy and Permissions support. Own classes in a new package to go along with the Help support. Methodized a bunch of useful functions. Less duplicated code.
    - Added some log output for 'wxforce'. Should help combat abuse.
    - Ops are now always able to use 'wxremove'.
    - The '/wormhole simple' command now refreshes Help entries to the proper permissions after being set.

    Changes in v0.811:
    - Came up with a proximity based check for stargates in the lava & fire event
    cancellation code. Now only 3 block radius around active lava portals
    gets its lava & fire events cancelled. STATIONARY_LAVA is safe for players
    to use in portals now. For reals.
    - Version 4.5 of iConomy is now supported and verified as working.
    - Now we actually check for Iris on gate use while in minecart...
    - Back to the good ol kick the player out of the cart and stuff them through
    the stargate method. Doing a bit of a hackish teleport when going between
    worlds as well. We tp to spawn, then instantly to destination. This is only
    when starting the tp while in minecart. If minecart is empty and passing
    into a stargate that will traverse worlds, we kick the minecart back. Otherwise
    it will dissapear into the void.
    - Now we cancel block ignite events on a proximity basis, same way we cancel
    fire and lava events on player. No more trees bursting into flames near a stargate.

    Changes in v0.810:
    - Broke '/wxcompass' out into its own class. Removed '/wormhole compass'.
    - Broke '/wxcomplete' out into its own class. Removed '/wormhole complete'.
    - Broke '/wxidc' out into its own class.
    - Broke '/wxremove' out into its own class. Removed '/wormhole remove'. Fixed so it toggles iris to off state before removing gates with iris active.
    - Broke '/wxlist' out into its own class. Added no permissions error message. Removed from '/wormhole' command.
    - Added command '/wxgo' and broke it out into its own class. Added no permissions error message.Removed from '/wormhole' command.
    - Broke '/dial' out into its own class.
    - Broke '/wxbuild' out into its own class.
    - Broke '/wormhole' out into its own class.
    - Added another message for active gates. Now it will say either remote activated, or activated by someone else already.
    - Added SIMPLE_PERMISSIONS config option. The default value of 'false' makes permissions node settings use complex mode. While the setting of true sets the plugin to check for extremely simplified permissions. Permission node details can be found in the README.
    - Refactored the WXForce class to Force. Hopefully this shuts MSSE up. ^^;
    - Moved a bunch of the initial loading out of onEnable and into onLoad. Now we use onEnable only for events that should only happen at plugin Enable.
    - Updated '/wormhole' command to have more descriptive errors and built in help. Updated help information for this command as well. Command now has unified messaging string headers. Added new 'simple' option to enabling simple permissions while the game is live. Requires the user to have proper permissions node for configuration in target mode. Removed a bunch of duplicated permissions checks. Only one check is needed at beginning of command call now.
    - Revamped readme to reflect important recent plugin package changes.
    - Fire damage, combustion damage, and drown events now canceled in stargate. Now LAVA is really a valid portal material.
    - Creeper explosions are now canceled when they would cause damage to stargates. This will stop signs and buttons from being destroyed during that mad dash to/from a stargate. ^^

    Plugin Commands (open)

    description: Dial a remote Stargate, unlock IDC with optional password
    usage: /dial <StarGate> [IDC]
    <stargate> The StarGate to dial.
    [IDC] Use optional password to open remote Iris.

    description: Wormhole administration and configuration commands.
    usage: /wormhole <commandtype> [ARG1] [ARG2]
    Valid Commands - 'owner', 'perms', 'portalmaterial', 'irismaterial', 'lightmaterial', 'shutdown_timeout', 'activate_timeout', 'simple', 'regenerate', 'redstone', 'wooshdepth', 'cooldown', 'restrict', & 'custom'.

    description: List all Stargates.
    usage: /wxlist - List all Stargates.

    description: Automatically Build Stargate.
    usage: /wxbuild <GateShape>
    <GateShape> The GateShape to build.
    After placing a DHD with a button (and sign if wanted) running this command then pressing the button will cause the specified <GateShape> to be built.

    description: Remove a stargate, optionally destroy its blocks.
    usage: /wxremove <GateName> [-all]
    <GateName> The GateName to remove.
    [-all] destroys gate blocks too.

    description: Point compass needle at nearest Stargate.
    usage: /wxcompass - Point compass needle at nearest Stargate.

    description: Complete StarGate construction.
    usage: /wxcomplete <GateName> idc=[IDC] net=[Net]
    <GateName> The name to give new Stargate.
    [IDC] Optional password to give Stargate.
    [Net] Optional network for Stargate.

    description: Gets or sets a gates IDC.
    usage: /wxidc <GateName> <optional_set_idc>
    Requires being either owner or have wormhole.config
    set -clear to remove the IDC

    description: Forcefully shut down all gates and/or open all iris
    usage: /wxforce <close|drop>

    description: Teleport to specified wormhole.
    usage: /wxgo <GateName>

    Install directions (open)

    New Install:
    1. Download the zip.
    2. Unzip file into same directory that your craftbukkit.jar exists in. This should put the hsqldb.jar into the lib/ folder, the WormholeXTreme.jar into the plugins/ folder, and the latest versions of GateShapes into the plugins/WormholeXTreme/GateShapes/ folder.
    3. Start server
    4. (Optional) Stop the server and edit the newly generated /plugins/WormholeXTreme/settings.txt file as needed.
    5. (Optional) Edit gate shapes in /plugins/WormholeXTreme/GateShapes/
    6. (Optional) If using the Permissions plugin based plugin, set up the appropriate permissions. If using SIMPLE_PERMISSIONS = true remember to use permissions from the Simple Mode list, otherwise use nodes from Complex Node.
    7. (Optional) Start Server again

    Basic use instructions (open)

    Basic Use:
    First off you need to make a stargate. I you can see the design design below - you need the Gate, a Dial Home Device (DHD), and a stone button or lever facing away from the gate on the DHD. The purple blocks are Obsidian, and the Blue has to be air, but will turn to water when the gate is activated.

    A real example of a constructed gate:

    You MUST make the gate exactly as it is in the picture.

    Once it is assembled hit the button ( You need to stand at least one block away from the button for the event to trigger. ) and the system will confirm that the stargate is properly made. If you don't see a "wormhole design valid" message you did not create the gate properly.
    If you did see the message, you simply type /wormhole complete <name> to finish and name the gate. A name sign with the gates name should appear on the gate. You can optionally type /wxcomplete <name> <idc=[IDC]> (idc = iris deactivation code, or the code needed to use the gate) - this will make your gate password protected.

    Now if you hit the button again it will "activate" the gate to be dialed.

    To Dial (after hitting the button) you type "/dial <remote_gate_name>" and the gate will open and fill with water! (You can change the portal material by using /wormhole material) The gates currently don't by default timeout after dialing. If the remote gate has an iris code you will need to type "/dial <name> <idc>" to activate the remote gate.

    Hitting the button again from the gate that dialed out will deactivate the gate. Pressing the button on a gate that has been dialed in to will do nothing because you can't activate a gate that is remotely activated. (Tried to keep it just like the show haha).

    Name Sign Dialing (Public Gate System):
    • NOTE: This is an alternate way to BUILD a gate. Currently existing gates will not work by simple placing a sign next to the activation button. You will need to /wormhole remove first and then re-complete the gate using this system.
    • Place a second obsidian "pillar" next to the main DHD and place a sign on it. Put the name of the gate on the top line.
    • Gates with this sign can only be dialed via the sign now. You will only see other gates that have a sign.
    • Gate without a sign can dial IN to a sign gate.
    • AGAIN : If you make a gate without a sign it will NOT be on the list of gates.
    • To cycle through possible gates use right click - Sometimes it takes a click or two for it to work :)
    • See here for sign dialer gate example:
    • 2011-01-25_02.15.31.png
    • Note - unless you have STARGATE_FULL_ACCESS or "wormhole.remove" you will be unable to destroy any blocks that are part of the gate.
    • Networks!
      • If you put any text on the second line of the sign, it will be the "network" the gate is on.
      • You will only be able to dial other gates on the same network as you
      • Currently you cannot change the network, so make sure you type it correctly!
      • By default (if nothing is put on the second line) a gate will be part of the "Public" network.

    Basic configuration settings (open)

    • All configuration is now stored in a file /plugins/WormholeXTreme/Settings.txt
      • All descriptions of the settings will be found in that file with the settings.
    • You can change some options while the server is running:
      • /wormhole activate_timeout <optional_timeout>
        • This is the length of time after activating but before dialing that the gate deactivates.
        • This does not affect sign dialed gates.
      • /wormhole shutdown_timeout<optional_timeout>
        • Setting to 0 means portal only closes after something goes through, and then immediately closes.
        • This setting is how long after a player dials a gate before the gate shuts down.

    Permissions plugin settings (open)

    • This plugin works with the Permissions plugin. (Currently 2.5+ Only)
      • Changing the built in permissions will not change the Permissions plugin at all.
    • Without the Permissions plugin you can use the built-in permissions (disabled by default)
    • /wormhole perms - for more information
    • to enable/disable default perms /wormhole perms active <true|false>
    • When built-in permissions are active:
      • Default OPs get all access
      • Default all other users get USE only
    Permissions Plugin Nodes: (Controlled by settings.txt - SIMPLE_PERMISSIONS)
    Complex Mode:
    wormhole.use.sign - lets a user use sign gates.
    wormhole.use.dialer - lets a user use '/dial' gates
    wormhole.use.compass - lets a user use '/wxcompass' command.
    wormhole.remove.own - lets a user remove a gate that they own
    wormhole.remove.all - lets a user remove any gate - Able to build new wormholes
    wormhole.config - Able to configure settings like material and timeout
    wormhole.list - Able to use '/wxlist' command to list wormholes - Able to use wormholes on NETWORKNAME - Able to build wormholes on NETWORKNAME
    wormhole.go - allows user to use '/wxgo' command. - Part of build restriction group one. - Part of build restriction group two. - Part of build restriction group three.
    wormhole.cooldown.groupone - Part of wormhole use cooldown group one.
    wormhole.cooldown.grouptwo - Part of wormhole use cooldown group two.
    wormhole.cooldown.groupthree - Part of wormhole use cooldown group three.

    Simple Mode:
    wormhole.simple.use - Lets a user use wormholes. - Lets a user build wormholes.
    wormhole.simple.remove - Lets a user remove wormholes.
    wormhole.simple.config - Lets a user configure WormholeXTreme settings

    Help plugin settings (open)

    • Currently there are no configuration options for Help the help plugin. It is just plug and play. If you want to change the help text, you are able to do such via the Help plugin override build into the Help plugin.

    As always please let us know of any bugs! Just remember, some bugs are in vanilla and craftbukkit itself, so we may not be able to address them easily.

    Devs: Lologarithm & alron

    Attached Files:

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    Yah, I've been planning on doing something like that for a while. Keep getting sidetracked by major bukkit feature changes.
    I'll add it to the todo list.
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    I have this same issue, gates still return to this after recreation. Right after recreation its fine, but it seems that the height slowly increases each time its used maybe? Early on there's no drop but eventually you are dropped from the top of the gate.
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    Having an issue with just one particular gate. There are ten gates in my world. They are all sign gates with no network or IDC. No-one apart from admins have permission to build or remove gates.

    One particular gate will randomly damage itself. On arriving at the destination, always the button on the DHD, and sometimes the sign as well, will disappear off the DHD. Sometimes - not always - the button and sign are lying invisible on (or under?) the floor, if you step in the right place, they appear in your inventory. Sometimes the button disappears but the sign stays but has become completely blank.

    This leaves players stranded at that gate as they cannot operate the DHD. I can't reproduce the effect on any other gate. The blocks between the gate and DHD have not been modified. I have removed and re-added the gate several times.

    Edited to add: I don't have Worldguard. I do have iZone installed but the gate is not inside a zone. The only other mods installed are WorldEdit and HeroicDeath.
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    Would it be possible to change the design of the DHD as well? I'd like to put the sign and button on the same post, make things a bit neater.
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    The place under button is reserved for Iris locked gates...
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    Ah, perhaps on the side then.
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    Let me start by saying I love this plugin. Out of all the plugins I use I think i'd rather have this over over anything else.

    With that being said, I also want access to the netherworld. So i've tried the netherworld mods. I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this but the Netherworld mods i've tried all max out my cpu usage, and lock the server up causing disconnects. I haven't found anything to fix this.... but I also have not tried running it without the wormholextreme mod. I think there may be a conflict. One nether mod, if I go in too early, it ports me to the nether. The other nethermod ports me to the nether regardless, but once I enter the portal that gets created there it will port me to my destination. Though both suffer that same cpu max effect, it's like they can't process the nether fast enough and causes a quick disconnect to any client, even locally.

    Anyhow.... so I noticed the wormhole plugin has multiworld capabilities. This interested me as a solution to my nether problem. I figured I would run another world, with set to hellworld=true.

    I haven't found any information on how to set up a gate to another server. Where is this information? (I'd like to see it on the main page/post) Is it possible?
    I don't care if I have to set up another server on a different port on the same machine or not. Seems like that's what i'll have to do, I just don't know how to get the two gates connected.

    I'll keep trying and looking around, and experimenting but i've been around this thread, the readmes and whatnot, and can't find any hints.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can point me in the right direction.
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    If you're just looking for a plugin to enable nether and teleport you to nether so you can build your initial gate...
    Try essentials. It has an option to autoload nether. and a /world command to take you to that nether.
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    Here's (I hope) a way to create (and have it attached) a Nether world (or, in fact, any amount of all kind of worlds) for your server without using any strange and half-ass-implemented options in different plugins:

    1. Get a clean CB installation with WX mod up and running. Start it once, make sure it all works together.
    2. Cleanup plugins configuration, delete world folder.
    3. In the, make sure you have proper level-name for your future nether and that the hellworld is set to true.
    4. Start server. It should generate a new map, and that should be the Nether map. Check it.
    5. Shutdown server. Copy your live server world map and your live server portals configuration into test environment.
    6. Start a server. It should load Nether first, then your live map.
    7. Build a portal in Nether, where you want it to be. Name it according to your schemings, et al.
    8. Shutdown server. Port over that fresh world and a gate configuration to your live server.

    Should work from now on, given that there's no new gates were built between copying gate settings back and forth.
    If anyone have enough resources to check this, i'd appreciate any comments, as my testing environment chokes on multiworld quite fast, and often unable to generate a map...
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    This has probably been asked before, but can I hack the DHD?

    And by that, I mean, can I run a piece of redstone wire to it to activate it?

    Was thinking about a materials delivery system to teleport Chest-carts to hither, thither and possibly even yon, but I wanted to see if this was an option.
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    Not at the moment, the ability to use redstone is planned feature, just not expected to be implemented soon. And teleporting carts is kinda... broken. I keep going back to the code for it, trying to figure out a way to make it work right...
  14. This would be so much cooler than crazy redstone circuits to send carts different places...the members of our server could all have shipping gates by which they could send and receive carts with things. Our admin occasionally will give out bonus materials to people for things, that would be a lot easier than the current system I think!
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    Okay what I don't want is to start fresh. So looking at your steps... can't I just make a new server. copy it to another dir, edit, change hellword to true, and level-name to 'hell'... run it, build portal.... then copy 'hell' dir into my active server with the same 'world' dir, restart.... then what? not sure how to connect 'hell' world to the rest of the stuff. If i have two generated world dirs, and two stargates on the same 'central' hub named say... silver0 and silver1, will they be connected? I wasn't sure the bukkit server would load anything other than what was named under level-name=

    That was my plan but not sure how to get a gate from 'world' to 'hell' to interact.... can't connect two 'worlds' on the same server.

    As for your response alron, i'll try that now. I installed essentials but have not looked into what it can do yet.

    Not sure my multiworld question has been addressed. Does multiworld only mean the same server or can it warp my players from the world I have to another IP:port?

    If yes documentation on this is seriously lacking, if not... either I am mistaken or the current facts are misleading.

    If I can find the right info I will post how I enabled nether in my existing world using one physical machine, with the stargate plugin. If anyone has done this before let me know! that is my goal!
  16. OK so I messed around for a few minutes with minecarts and portals, and these are my observations.

    When riding the minecart, both myself and the minecart appear to be teleported at different moments, which would explain being kicked out of the cart. A couple of the times, I would appear in the new area (Not far from the original spot, so likely in the same chunk), and a second later the minecart would fly over my head.

    Which brings up my other observation, the minecarts appear to exit wormholes with a very high velocity. I placed a ton of flat track, and uphill track at the exit of the wormhole, and the minecart made it all the way to the end in a matter of seconds. Not sure why the portal gives it such a boost...maybe related to the same bug/function that lets minecarts next to each other boost each other. The few times I teleported the cart without any track at the receiving wormhole, it appeared a good distance away, stopped by the first thing in its path (tree, stone obelisk, etc).
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    Multiworld means multiple worlds on a single bukkit server instance.

    We are not a multiple worlds management plugin, just a multiple world aware transportation plugin.

    There are multiple issues with minecarts in bukkit right now.

    If a minecart is teleported between chunks, it tends to ghost.

    If a minecart with a player teleports between worlds, the player drops into spawn on the from world.
    I also think there may be a bug teleporting inside mincarts between chunks as well... But I haven't checked recently.

    The minecart velocity is actually a feature (buggy as it may be in its current iteration).

    The removal of player from minecart is a nasty hack we put in place to try and address some of the issues...

    Really though, minecarts + wormholes are unstable at the moment. Once I finish with the code consolidation I've been working on, I'll look into the minecart problem again.

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    That's kind of what I was thinking. Mostly I just thought it would be neat to do, heheh. I figured I could do a single in-line track as the ingress/egress point and do a looped auto-lock/boost system using a modified door booster and some stone pressure plates in a "tube" to both confine and slow down the cart. Right now, the system needs to use two buttons - one for the gate and one to launch the cart. Just thought "Hey... If I could do this with just ONE button...".

    Anyway, thanks for the update and once again, thank you for this awesome plugin!
  19. I found a use that works currently:

    Mining in a place far from home? Build a minimal gate, with a line of dirt in front of the gate, with tracks on the dirt. Place storage minecart on tracks, fill it, dial your home base, and send it through. Inventory is magically empty again! Then just pack up the tracks, dirt, and obsidian and continue mining!
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    I'm trying this plugin out as a replacement for the old hMod Stargate Mod. So far, big kudos to Lologarithm for this mod - it's MUCH more like an actual Stargate :D

    Now for my dumb question: How do I remove a stargate? In my testing, I built three using the public network. Now I want to remove one but can't seem to. If I destroy the sign, I simply get a message stating:

    "Destroyed DHD Sign. You will be unable to change dialing target from this gate.
    You can rebuild it later."

    Destroying the button says I destroyed the DHD, yet the gate itself still exists.

    So I tried /wxremove "Gate Name" and I get an error saying I lack the permissions to do this.

    Now, I'm a noob to both CraftBukkit and Essentials, but I am the owner/op of the server so I'm a bit confused as to why I can't remove this gate...

    Even if I wasn't an OP, wouldn't I be able to remove my own gates?

    Thanks in advance, sorry for my stupidity.
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    Yah @Lologarithm put out a pretty awesome plugin. ;)

    This is actually a "feature" so people can more or less have one way gates.

    Which version of WormholeXTreme are you using? v0.812 had a fix to /wxremove so that ops always were able to use it. Sounds like you may be using an earlier version.

    Are you also using something like the permissions plugin?
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    That's EXACTLY the way I laid my instruction :) You just recited it in one phrase. Did you read it but not understand? :D

    Don't hurt your head, WXT will take care of this as long as gates are in same network.

    To make it slightly more precise, multiple worlds are managed by server core, all you need to do is to make it aware of them. WXT works for that.
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    All of a sudden gating to one of my old gates, causes damage to teleportee. Any idears as to why?
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    Status update before I crawl off and find a corner to die in.

    v0.820, when it releases for the next RB of CB will have the following changes (and lots more, I'm sure, once I finish with all the cleanup)...

    Levers and buttons will animate properly and generate redstone events like they should. Mostly done on that. Animations work, just need to make it so when a gate closes the lever animates to an off state. Probably will do the animation thing for the opening and closing of iris as well. You can now use right or left click on buttons and levers to activate stargates, item in hand or not. ^^

    Also have a chunk of expensive math in the distance calculations replaced with whiz bang fast math. Its good to have friends who just spontaneously want to optimize code for the hell of it (And are good at it. Real good.). Guess they have something against Sqrts. ;)

    Block protection will now be compatible with plugins that test block destruction access by having the player damage the block before the plugin nukes it (like mcMMO). We block both damage and destruction events to me damned sure.

    Oh, and now we log all permissions plugin based permission deny at Level.FINE now. So if you think you have a permissions issue with commands in WXT, there is a way to find out. Also as part of that code rewrite all of our permissions checks were standardized. Less chances of random permissions check bugs. This also means that if you do use the built in permissions, they should work for all commands. And every command now checks if player is op. ^^

    iConomy users now no longer get charged for using gates they own, though I may break this out into a config option in the future, the feature itself will be there one way or another.

    Also, I've figure out a way to protect trees better. Currently there is an issue where trees will burst into flames if you mash the dial button a bunch of times on sign gates. I'll be making use of scheduler and timers to give lava gates a few seconds of protection after they shut down. Otherwise the fire protection is pretty solid right now.

    There are a few other ideas I've got bouncing around in my skull, but I'll wait to talk about them until they are tested. Best not to get peoples hopes up. Needless to say, good progress has been made, and will continue to be made. If for some reason the RB comes out today, we're more or less at a stable point for release (and have been since the same day CB561 released). :)
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    Is it possible to make more then one gate shape? I would like to have really big gates for far travel, then smaller gates for short distance travel.
    Too many posts in this thread so was unable to find if this was possible.

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    Yes, we support custom gate shapes. In the package zip there is a folder plugins/WormholeXTreme/GateShapes/ with the default Standard.shape and the example Minimal.shape.
  27. Offline


    Yes, I saw that, but my question was can I use more then one gate shape(Like use the default one for some people, but then a smaller one for other people? And how would I go about doing that? Just add another txt file with the gate info?

    Thanks for the quick response!
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    All .shape files found in the ${ServerDir}/plugins/WormholeXTreme/GateShapes are used simultaneously.
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    Yes. Just make a new GateShape.shape and pop it into the plugins/WormholeXTreme/GateShapes/ directory. If you base it off one of the others and change the name, make sure to change the name at the top of the shape file. Shapes are evaluated at startup (or reload).
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    Just been looking over the logs of the gate shape maker I knocked up []. Why on earth are so many of you trying to make gates with a diameter of 3 blocks!!! lol ;)
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    I guess kudos to the whole team are in order, my bad lol

    Which I like, now that I understand it.

    I updated to v0.812 and that seems to have fixed my issue, thanks :D

    I don't believe so. There's been some confusion for me transitioning from hMad to CraftBukkit. I'm currently using these plugins:

    Screen shot 2011-03-25 at 2.41.50 PM.png

    As far as I understand things, this 'Permissions' plugin is now (mostly) rolled up into Essentials... I think. The Essentials plugin in general confuses me since it seems to encompass a few other plugins (or at least attempts to).

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