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    Version: v1.5

    A very simple home plugin, that does not need any configuration.

    • Super simple: no configuration!
    Download SimpleHome

    Source Code

    Version 1.5
    • Removed TSLPC
    • Support for build #416
    Version 1.4
    • Support for Bukkit #287
    • Multiworld support
    Version 1.3
    • Support for Bukkit #186 (also confirmed to work with #230)
    Installation / configuration:

    Copy SimpleHome.jar in your plugins folder and start your server. Thats all!

    Every player on the server can use the following commands
    • /sethome - Sets your home to your current position
    • /home - Teleports you home
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    worked wonderfully :) keep up the great work :D
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    Dang heh Beat me to it i was coding one as well just got stuck on the Wright to kept Clearing when some one set home lol so it would only be them on the list
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    Working great. Thanks! :)
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    I am probably doing it wrong but when i type /home or /sethome nothing comes up, even in the server console does not register i have done a command
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    Hmm did you copy the plugin into your plugins directory & are you using CraftBukkit #60+?
    SimpleHome is using the .yml style of adding commands, I think you need a pretty fresh version for that.
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    Ok using CraftBukkit #66 now and it is working like a beaut
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    @Silence. I fing love you ! Give me a donate link now ! Trying on my #66 server shortly
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    @tekac: Glad you like it :O
    I've put in a link in my sig (@About me).
    I'll set up a git repository later, so my plugins can be updated by others, in case I don't have time to do it myself :)

    As always I'm open for suggestions for plugins :)
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    any chance you can add /spawn there? Think Nijikokun's general has it, though it does have some other features I haven't need atm. Anyways, thanks.
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    /home and /sethome work on #66,76, but not on #79,#80.
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    Confirmed, not working on build 80, instead of doing what its supposed to, it damages you a heart, no errormessages either.
    Edit: Apparently all commands damage me a heart here
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    I have the Bug, that my life is set to 9 heart, even If i have more or less, if I use command "/help" from Plugin "General 1.7" on #76,#79,#80. I haven't seen this heart issue in #66. That seems a new Bug in bukkit.
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    Tested without any plugins, and then slowly adding plugins, only when i added Whitelist the Heartbug came along, then tested with Whitelist alone, and hearts went to 9 again, so yeah =)

    Just tested it with build 82, and not working there either =)

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    I've updated it to work with #82 and also released the sourcecode for it.
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    #66 working
    #98 not working
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    #83 working
    #102 working

    other plugins: Whitelist_1.4, GroupUsers 1.4.0, General 1.5
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    Updated to #115, changed some texts / textcolors.
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    Crap, I just identified Build 106 as the one to use for all my plugin updates.

    I really hope this version works with 106.....


    Yes, this version works with Build 106.
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    Nathan C

    Doesn't seem to be working in the latest version of CraftBukkit.
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    It works with latest. i've got tested it with 102,123, 126, 127.
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    Does this obey the permissions plugin?
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    No, I'm waiting for the official permission system, I don't like the current concept.
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    John Hoffmann

    hey this plugin has been working untill just recently, when i start my server everything comes up fine no errors whatso ever and it says simplehome loaded the homes file, but when i try to use /home it just gets read back to me in-game in a red font color, and nothing comes up in the console no errors or anything
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    It dosen work for me. When i write /home set then i try /home then do nothing come upp you don't have a home?
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    Updated to 1.3, will work with latest CraftBukkit versions (testet on #186)
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    Plugin doesn't appear to be working with the latest build. Just updated both craftbukkit and SimpleHome about an hour ago. the /home and /sethome commands aren't doing anything anymore except displaying the command in red in the players chat.
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    @ardichoke: Did you try it with #186?
    Which build did you use?
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    I am upgrading CraftBukkit to #238 tonight. Is there anyone using SimpleHome v1.3 with this build successfully?
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    Is spawn at home and permissions working?

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