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    Olof Larsson

  2. Spout is not "full of fail" if you stick to the recommended builds and if you accept responsibility for the damage if you do do something it's not compatible with. Above all, you make world backups. It happened to me with Spout, and I still use it. This is a risk that is carried by EVERY plugin - if you use a dev version or beta, you risk ruining shit. Backup, backup, backup. Always backup. If you don't have regular backups, then at least backup before every new Spout update like a responsible person - the benefits that Spout provides is a justifiable reward for the risk, especially if you can minimise said risks.

    Only one person can update it, and his server has the updated build. And I don't think he's going to release it to us just because we ask. We've already tried, and he would have released weeks ago if it worked.
    I've been holding my metaphorical breath for this. I think that was my first error in this topic - by thinking that a plugin author releasing a plugin will release updates and bugfixes as he makes them. Silly me. And this is an error just about everyone has called me out on, because it's apparently customary for authors to hoard their bugfixes for several months and leave the audience slavering expectantly.
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  3. I have also just discovered that the current version has a conflict with my much-anticipated SpaceBukkit. SpaceBukkit throws a tizzy when I turn it on with CreativeGates on the server. As soon as I yoink it -- the world is right again.
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    Should be fixed now, it happens only because the main class of Creative Gates doesn't implement directly the JavaPlugin class.
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    NoX. It doesn't hurt to ask for a fork or an update nicely since this was perhaps the best looking gate travel ever!

    Spout. Is still fail. I may have my opinion. Not "every" plugin will destroy your entire map. Spout can. Very well written rebuttal though! Cheers.
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    How can spout destroy a map? I'm using spout so your statement made me a bit curious and the last thing I want is to loose my map.
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    How is Spout a fail? The only risk of your map getting damaged was within development builds which are not recommended for a reason. Spout is a really well written program that deserves nothing but praise.
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    So when in doubt, stick to the recommended builds.. thank you for clearing this map damaging issue up.
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  9. So clever! So astute! I explained why this was happening in the 'What happened to ci-jenkins?' topic, and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who can add one and one together! I Liked all of your posts, because I'm a fan of people who aren't foolishly superstitious or foolish fools who foolishly vilify a plugin based on the foolish ramblings of other foolish fools! [/von Karma]
    I'll say what I said there: If you use a developmental plugin, you accept all liability for damages done to the server/map/other plugins/computer by that plugin since the developers did not endorse it as recommended. They release it saying "this is what we got so far; don't trust it." A recommended build is where they take one of these builds and furiously hammer it until they're confident it won't screw things up.
    If your world loses all of it's stone and you're left high-and-dry, it's because you didn't back up. It's your own fault you don't understand what a 'prototype' is and why you shouldn't trust it for shit.
    Developmental plugins are only for people who need an experimental feature, emergency fix, or to just take that risk.
    Yes, I lost all the stone in my map because of a developmental Spout. Yes, it can, and does, screw things up. But my last backup was only a few days earlier. So I had about half an hour's work cut out for me, and I learned an underestimatedly valuable lesson. Have you noticed that I haven't sworn off Spout forever? Because I knew how dangerous developmental features are. Because I accepted responsibility. Because I'm not a retard (although your milage may vary, rightly so) and the risk of using something as powerful as Spout to be acceptable. BECAUSE SPOUTDEV SAYS THEIR PROTOTYPE SERVER BUILD MAY BE UNSTABLE!

    And for people who use a developmental Craftbukkit and a developmental Spout together and wonder why your console pukes java errors or you lose all the stone in your server, you people are the worst. And I have met a few, and it is only because of the risk of Infractions that I do not tell these people what they need, nay, deserve to hear.
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    Feel free to private message me if you need to have some type of e-peen war. Spout can destroys maps even with RBs. We can still live in the same world unless opinions and facts are anathema.

    *(edit) After reading your "retard" statement may I say zealot fanboys never could separate facts from reality and you seem to be one angry person. You have my pity. Oh, and spout sucks.

    So back on topic - If anyone finds a fork of this amazing plugin please do post a link ;)
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    Sorry but can you prove your claims? Otherwise they are invalid. Fanboys? It makes me laugh when people say Spout has "fanboys". We are simply supporters who see the awesome potential of Spout. You may not have know this, but Spout is developing their own server software that will literally redefine what we thought possible in SMP, but I digress. The point being is that you didn't provide any evidence to support your claim, so unless you can do that but saying "oh and spout sucks" isnt exactly fair...
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    Walker - feel free to PM me if wish to discuss this. I'm not sure why this thread is being derailed over spout and peoples need to validate a plugin they are free to use without any need from me to validate it's use. My reply was NoX, not you. Be well.

    *Edit - I will no longer reply to any "spout" replies. Feel free to pm if feel the need to discuss this. This thread is for Creative Gates. Not spout. /done.
  13. And so one member baselessly slanders Spout (unrelated), others argue, he declares the topic "over" because the opposition is too great. So. Who brought Spout here in a negative light?
    Oh, yeah, that's right. This discussion went from "I don't want to use Spout; it might take up my RAM."/"It doesn't." to "Spout is full of fail." It would have made sense if you said "be careful because it may break things" not the "It sucks, and is faulty"-attack. What were you expecting the replies to be, if not to defend Spout but simply to call you out for being so biased?
    So I'm sorry that not enough people agree with your opinions (opinions that, I might add, were presented as fact), and that now you need to end the debate the way a child stops a pretend-game because "nuh-uh, you didn't hit me!". But I'm done, I said my piece and I dont chase people with tails between legs. Do not expect a PM from me, thankfully.
    So, what else can we discuss? The plugin is old and is bit-rotting, the OP won't re-release it. That's glossed the topic up to this point. This Spout-bashing is far more interesting in my opinion. If I had Creative Gates, I'd happily discuss/praise it. But I still have the same decaying, barely-functional build as everyone else (except Larsson, of course).
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    is this working for MC .1.1 ? Or can you recomend another gate plugin ?
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    Please get into the habbit to read at least the last post before spamming this topic.

    This plugin is outdated. The author HAS updated this plugin for his own server but has NOT RELEASED it yet, .. or ever.

    As for recommendations. Stargate, Multiverse-Portals, ... but you should read a documentation or two before using those.
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  16. I laugh now at the people who suggested the OP has a full schedule, given that he's been on the Bukkit forums frequently lately. The privately-updated plugin is no longer the center of my argument. While his last post is on January 25 on the subject of client-side explosions, that is still more recent than his post demonstrating a newly-introduced feature (horizontal portals). I don't care about his rights to privately holding the updated plugin and letting us keep the sloppy seconds (I don't think this is anything as sinister as that, and the theory is stupid along with anyone who had suggested it).
    You may call me an argumentative dick who just loves to be abrasive towards others (in which .case, you'd be technically correct (the best kind of correct)), but if you disagree and still think that he hasn't had the time to release a plugin we've already see updated elsewhere, then speak up. Otherwise, let's all just keep poking holes in this decrepit thing that still lives in the bygone age of Minecraft Beta.

    Of course, the theory that he's watching this topic and twirling his Dick Dastardly moustache as we tear each other apart is one of my favourites so far. I'd have to shake him warmly by the hand if this was the case.

    #Edit: I motion that this plugin be moved to [INACTIVE], since the author has clearly lost support for it and will not update it in the foreseeable future.#

    #Edit: At time of last edit, Olof was last seen yesterday at 11:11 PM (GMT). What other evidence do you need to represent his lack of devotion? That cold sensation gripping your lungs is the oncoming realisation that he doesn't care.
    So, shall I do the "I told you so" dance, or should I just do the classy thing and tattoo it to everyone's foreheads? Either is fine by me. Tag it and bag it; this corpse smells already. Keep the build you have until you pick out one that my loquacious friend Silvo has recommended. And do it ASAP, if Craftbukkit advances any more, this plugin will be torn apart by it's own incompatibility and sloth.
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  17. Am I the only one to have this happen, but under the bukkit R4 RB (build 1938), creative gates is working again without spout?
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    Good if it does. But IF it does its sadly nothing but a coincidence as with no real updates this plugin will, as my friend Nox13last says, be torn apart by it's own incompatibility and sloth upon further craftbukkit updates. And installing a plugin on your server that has been abbandoned by its author its like ASKING your users to virtualy spit on your face, write "I HATE YOU" dirt messages or rage quit your server when any things go wrong. And ignoring recommendet CB updates just for the sake of this relict to be working is the last thing I would do.

    But IF it really works for now ( I have yet to confirm this ) then lucky us I guess, .. for now.
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  19. Eh, my members normally tend to be more tolerant. This plugin sometimes forgets where one portal in a pair is. They're the kind to say "f*** it, I'll fly there". Then again, it's a private server in ownership of our website, everyone knows everyon, so we hardly get rage or griefing.
    Plus I have a "negaworld", which is a duplicate of the real world which is open to griefing. Unsurprisingly, the things most hit in frustration after the big important structures (castles, mazes, arenas, and normally by the people who made them) are the gates. Makes sense, since this is the only world the members know how to get to without using a gate and can reliably get there (even the coordinates are the same). I've blown up a few of the problematic portals myself.

    In any case, I can't consider this to be lucky, if true. Because I'm willing to bet my left nut that the next update is going to blow CreativeGates out of the water. I kind of want to keep CreativeGates just to see how badly it'll fail in the future (in this obsolete state), then I can present the twisted wreckage of my transportation system as solid proof that OP should get off his thumb...

    As of this edit, OP was seen five and a half hours ago. I see no post or update, not even on his own website. Yup... Thanks a lot, buddy. You're a freakin' hero.
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  20. Oh, I have no doubts that it is pure luck and coincidence that it works as expected with the current RB, which is a shame in a way as I've not found another gate plugin that covers what I was looking for as well as this one does. :(
  21. It is a greater tragedy that, despite the fact that it's back in working order, the so-called horizontal gates still do not exist We are back to where we were at the end of October. And the fact that this plugin hasn't made one iota of progress is the greatest tragedy of all.

    All of the decent plugins fall out of favour, and we still have countless Ore Obfuscation plugins, countless lightning plugins, fifty plugins all for announcing that a player is AFK, fifty-f**ktillion command-based teleporter plugins, Economy plugins ad nauseam, whitelist plugins (doesn't Craftbukkit already have one of these?) and so on....
    Most of it is redundant, the same old machine with a different coat of paint. So why is it that I can find an offensively large number of ubiquitous identical crap (ones that I could safely choose, if needed, with a blindfold and my finger) that does something no person would care about being constantly updated and made compatible, but this one plugin just...stops, in spite of the fact that I'd pick this over the truckloads of god-awful chat-based calculus plugins time and time again?

    And this plugin was actually decent in terms of customisation and ease-of-use. If I wanted to make a giant enderman statue with a mouth that led to The End, I could goddamn well do that. If I wanted to make a labrinth of teleporters, I could set aside a pointless hour and do that. If I wanted to make a hub plaza with twenty portals all leading off to landmarks and statues, then my members would thank me for making their lives easier. And I had this plugin to thank for it. At least I HAD this plugin to thank for it, until it started breaking down (I can't use R4 until Spout updates to match). Until it passes out in a blind, frenzied panic whenever someone tried to use it (and had the audacity to think it would do safely what they wanted it to), and it would only wake up covered in it's own fear-piss and Java puke when I rebooted the whole damn server.

    So, yeah. RIP, Creative Gates. It was a hell of a ride, now get the eff-ing hell off my server until you're cleaned up and presentable again.
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    Can someonw explain or make a tutorial on how to use CreativeGates with DimensionalDoors, Multiverse or some sort of multiworld plugin please?
  23. It's easy. Make the portal in one world, activate it, go to the other world (/world), make the other portal there, activate it. Done.
    I don't see why people keep having trouble with that.
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    Nox13last I have tried that, doesn't work.
  25. Care to be more descriptive? Being laconic in an error report is a very bad idea.
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    It didnt work when i installed it when i hit the diamond block with my watch it doesnt do or say any thing! Could you possibly try to get on my server and fix it?
  27. You give the group your player is a member of permissions to create a gate?
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    This plugin wont work I dont know why but i need help. Maybe you could join my server and help me?

    O :3 im dumb thanks, and do i have to have a multi world plugin or wat ever?

    still dont work?

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  29. Not unless you have multiple worlds.
  30. Erg. So many posts. Not enough uses of the Edit button. *foams at mouth*
    No. The portals work intra-world. If you have more than one world, then I hope that answers your question more obviously than I could hope to.
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    When the next gate is blocked by door/blocks, I tried to find the next target. :p

            // Find the target location
            Gate gateTo = gateFrom.getMyTargetGate();
            Location targetLocation = gateTo == null ? null :
            while(gateTo != null&&targetLocation == null)
                gateTo = gateTo.getMyTargetGate();
                    targetLocation = null;
                targetLocation = gateTo == null ? null : gateTo.getMyOwnExitLocation();
            if (targetLocation == null)

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