TnT Mine Plugin And Kitten TnT! READ! PLEASE!

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    Name: TnTMines

    Idea: TnT can be placed inside of a mine using /Mrl. Players can hit the tnt and it blows up a certain amount of blocks. (Radius). Needs to go straight to the players inventory and have the same affect on all blocks. The players must not be able to pick up the TnT and it must blow up right away on hit. Also must work with Regions.


    Next Plugin:

    Name: KittenTnT

    Idea: Players are randomly mining and a percentage is added to where a kitten spawns and the kitten blows up on countdown. The kitten must have a hologram above him that counts down. He must also be able to move and be hit towards the mine. Blocks need to go straight to inventory


    abovekitten: &e&lBlowing up in... &d&l%Countdown%

    Must work with mrl and regions !

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