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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Thequickthinkin, Sep 18, 2011.

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    I would really like a plugin where you can simply just teleport back to the place you died, Just with a command preferably /back as it is a really simple command :)
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    sounds really nice.
    would be best that you can only use the command once.
    so you can't abuse it
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    All of them are nice, but I just want that one feature
    There is a plugin I belive called cooldown and Also command Iconomy, so you can charge and put a cool down on it:)
  5. i got the /back command in use, only proplem is that when i die, spawn in SPAWN area again -> i type /back -> it throws me into spawn :D coz i just spawned there ^^ LOL
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    What Plugin
  7. i dont remember :(( i no longer run 1.7.3 serv so i deleted all stuff and plugins -.- '' im running 1.8.1 server now. :E but it didnt work anyway -.-
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    /back is commonly in Essentials. And it didn't work very well at all for TP'ing back to the deathpoint.

    I'm with you, I miss DeathTP.
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    I want just a simple /back plugin, can anyone help?
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    works fine for me. just dont be stupid and tp somewhere else before doing /back.
  11. Necro.

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