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    CATAGORIES: [Fun:Admn]

    PLUGIN NAME: SafeZone

    As you might of guessed, i am working on a server ATM. I have been looking for a plugin (I think it's been about... 2 hours?) to help me protect a lot of land. I tried towny but i tried changing it so i could use like 100 town blocks and it didn't work! :(
    I also looked for a plugin like what i wan't but they all don't work like i wan't them to! Here are my ideas:


    I wan't it so you use World Edit to highlight an area (Hight not needed, goes right to sky and down to void :D) and enter the command to make it a 'Safe Zone'. The safe zone is protected from:
    Grief, PvP and monsters! When a monster tries to walk into the safe zone it just dies! :)
    A SafeZone can only be created by an Op or Admin so some idiot doesn't protect the most space he can.

    You can also use 'sz' instead of 'Safezone'. eg. '/sz create'

    /Safezone - lists the commands you see below

    /safezone create [name] - creates a SafeZone! (Ops / Admin)

    /safezone delete [name] - deletes the specific SafeZone! (Ops / Admin)

    /safezone [allow:deny] [mob:explosion:water] - Allows OR denys: mobs to enter, explosions to take
    blocks, water to destroy things like redstone. (Ops / Admin)

    /safezone [allow:deny] [player] [build:destroy] [safezone name]- Lets, or doesn't let, a specific player build or destroy in a specific SafeZone. (Ops / Admin)

    /safezone here -Tells the player the name, creator and time made of the SafeZone he is standing on. (Everyone!)
    # . [Name] BY: [Creator's name] . #
    # Created on: [D]/[M]/[Y] [time] #
    # Type '/Safezone' for commands .#
    (The full stops are because the forum won't let me do multiple spaces!)

    If you are a developer and like my ideas, please contact me ASAP.

    PS: If you really wan't to help me make my server, how do I make a custom ip like
    Play.(Something).com without using my computers ip? Please help me with this :(
    PPS: It also has to work with my MAC OS X :( :(
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    You can do nearly all these features with WorldGuard, Just set the flags inside it for not letting mobs spawn.

    If you want the ip like, by the domain then set your player as your A record.

    Ps. All plugins work with mac osx
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    You can use Izone! Izone is a great plugin and can do all the thing you want safezone to do. You are taking regions with a spade and check if there is a zone with a sword or /zmod info.
    • Area-Specific: Toggle-able Features:
      • Protect your land from griefers
      • Disable monsters
      • Disable animals
      • Send a welcome message when entering a zone
      • Send a farewell message when leaving a zone
      • Give health to a player over time
      • Hurt a player over time
      • Turn pvp on or off in a zone
      • Disable creeper explosions
      • Disable tnt explosions
      • Disable all explosions
      • Disable all fire interactions
      • Players won't be able to enter a zone with restriction
      • Players won't be able to leave a zone with jail
      • Disable thunder strikes
      • Disable drops on dead
      • Disable all drops in the zone
      • Disable any interactions with the zone
      • Disable all enderman interactions
      • Give godmode to all players in the current zone
      • Change Gamemode when leaving/entering a zone
    • Bypass-Features: Every zone has a 'list' to bypass features:
      • Protect, Fire, Restriction, Jail, All Drops, Interactions
    Command list:
    /izone :: Prints the current izone version
    /zmod :: Prints a list of all the commands you can use
    /zmod list :: Prints list of all zones
    /zmod who :: List of players in your current zone
    /zmod create <name> :: Create a new zone
    /zmod delete <name> :: Delete a zone
    /zmod allow <zone> <player> :: Add player to zone list
    /zmod disallow <zone> <player> :: Remove player from zone list
    /zmod flag <zone> <flag> :: Toggle a zone flag
    /zmod parent <child> <parent> :: Set a parent for a child zone
    /zmod expand <zone> <size> <direction> :: Expand the borders up or down

    You can also make zones inside zones but you have to make the zones thats gonna be inside first or change the creation date in the config.


    PS if you want to change the server ip to what you want, follow this:
    1. go to and creat a domain.
    2. enter your ip adress at the custom dns thing.
    3. go to and create an account.
    4. go to "add a domain" and enter the domain name. and make a new zone and continue. Then go to list domains and press advanced on edit zone.
    5. enter the ip adress in the field next to the update button.
    6. enter the ip adress of the computer you portforward on. (ipv4) (exaple:

    now shall you be able to connect to the domain with dns you've made (
    if it dont work, just ask me for help.
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    Yep since you used towny might as well try Factions or Izone.
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    download link please
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    When i put this plugin on my server,it doesnt show up...
    any help?
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    I put Warzone with WorldGaurd and did /region flag pvp allow Why can't WE PVP
    and wilderness , you can pvp their but not warzone. I need it to be WarZone so they can't build or deystroy.

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