[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Oooo! Now this is something I will keep my eyes on! Keep up the good work mate :)
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    ...I'm quite speechless. This will definitely enhance my server gameplay. 5 stars, 10/10, 2 thumbs up. This thing is awesome everybody!
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    finally there is some good RP mods comming out
  5. Great job. Could I suggest having Permissions support or a configuration file? I don't really want all players to have features like the /myspawn :p.
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    permission support i would say is the most important feature to get this rollin
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    Awesome plugin! :D
    And a suggestion for the party system: a option to set "share exp" that the exp (for example; when a player mine) will give out to all player in a defined range from the player.
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    Version 0.2 is out!
    Changelog at the bottom of the post.
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    Any way to implement faster mining wood cutting and such. More higher your skill is, faster you mine. Like maybe level 1000 allows you to mine twice as fast, maybe make it configurable so it doesnt go up way too fast.
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    Not sure, I can look into it.

    If you downloaded 0.2 before this post, please redownload. There was huge bug where non-ops cannot speak in chat! Redownload from the same link. I apologize for those I have just inconvenienced.
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    Suggestion: Farming!
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    @Kayon: Actually I was thinking of adding that next!
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    Very nice plugin! I think there can be another Skills :) like Digging or something! Punching maybe! :) hehe
    To bad thats mcspawn restores your inventory!
    This plugin has a bright future ! thanks
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    Thank-you for this I've been looking for this or something like this for a long time!

    *edit* I've tryed it but i can't get it to work, the modt shows up and most commands work.
    I'm using Craftbukkit build 271
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    What's not working exactly? I can't help you without at least that much info. And the current version was tested for 271 so it should be working.
    --- merged: Feb 8, 2011 11:31 AM ---
    Version 0.3
    • Unarmed skill
    • Herbalism skill
    • Excavation skill
    • Many bugfixes (thanks for reporting them!)
    • /<skillname> - Detailed information about skills in game
    Woo! I've just gotten addicted to my own plugin with this update.
    Based on unarmed skill you will do more damage with your bare hands. At very high skill levels you can disarm opponents!

    Now you can have an excuse for punching every rose you see, with herbalism you gain skill by picking ups and managing a farm. Herbalism effects drops while farming and how much you heal with bread and stew. At very high levels bread will heal a LOT!
    Your shovel is the shovel that will pierce the heavens! Dig through dirt, sand, or gravel for treasure with excavation. The semi-random rewards you get is based on your skill level and what type of material you are digging.

    New Commands
    Have users asking "how do I shot web"? direct them to
    For example, want to learn more about herbalism skill in game? Just type /herbalism.
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    nice one
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    I have an RPG server in development. We have a development board in wich we have a tab for plugin tracking.
    I'm adding this plugin and wait for it to get more consistent (I mean about classes). I have a few suggestions that is based on what we are looking for on our server:
    -Maybe you could make customizable classes; where you can set the name, block permissions for each aspect (destroy, place and custom drops and rates), skill (command and/or abillity), tool permission (with custom damage/armor and resistance), xp needed to level up that class (customizable with what you need to go up one level, including using skills, finish a task etc), %success of skill usage (drop rates, breaking blocks etc).

    -Here are a few examples that we tought for our server:

    Peasant: Workers who pay farmers for land - Can use hoe, collects seed, plant drops and use bonemeal for the crops.

    Hunter: Hunts animals and has a familiar - Complete the Dungeon of Truth in the Ranger city - Can mount, use bow and build a dispencer.

    Each of classes have 10 levels, on wich 0 is a apprentice and the 10 being a master.

    I hope this helps you somehow improve ur plugin.
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    Thank you for your work.
    I'm looking for a XP plugin for my server so I would like to know if McMMO have a level up system like the LevelCraft Plugin ? There are both compatible ?
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    Any chance for Permissions support? It would be nice to be able to restrict the anvil to a blacksmith class for instance. Mining exp to miners, woodcutting to woodsmen, etc.
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    what do these do?
    • Unarmed skill
    • Herbalism skill
    • Excavation skill
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    I am building a side server for RPG things as well. I am building the entire thing vanilla style.... which is fricken rediculous btw. but amusing. I just wanted to say there is a few things this plugin would need and it would fit my concept very well. Not sure of others, but possibly. we'll see.

    1. Needs permissions for sure.
    2. With permissions comes possible abilities to make classes.
    3. NPC's (does that fit this plugin's scope? probably not, but its what I will need.)
    4. Notch to finish the modding API so we can make more mobs lol.
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    Nice! Cant wait to try this.
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    Version 0.3.1 (Bugfix) out!
    • Fixed excavation not saving properly
    • Fixed repair using excavation values

    Its like my #1 request at the moment. I am going to add it.

    There is no leveling up, just skilling up, sort of like morrowind.

    I might add in classes once the plugin is more refined.
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    Sweet. Any idea when you might get to that?
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    Hopefully for release 0.4
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    What kind of timeframe does that mean exactly? Days, weeks? Just curious is all.
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    Depends... Maybe a day, maybe a few days, hopefully not much longer than that.
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    Sorry for wasting your time, but every command would work the exp. system wouldn't.
    Now that I downloaded the updated version it works. I think it got corrupted from something i did...

    On another matter, Thanks again for the awesome plugin!
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    Hi there nossr, looks like a pretty cool plugin but i was wondering, wat parts of this mod will be configurable? xp gain? xp to gain skill level? I understand that permissions is being worked on, but is there a way to completely disable certain commands for all users through a config file or something of this nature?

    Also, the current skill plugin i am using has a system that allows users to gain greater skill in placing blocks? do you have any plans for something of this nature? ie: high lvl block placer's blocks are harder to break by other players, or has the ability to lay multiple blocks?

    sorry for rattling off so many questions but i am seriously considering migrating my server to this mod
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    I will put in permissions for all the commands so you can customize what you want players to have access to and what you don't want. The configuration file will likely control xp rate among other things. There is no way currently to disable any of the commands for users, this will be changed once permissions are in. I don't know if I like this block placing skill tbh, not sure something like that would make it into mcMMO.
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