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    Old Post - Check BukDev (open)
    Old Post - Check BukDev (open)

    Version 1.2.3
    By: Herocraft Coding (Kainzo, DThielke, RightLegRed, Rigby90, Sleaker and many others)
    Disclaimer: Heroes is still "beta" - if it burns down your house, sleeps with your wife and rides off on the kids - we are not at fault.​
    license by-nc-nd 3.0​

    Introduction to Heroes
    Heroes is a dynamic, flexible and highly configurable class, skill and experience system. Heroes itself is the hub of your players RPG experience, boasting classes, multi-tiered and fully fleshed out. Along with classes, Heroes offers your players a new style of PvP through our well-developed skill system and our weapon + armor restrictions. No longer will your mages have the ability to use diamond swords, your rogues will no longer sneak around in their heavy diamond tunics and most importantly, you can now hurl fireballs and stun your targets. The best part of this? It's your choice how your Heroes is set up, don't want a certain skill, that's fine, you can just remove the skill and be done with it! We're working towards making everything about Heroes configurable.

    What can I do with it?
    With Heroes, you can do almost anything you'd want to do on an RPG server. The main feature is our customizable tiered class system, which offers as much to the server owner as possible. Your Heroes could be totally unique to your server, it could be the reason players play your server over a server with Heroes but a different set up. The same can be said about our skill system, it's unique to any of the other RPG plugins out there. Other plugins dub "Skills" as methods which you level up, this isn't the case with Heroes. Skills are things you can do which are unique to your class. Some of our favorite skills are Fireball, Jump and Port. This is what makes Heroes unique.

    What will you help me with?
    We'll help you with errors. That is where it ends. We will not be supporting your issues with your configuration files unless it's a bug within our code. Heroes is a big plugin and it's taken a few months to develop, we don't want to spend the next few months supporting silly issues rather than developing new and awesome features. Posting in this thread with an issue regarding a YML file will get you ignored. We'll be OK with helping you understand the configuration files, but we will not be fixing them for you.

    Where can I download it?
    You can download the latest recommended build here. You can download only the primary Heroes jar or the primary jar along with all the skills provided in a ZIP archive. Each skill inside the ZIP is enclosed in it's own jar, meaning you can pick and choose what skills you want your server to run. This is so you don't have un-necessary weight on your server.

    • Full encompassing RPG system
    • Level & Advancement based on experience
    • Highly configurable
    • As lightweight as possible
    • Classes
      • Permission nodes to set what classes are obtainable for the default user
      • Custom class names
      • 'Parent | Child' optional relationship, (example HEALER -> CLERIC)
      • Configurable inventory restrictions
    • Permitted Skills
      • Skills in the base platform of Heroes
      • All permitted skills start with /skill <skillname>
      • Allows for developers to add in their own code for new skills
      • Adjustable through skills.yml or overwritten in classes.yml
    • Permission Skills
      • Based on the permission-node system, ability to set the level required to learn certain permission-nodes to have a highly configurable system.
      • Does not use the /skill prefix - Permission skills copy the original command exactly.
      • Also works with non-command required Permission nodes (ie. Firelord for special armor abilities for certain classes)
      • Example: herosneak.sneak can be granted to a "Rogue" class at level 10 - so when they reach level 10 - they can now use the ability /sneak
    • Binding Skills
      • Ability to '/bind <skillname>' to an item to right click and use that skill
      • Use '/bind' again to clear the bind and remove the right click ability
      • Currently only works for Permitted-Skills
    • Inventory Restriction
      • Armor & Weapon restrictions based on level and class
      • Configurable in classes.yml [DIAMOND]
    • Levels
      • /level - to show information about the level - comes with a nice interface to show you how much left to obtain the next level.
      • Set a mastery level - once achieved the user may switch to different classes and have their level/skills saved on the mastered class.
      • Configurable curves of exp to make lower levels easier and higher levels harder to get through
      • Optional Health gain per level
      • Configurable loss of exp (0.10 = 10% per death) by current level
    • Exp-Sources
      • SKILL - exp for using a skill
      • CRAFTING - exp for crafting an item
      • MINING - exp for mining blocks
      • KILLING - exp for slaying mobs
      • LOGGING - exp for jacking lumber
      • PVP - exp for PVP
    • Health/Damage
      • Set environmental damage
      • Set monster health/damage
      • Allow bed healing for players to regenerate health in bed!
      • Set player health (works with heart ratios)
      • Set across the broad item damage or override single classes in class.yml
    • Mana
      • /mana - shows the current amount of mana - caps at 100%.
      • Server wide regen of mana - default is 5% mana regen every 5-6 seconds.
      • Configurable mana regen rate
    • Parties
      • EXP-Sharing - on/off
      • PVP - on/off
      • Bonus Exp per extra party member
      • Group-Skills
      • Volatile
    • /hero - the base command for Heroes (also a help tip)
    • /bind - the ability to bind skills to items
    • /level - the ability to see the needed exp to next level
    • /mana - the ability to see mana level
    • /party - the party commands

    PermissionGrants permission to...
    heroes.classes.*Choose all classes
    heroes.classes.class-name-in-all-lowercaseChoose the specified class
    heroes.resetAllows the user to RESET and go back to default class
    heroes.admin.expSet a player's experience
    heroes.admin.classchangeSet a player's class
    heroes.admin.healthchangeSet a player's health
    heroes.admin.reloadReload configuration files

    • iCo5/Register
    • Permission 3.1+
    • Spout 1.02+
    • External Modules (Link to Guide on how to create soon!)
    Official Skills (open)

    Official Skills
    Absorb - Converts all damage into mana
    Antidote - Cures you of Poisons!
    AssassinsBlade - Your blade applies poisons!
    Backstab - Extra damage when attacking from behind
    Bandage - Bandages the target + Cures Bleeds
    Barrage - Fire a Barrage of Arrows around you.
    Battery - Gives your target mana
    Blackjack - Occasionally stuns your opponent
    Bladegrasp - Blocks incoming melee damage
    Blaze - Sets everyone around you on fire
    Bleed - Causes your target to bleed
    Blink - Teleports you 4-5 blocks
    Bolt - Calls a bolt of thunder down on the target
    Boltstorm - Calls down bolts periodically
    Charge - Charges towards your target
    Confuse - Confuses your target
    Dispel - Removes effects from your target
    Drainsoul - Absorb health from target
    Firearrow - Shoots a burning arrow
    Fireball - Shoots a dangerous ball of fire
    Flameshield - Fire can't hurt you!
    Forcepush - Forces your target backwards
    Gills - Negate drowning damage
    GroupHeal - Heals all party members nearby
    GroupTeleport - Summons your group to your location
    Harmtouch - Deals direct damage to the target
    Hellgate - Teleports you and your nearby party to or from the nether
    Icebolt - Fires a snowball that hurts the player and if they're on fire puts them out
    IcyAura - Periodically damage players around you, and turns the ground they walk on to ice
    Invuln - Grants total damage immunity
    Jump - Launches you into the air
    Layhands - Heals the target to full
    LickWounds - Heals your nearby wolves
    Manaburn - Burns the targets mana
    ManaFreeze - Stops your target regening mana
    ManaShield - Uses your mana as a shield
    Might - Increases party members damage
    Overgrowth - turns a sapling into a tree
    Piggify - Forces your target to ride a pig
    Poison - Poisons the target
    PoisonArrow - Your arrows apply poison!
    Port - Teleports you and your nearby party to the set location!
    Pray - Heals the target
    Pulse - Damages everyone around you
    Recall - saves a location and lets you teleport back to it
    Replenish - Brings your mana back to full
    Reflect - Reflects all the damage done to you back to your target
    Rejuvenate - heal the target over time
    Revive - Teleports the target to their place of death
    Root - Roots your target in place
    Safefall - Stops you from taking fall damage for a short amount of time
    SafefallOther - Stops your target from taking fall damage for a short amount of time
    Shield - Your shield absorbs damage!
    Smite - Direct damage on a player
    Smoke - You completely disappear from view
    Sneak - Hides your nameplate and makes you sneak without holding shift
    Superheat - Your pickaxe becomes superheated
    Summon - Summons a creature to fight by your side
    SummonArrow - Summons you some arrows!
    Summonfood - Summons you food!
    Syphon - Gives your health to the target
    Taunt - Taunts enemies around you
    Telekinesis - Activate levers buttons and other interactable objects from afar!
    Teleport - Teleports you to (roughly) to your party member!
    Track - Locates a player
    UnholyRitual - Target Zombie or Skeleton is sacrificed, necromancer receives mana
    Web - creates webs around the target
    Wolf - Summons and tames a wolf to your side
    XMuteOre - Transmutes ores into more valuable ones
    Public Skills (open)

    Report Issues -> Here

    V 1.2.3 - Update Skills!!- PLEASE NOTE - DELETE your SKILLS and Re-DL.
    Fixes to Multiworld
    Fixes to BedHealing
    All 'range' settings have been replaced, use "radius" or "max-distance" depending on the skill. SEE THE FULL CHANGELOG!!
    All Skills can now be given reagent and reagent-cost nodes!
    New Skills - Deconstruct, ChainLightning, Consume, Multibolt!
    The Mark functionality of Recall is now it's own skill!
    Please see the full Changelog for 1.2.3
    Old Changes (open)

    V 1.2.2 - Update Skills!!- PLEASE NOTE - DELETE your SKILLS and Re-DL.
    Fixes to Permission-Skills/reload Permissions
    Skills/XP can be turned off on worlds now!
    Updates/Fixes to Skills including new ones!
    SkillSpeed/SkillOne has been deprecated due to performance issues
    Please see the full Changelog for 1.2.2
    V 1.2.0 - Update Skills!!- PLEASE NOTE - DELETE your SKILLS and Re-DL.
    Bug-Fixes galore
    Massive Skill changes
    Updated to CB#1060 - Projectile skills/damages updated appropriately
    Added option to easily allow classes all armor/skills/weapons
    Please see the full Changelog for 1.2.0
    V 1.1.4 - Update Skills!!
    Friendly-fied the default config.yml
    Fixed UnholyRitual
    Auto-Save hero files on levelup
    Save the Hero back to file whenever they level.
    V 1.1.3 - Optional bed healing!
    Added option for beds to heal players a percent of their health
    Added createHealthBar in Messaging, switched to concurrent map
    Fix for possible Hat plugins to function until the inventory stuff gets another overhaul
    Formatting and removed needless persistence variables
    Cleaned up HPlayerListener - pulled bedThread to HeroManager
    Fixed costs not obeying swapMasteryCost correctly
    Changed the target of bolt's dummy event
    V 1.1.2 - PLEASE NOTE - DELETE your SKILLS and Re-DL.
    Converted the class selection process to an interactive command
    More alterations to the Party UI.
    Players with invalid classes stored are now reset.
    Added new command framework and adjusted things accordingly
    Oops, Sorry MAP_0 I didn't mean to overwrite you.
    Fixed the command handler
    Fixed an NPE issue.
    V 1.1.1
    Fixed default fall damage entry in damages.yml and added lava entry
    Improved Who command.
    V 1.1.0
    Draw the map from Right to Left so the Health values are updated first
    Implement PartyUI command, this command gives you the Map Item which is linked to the Party UI
    Copy the default font file from the JAR if one doesn't already exist
    Draw the map from Right to Left so the Health values are updated first
    Remove parties after they are no longer used.
    Basic Map Party UI, some tweaks to be made here and there.
    V 1.0.1
    Fixed class name casing issue.
    Fixed health desyncing when leveling up.
    Removed extra debug setting checks.
    V 1.0.0
    Implemented Damage/Health
    V 0.9.9
    Parties Fully Functional

    Have an issue? PARSE your CONFIGS before posting ERRORS.
    Along with your detailed error message, reply with;
    Heroes Ver:
    Perms 3.1+ Ver:
    CraftBukkit Ver:
    Spout Ver:
    Download| Report Issues -> Here
    Have questions? join us at #Heroes on in IRC.
    Love Heroes? wanna help the server that sponsors it? Vote for us HERE!

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    Pls Help .. :| ?
    When i destroyed a Block coming this error:
    Heroes : 1.3
    Perms : 3.1.6
    CraftBukkit : Build1000 (1.7.3)

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    Hey it's me again! I have one more question before to configure everything.

    How work the "parent" and "child" options. I know this give to the "child" to configuration of the "parent" but I would like to know if the level and xp go back to 0 of it will still continue where it was?

    Also, I still think that an auto-change-classes would be usefull. ie: Healer become Cleric at level 20.

    Btw, is it possible to create the config like this?:
            level: 5
                air: 1
    ... or it's only possible 1 time by classes?
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    I would defintately agree on this being the best RPG plugin, but I don't think you can really argue "not much more we can do" until this plugin can be used to replicate everything hard-coded RPG plugins can do. Until you can do things like healing/manaregen/damage/fireresistance based on what blocks are being touched (fire mages heal in fire/lava kinda thing) and custom requirements for class changes (support for some basic ones as well as coding solutions) I feel there is very much more that can be added.
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    What does "summon-max" do in the classes.yml? What about mappartyui? Honestly, a guide on configuration would be really helpful, I imagine you would get less stupid questions like mine, and it would make the whole plugin more user friendly.

    Also, how difficult would it be to make the "smoke" skill only work under a certain light level. I know some rudimentary java, and I was thinking about taking a shot at it.
  6. Does Heroes work with PermissionsEx? Because I'm using v1.13 with Heroes build #57 and CraftBukkit build #1000, and I'm getting this error in my console:

    13:45:43 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_JOIN to Heroes
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.nijiko.permissions.PermissionHandler.safeGetUser(Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;)Lcom/nijiko/permissions/User;
            at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
            at net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManager.c(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetLoginHandler.b(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetLoginHandler.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:91)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
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    Heh, finally I get to use the wiki, click here
    The max ammount of summons a class can have. I'm working on a guide to help people out here.
    Yes, I know. The wiki sucks right now. I'm still working on it. Also the 1.1.4 Heroes update does have more help in the config files now.

    Healing? Check. Manaregen? Check. Damage? Check. Fireresistance? Check.
    Based on what blocks are being touched? I personally don't need that, but there IS water breathing, does that count?

    /pr <name> promate <group> Is not a Heroes command or issue, you said yourself you removed the Hero plugin and still got the error, check on the Permissions thread. Not much else can be said about this.
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    I'm going to create a 3rd party editor for class setup, or has somebody already started?
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    me again, I think my main problem with this plugin is that I cant give more powerful versions of the same skill. That is to say, I cant give my healer class "bandage" at level 1 that heals 1hp, then bandage again, more powerfully at level 15 that heals 10 hp. This forces me to either make users wait till late game for a key skill just so that it is powerful enough, or have a skill remain weak at a high level. If you could fix this one issue, the usefulness of this plugin would double, at least for me
  10. Offline


    Its already been talked about, having skills get more powerful as the class levels. Until then I guess we deal with it.
    Although, you just gave me an idea...
  11. @Darkthieff
    Well, that's fucking stupid. @Kainzo says that there's not much more to work on in the plug-in. :|
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    Check out the second post, he has the to do list posted....
    To Do List:

    • Increasing damage/skills via level
    • Combat logger
    • Multi-world toggling
    • Mark/Recall integration
    • SuperPerms support
    • Class selection wizard
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    What about having a more complete default class list? :)
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    I think the best part of this plugin is the complete customization. If you put in a big default class list people will start using it for the wrong reason. (My opinion) Make your own classes and give them awesome names!
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    can somebody help me with making custom skills?
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    On purpose, we do not put a complete class list - Heroes is about what YOU want out of YOUR server. Also Quakecon Rocks.

    Those are all simple things that plugin coders can add, minus for the custom requirements in class changes. Why not code some public skills to do the healing/mana regen and resistances? :)

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    Hey @Kainzo think you could post a list of all the unwritten class modifiers (like "parent:" and damage) Thanks trying to flesh out my classes just one example class would do :)
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    well not really, kainzo said he couldnt help me any further with this error untill I give him the required support info, and I did that..
  19. Offline


    Instead, I will edit the defaults so you'll know ;)
  20. Offline


    Thanks for replying. Unfortunately I have a family and work full-time, and support two Team Fortress 2 servers. I just don't have the time to play with it on that level, and having a more complete set to tweak takes a lot less effort. I'm afraid I'll have to just remove this plugin for now. Great job on it though.
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    Good luck! Priorities ;)
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    I am so jealous of you right now. This is the first year in 5 years I missed it. :(

    Also are you guys answering any questions about skill development in IRC?
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    Hello, i'm pretty new to the making of plugins, but im trying to make a Mage class. I'll be able to make the class by myself (as of right now). I do, however, want to make some custom skills and animations for the class. I'm wondering how hard and long you would expect this to take, and also how to actually do it. I understand it must be in the Java language, correct? I do not, however, know how to program in Java. That probably kills my chances doesn't it :(. Anyway, any help or feedback would be appreciated.
    Fixed it

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    Any way to tie in Falsebook commands to this, hehe on my time on Herocraft the crafter class could make falsebook things

    Example: herosneak.sneak can be granted to a "Rogue" class at level 10 - so when they reach level 10 - they can now use the ability /sneak.

    ^ How would I config this?

    You'd want to learn Java, look up thenewboston on youtube Start at vid 1

    Also check out Torrent and Samiko's guide for bukkit.

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    Le PHeel

    This was pertaining to the "dropping untrained items into the toolbar" to get around the block. I have the same problem of players simply dropping blocked items into an open hand and using it as long as they don't switch items, and I don't understand how to fix it.
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    By reading the thread like everyone else.
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    Thanks rlr really appreciate the sarcasm. And the truth of it :)
  28. Offline


    Thanks, ill check the video's out
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    Sorry to ask boring questions, but is it possible for this to use superperms in a close future ?
    Thanx :)
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    Havent seen anything in IRC but I am at Quakecon atm.
    Yeah, its on the plate not top priority.
    Like uh, check default configs.
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    There are pre made lists by other users you could use and tweak (like this (not by me))
    @Kainzo awesome so the next update will have all the settings revealed?
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