[RPG/Fun] Infected v2.1.1 - Must have for RPG-lovers [BukkitDev]

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  1. I'll look what I can do :D
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    Custom items are impossible to make, players would need the SP mod.
    Unless bukkit updates and makes players to download custom files from the server.
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    JanTTuX, as you quoted but seem to have missed, I did mention integrating it with Spout which would allow custom items.
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    Lycanthropy, vampirism etc.

    Positive effects but also heavy negative ones at certain times. If you're doing infected, why not go the whole way? Contagion and transmission :eek:

    Also instead of spout being used to show infection, just a textbox update would be okay for me :3
  5. I'll look what I could do, but vampirism/werewolf plugins are a thing for thereself. ^^
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    Ah, vampire/werewolf plugins. Perhaps you could actually put these in since no other Spout plugins actually have these in yet; you'd be the first.
  7. IDK. Maybe, maybe not ^^

    1.6 out now

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  8. New version out now (1.6.1). Fixes the message-node!
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    I'm (very) surprized this hasent be suggested yet. But what about a zombie infection option? It would make the zombie's much more dangerous. By adding things like a strongish Poison and hunger, or a very long Negitive . And if you die by the poison, where you died before would spawn a zombie. Though if just simply killed by a zombie there would be a chance that it just kills you (as their possibly breaking your body beyond use at all). I did a lil quick search on it, and only found (I think) a single player version that was discontinued. And dident see any in a quick search on here.

    EDIT: Also, wouldent Milk be a simple enough cure for these debuff's? I mean Custem items are nice... But this is the simple and already implemented way.
  10. You can configure what effects should the zombies throw out. The other part of your suggestion I'll add maybe soon :)
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    Can you put an effect on all mobs or just hostile ones?
    If only hostile ones then should make all mobs aplicable. :)
  12. You can already choose all hostile mobs ;)
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    option for perm infection, unless you have the antidote.... you could make it from various items... leaves flowers, clay bone the such......
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    Can you make it when you fall and get hurt depending on how bad the fall is you can break a bone and become slower. And update to 1.2.4 plz
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  15. Should be working for 1.2.4.

    I could code you such a plugin. Just send me a pm
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    Can you create multi world support like people can turn in config in what world this will be effective like
    - world_nether
    - world_the_end
    So it wont be active in the normal "World" Hope you could add this
  17. I'll add this in the version I'm developing atm.
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    Combine this with the mob disguise plugin to have a mutation effect, just appearance, no need to be altering player physics and abilities or anything :D
  19. Good suggestion! Will try it!
  20. updated
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    Nice Plugin!! Works Really Smooth :D[diamond][diamond]:D
    Can I Add Multiple Effects?
    enable: true
    -> nausea: true
    -> burn: true
    -> poision: true
    multiplier: 1
    chance: 20
    duration: 15
  22. Yes, you can :) But you need to set every value per effect.

    More infos @ the BukkitDev page ;) There you can find everything exactly explained!
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    Question, had teh plugin working great then server crashed and I put a new jar of Infeceted on, I used your latest. I'm pretty sure I have everything right, as I use it before, but it will not take this time. Two things changed, first our world is nto called testworld? Does the name change matter? Last, our server provider switched us to this build of Bukkit: craftbukkit-1.2.5-R1.2-20120424.033357-10.jar , which he said was a nwere build? Could that have messed us up? Thanks for any help, we really want this running!
  24. Please wait for the next beta version ;)
    Its a bit buggy atm.
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    Should I use the old version? Would one of those work fo rnow, and as such which would you suggest? Thanks!
  26. Yeah, at the moment use the last version (I think 1.6.1) without a "b"
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  28. New effects, message functions and more!
  29. This plugin searches a new name! More infos here

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