REQUEST!!!! Custom Pickaxes REQUEST!!!!

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by mohtrepus, Nov 5, 2014.

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    Plugin Name: CustomPickaxes
    Usable for everyone: Yes
    What do I need?: I want a plugin that creates custom pickaxes, which can be sold in auctions or be obtained by random events. I want to plugin that's easy to use and if you could add a config file, that would be really appreciated.
    When do I need it? As quick as possible :D

    Hot Pickaxe: Smelt Stone/Cobblestone into Stone, Iron Ore into Iron Ingot, Gold Ore into Gold Ingot, Netherrack into Nether Brick
    Explosive Pickaxe: Makes a small explosion that destroys a small area of blocks, and drops them of course xD.
    Treasure Pickaxe: This pickaxe will turn a block you break into the closest valuable ore, so if u break Netherrack for example and theres a emerald ore closely, it turns into a Emerald, Emerald is the highest.

    Commands: (all /custompickaxes commands can be shortened to /cp)
    /custompickaxes help: view all commands from the plugins (PERMISSION NEEDED)
    /custompickaxes list: view all special tools (PERMISSION NEEDED)
    /custompickaxes spawn (tool): spawn a custom tool (ADMIN/OP)
    Hot_Pickaxe, Explosive_Pickaxe, Treasure_Pickaxe(These are all the tools).

    These dont need to be added, but if you want to make them you can make them of course xD.
    Lumberjack Axe: This axe breaks a few log blocks in a small range.
    Vein Pickaxe: This pickaxe can break a whole group of blocks in one break (uses durability)
    Leaf Looter Axe: This Axe increases the chance of Saplings and Apples dropped
    Saturation Pickaxe: Heals 1 half hunger when a block is broken
    Rewarded Pickaxe: Can give a random Potion effect when a Diamond Ore or Emerald Ore has broken: (Effects are from II to IV and 2:00 to 4:00) [Speed, Haste, Strength, Jump Boost, Regeneration, Resistance, Health Boost, Absorption]
    Lucky Pickaxe: Something luck or unlucky can happen if you break a Ore, Plugin Maker's choice for Lucky and unlucky moments

    Thanks for reading this request. And if you want to make the plugin, or already made a plugin like this, please send it to me in the comments.
    Thanks dudes,

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    You are not allowed to use these as Donator Pickaxes. That would be violating the EULA.
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    hmm whoud be nice to see but i dont have the time sorry
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    this would be great if you could do this and if you make this it dont hae to be for donators it could be a object they can buy in game for all players so to have and another commnads you could add is /custompickaxe give {name} {custompickaxe} so i could do it with serves signs plug and make it look good i would love this tpe of plugin and my players woud love it if you have time to make

    @Jaaakee if you couild do this it woiuld be great i have seen you have made your own plugins look at my reply above

    and if you could make if for minecraft 1.5.2 that is the server i run
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Cleaned an offtopic conversation. Please keep it clean.
  8. mohtrepus Just putting it out there, in the title putting "REQUEST!!!!" is not going to get a plugin quicker. We know it is a request that is why it is in this thread.
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    Thank you!
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    Just to be sure, if you're expecting custom textures for custom pickaxes, that can't be done. Otherwise, it could be an iron pickaxe with modified digging speed, display name, and durability. Also, as bwfcwalshy said, you don't need to write "REQUEST!!!!" in the title 2 times. If anything that makes developers less likely to click your thread because you look like a noob. =P
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    I totally forgot this ill make this ASAP when i get home
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    Cleaned offtopic conversation.
    Please remain ontopic and don't discuss about the fact that Server XYZ is violating the EULA as well.
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    Sorry, was just trying to make a point.
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    You are running essentials, right? There is a way to do this.
    1. In the essentials config search for 'unsafe-enchantments' (line ~376 on notepad++) and set that to true.
    2. In game, hold the pickaxe and do /enchant <enchantment> <amount>. eg: /enchant efficiency 100.
    3. You can set kits in the config too (line ~228). For example:
    delay: 10
    - 278 1 efficiency:100
    When the player does /kit A, they will get an eff 100 diamond pic.

    **This only works with vanilla minecraft enchantments, but doing this removes the enchantment level limit of vanilla minecraft.
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    JordyPwner sweet i like the Explosive Pickaxe and hot pickaxe idea this will be awesome on my server
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    I am new to the forums but, ive been coding Java alot and will try and do this :D
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