Rent-A-Chest: Rentable chest space in protected regions.

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    In spawn, the staff may build a "bank" of sorts, where players can right click a sign above a desired chest to rent it for a set amount of time and cost, listed on the sign.

    Sign Format when creating:
    Line 1: *Leave Blank*
    Line 2: Price example: 50
    Line 3: Time example: 1 day
    Line 4: Chest Name (optional) example: VIP 1

    Sign Format After Creating Sign:
    Line 1: [Right Click]
    Line 2: Cost: *cost*
    Line 3: Time: *time*
    Line 4: Chest Name

    Sign Format Once Bought:
    Line 1: Player Name
    Line 2: Time Left:
    Line 3: *time left*
    Line 4: Chest Name

    None needed - suggest some if you think of any.

    rentachest.create - create Rent-A-Chests
    rentachest.claim - claim chests

    Thank you!

    Is this not possible?

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    you can do this with WorldGuard+Residence+ResidenceSigns

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