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    Plugin category: Fun/Economy

    Suggested name: SupplyBox

    What I want:

    I would like a "box" where when activated will give you a random Item or money (currency). For example I could get 1 box and open it and in side that one type of box (multiple types) I could gain the item from a list which is in the config file of the plugin. For example a supplybox small could contain the following in the following type of format

    - smite V diamond sword = 0.1 (percentage chance to get)
    - $2000 = 24
    - fire aspect II, smite V diamond sword 2

    Thus when I open the box i will be more likely to recieve the $2000 rather than the Smite V diamond sword.

    Must work with enchanted items and an economy system.
    Must also work with group manager

    A possible extention that could be added in if you had time would be the ability to change the players rank when opening the box (rank change, with group manager)

    If my explanation is a bit confusing add me on Skype and I will answer all your questions


    Ideas for commands:

    At least the following style of commands

    /sb (quantity) (name of box) (player name) (OP ONLY or a permission - supplybox.give )
    /sb list (gives a list of all the box's a player has)
    /sb info (name of box)
    /sb open (name of box)

    Ideas for permissions:

    Doesn't really need permissions unless a permission for giving boxes was an option

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible. 2 weeks maximum
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    I am sure I have seen this before.
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    Yeah I haven't seen any that do this.
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    Rofl Disney

    This would be useful.
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    aye but seems like no one is interested in coding it.

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