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    Plugin category:Region Claiming/Selling

    Suggested name: HousingForSale

    Plugin Description:

    Admin usage:
    • Admin claims property with /regenclaim {price} with corsshair or WorldEdit wand to set the region or walk in the areas i want to claim (because houses aren't always a box).
    • Admins can enter areas and modify blocks with proper permission node.
    Player usage:
    • Player point corsshair or stands in building for sale and does /housebuy then /confirmbuy to purchase house.
    • Player can point crosshair at building and do /houseinfo to see who is owner and what the house is worth *EX [Homes] Owner: UntouchedForce Worth: $300,000.00.
    • Player can invite a friend by doing /allowentrance to allow a friend in and /allowbuild to allow a player to build.
    • Players can sell buy using the /sellhouse command with its proper permission node.
    Extra Notations:
    • Must be supported with iConomy Plugin!
    • Once house is purchased players can no longer enter without permission and if players are in while purchase has occurred they will be teleported back to spawn.
    • For the houses if possible make all the claimed houses and there regions in a config file for easy access to change/edit.
    • Once house is sold it is restored to the way it was before purchase (when purchased it makes a backup for when player sells it to restore to when sold).
    • Players cannot build inside house until bought i have a world guard region around the entire map and the plugin must override that so they can build in the purchased area.
    • If player is banned or gone for 2 months the property is set back to for sale with its original price along with restoring the blocks to the way they were before purchased (with backup).

    Ideas for commands:
    /sellhouse {amount} - Sells the house for the specified price. - playerhouses.sell
    /sellhouse confirm (amount set previous) - makes sure player wants to sell. - playerhouses.sell
    /houseinfo - when crosshair is aimed at region it shows current state of property *EX Worth: $300,000 Owner: None - playerhouses.general
    /housebuy - allows player to buy region they are standing in. -
    /confirmbuy - makes sure player wants to buy property. -
    /allowbuild {player} - allows house owner -
    /disallowbuild {player} - disallows player to build. -
    /allowentrance {player} - allows a player entering area. -
    /disallowentrance {player} - disallallows player entrance. -
    /regionclaim {price} - allows OP/Admin to claim a region and set its price. - playerhouses.setregen
    /regionunclaim - allows OP/Admin to unclaim a region standing in. - playerhouses.setregen

    Ideas for permissions:
    playerhouses.general - general usage
    playerhouses.sell - allows selling houses - allows purchasing houses
    playerhouses.setregion - allows setting regions - allows inside house commands

    playerhouses.admin - allows all commands, entering private houses and modifying them - {default OP}

    When I'd like it by: ASAP :)
  2. UntuchedForce
    Hello, I'm a developer, and I find your idea and post very explicit and well thought. I'll make it, just mark it as filled.
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    Complexe .... In how many time you need it ?
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    Wouldn't make this as filled until he finishes just in case he doesn't do it others can.
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    Well thanks but hes working side by side with me on it ;)

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