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  1. Can someone create a plugin that simulates a real player?. I need (so other "plugins" work well) that the server believe the "NPC" is a real player to appear in the list of online players.

    I've tried other "plugins" that make this function, but the serving is only this:

    But this abandoned.

    Name of the "plugin": PlayerBot


    - Bot1 "My_bot_name"

    Greetings ;)
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    I may make this for you but if I do it will be public if that is alright?
  3. Of course, I don’t have intention to make it private. Thank you!
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    This would be a great plugin.
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    MayoDwarf if possible it would be nice if the bot(s) would/could do something like fly/move around to simulate chunk loading.
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  8. Please, someone can create a plugin like "PlayerSimulator"?, does not seem to have a very difficult code ... :'(
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    The idea of having an AI player is awesome!

    Should have different options, maybe one could be maybe mining, and farming, another one doing PvP, it'd be awesome!
  10. I do not need a plugin so complex. Only need that the plugin "spawn" a "npc" and that this "NPC" count as a player online. Nothing more ...

    Please can someone make this plugin?
  11. Please, help me :(
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    Wait is this for the plugin's point of view or the like 1/(# of players) client point of view?

    EDIT: Wait oh i see, why wouldnt citizens work for this?
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    Deleted user

    I believe what this man wants is a plugin that simulates a player being online, both on the client-list and so that plugins will read the player as being real, so you can use commands such as:
    /kick Player1
    /ban Player1
    /slap Player1
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  14. Exactly.

    I have a plugin that heals when you sleep, but only works well when there is more than one person online.

    I need make believe to server and this plugin there is always a person connected.
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    Wouldn't it be much easier to modify that plugin and change one number than to come up with an entire player-faking plugin?
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  16. This would be a cool plugin.
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    It is possible to simulate visually having more players on a server through NPCs and the like, but I don't expect it to be possible to fake the actual server into believing that. Plugins like your sleep-healing one take the actual number of players on the server directly from the server itself, and I don't think that is able to be changed (at least safely, however, as always, I could be wrong). Spawning an entity that looks like a player and having that appear in a few lists and in the chat is one thing, but actually inserting a whole new entity object that is disguised as a player into the actual server is a whole different thing entirely.

    I'd just go with changing that number in that plugin.
  18. Make it plz!!!! I want to stress test >:D
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    Why not just use Citizens 2. You can do so much with it if you learn how to use it ranging from quests to gaurds that will attack people and monster, even scripted boss fights. You can make the npcs appear on a player list with a command.
  20. This plugin deceives the plugin Bedhealth (which is what I want to run ...). If I create an NPC with this plugin, everything works fine in the plugin Bedhealth:

    But this plugin is abandoned and does not work with newer versions of Bukkit.

    I've tried almost all the plugins that simulate fake players, including Citizens2 also, but none manages to run Bedhealth only plugin I mention above.

    As I said, I do not need the NPC do anything, just want the plugin Bedhealth believes there is always a player online (simulated), so that when someone enters the bed, do not automatically eject to spend a few seconds. This only works well if there is more than one player online.

    PD: Sorry for my English... :rolleyes:
  21. Is anyone interested in making this plugin? [diamond]
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    Use Citizens
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    There are griefing programs out there that flood a server with fake players that move, dig, chat, etc... It always seemed like a great stress test tool instead of a grief tool.

    I've always wondered if there was a 'white-hat' version of something like that built specifically for stress testing. That seems like the only way you could truly stress test anyway, server-side players would never quite simulate real connections. If anyone were willing to make it I'd love to use it!
  24. Please read what I'm asking.

    I do not want a plugin to stress the server, do not want to use Citizens 2 that does not serve me.

    I only ask that before you answer, read at least what the author of the thread is asking.
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  25. Plus something like on your server list. 23/60 players
    That would be cool.
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    Good job on being a person who doesnt remotely understand what is going on.
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    I'm looking for a stress tester as well, haven't found one.

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