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    If anyone remembers the mod (some referered to it as a hack, most quite ignorant about the matter) that was called PIMU, or "PropaneInMyUrethera" while such an um... creative name, I'm more worried about being able to re-create the features. I'm wondering if it's possible to have a mod for the server that would have the same functionality with permissions in place, or if it's something that has to be developed for the client alone. Either way, although it was quite ridiculed I really prefered it over many of the other flying mods as they just don't seem to work as well as PIMU did.

    Here's an alternative link to one of the last versions put out: http://forums.fataleffect.com/index...aneinmyurethra-v20-now-with-noclip-in-sspsmp/

    Thank for your input (if any)!

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