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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by tanveergt5, Oct 19, 2012.

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    Title says it all, I'm looking for a port of Optifine to Bukkit (built in would be fantastic)
    or a .jar which you drop in, loads a config, which then allows you to edit things to :True or :False
    Or :Quick to :Default etc
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    If I understand what your request is, you would need a probably modified version of Spout to interact with the client-side settings for Optifine. You would need access to the config file for Optifine which is client side, and the user would need Optifine.
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    Most of what optifine does as far as I know is disable graphical features (or change them) to use less resources on the computer. The server doesn't use graphics so I don't see what you mean by that.
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    Can't Optifine make chunk loading multi-threaded? If it were possible I imagine that would make a great performance enhancer!
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    Quite the necropost, besides chunk loading is already 'asynchronous'.
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    If you have optifine in the client you do not need to install it into the server. I am running a server and I can join it fine with optifine installed on my client. If that's what you want to know.
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    There are several plugins that significantly decrease the amount of resources Bukkit servers use. NoLagg is a good one.

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