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    Plugin category: Misc

    Suggested name: OneWayNether

    What I want: Factions servers are sometimes limited with Nether access as it gives a potential raid from use a NetherPortal from the Nether to get into peoples bases. Although this is all good and fun it takes away from the Factions experience I am looking for on my server.
    I just want a plugin that teleports you back to spawn when you use a nether portal in the nether dimension.

    Ideas for commands: /own toggle - toggle teleporting back to spawn or going to the portals normal destination.
    I don't need commands or permissions added just an idea.

    Ideas for permissions: own.toggle - allows for use with /own toggle

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
  2. Rokinscom
    Done! Download | Source. I haven't tested it but theoretically it should work (unless I really suck).

    • /onewaynether enable
    • /onewaynether disable
    • /onewaynether toggle
    • onewaynether.enable
    • onewaynether.disable
    • onewaynether.toggle
    Default configuration:
    # True if they should be teleported to spawn when leaving nether through a nether portal
    enabled: true
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    Assist I looked through the source of the plugin, as I was curious to see how you'd done it, when I found a peculiar item. In your onTeleport method, shouldn't you check the value of the config?
  4. drpk
    Oh woops. You're absolutely correct. I forgot to make the config at first, then I added it and seems like I forgot to use it.

    I can't fix it today, so if you want to/can, feel free to edit the code and compile it :p
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    omg. Have you googled? There is already a plugin with this EXACT NAME
  7. I just realized that my plugin has a few flaws and should not be used until fixed. I forgot to check if they were actually leaving the nether. I'll fix this asap tomorrow.
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    Yeah I have, the plugin doesn't work past 1.6
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Server log on that?
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    I no longer have the log. But it was not working and spammed errors in my console.
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