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  1. Plugin category: Economy

    Suggested name: MobShop GUI

    What I want: I'd like a plugin that is like on Mineplex or other servers were if you right click a mob it brings up a shop or some sort of GUI, I would like the config to beable to change the mobs and set the mobs and the names of the shop and which shop goes with which mob.

    Ideas for commands: /MobShop reload, /MobShop Mob <MobType>, /MobShop Set <Shop>, /MobShop name <The mob will be renamed to the shop name>

    Ideas for permissions: MobShop.Reload, MobShop.Use.{shopName}, MobShop.Set
    When I'd like it by: Anytime

    Items: All mob spawner's (Zombie,Skeleton,Blaze),
    Diamond Pickaxe
    Diamond Axe
    Diamond Sword
    God Apple
    Golden Apple
    Oak Log
    Feel free to add other features if you would like :D
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    There is already a plugin associated with Citizens that makes this possible. First, get ChestCommands, and then get CommandNPC, a plugin which allows you to open a command upon a right click on an NPC.

    Should help.
  3. Yeah but I would like a plugin that supports it cause it's one less thing I would have to install and configure and I have done that but it's alot of work
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  5. Stuff for donators cause it's gonna be a donation shop... so like obsidian tnt exp bottles etc
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    Sil3nt_Aassassin so then you should specify what you want in the shop in the plugin description, you cant expect us to guess what you want
  8. There added them in the description sir.
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  10. Currency please
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  12. You would go up to a mob, and right click a gui will come up and there will be items you hover over the items to view the prices and such then you click it like your taking it and you will buy it with money, so like on most hub servers. Examples: McCentral,Mineplex

    XgXXSnipz So wait... are you making this sir?

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  14. Anyone else wanna do this for me please and thank you?:)
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