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    Old Post (open)
    uCreate 2.1
    - Where creativity meets reality!​
    Old Post (open)

    What is uCreate?
    uCreate is a plugin that allows you to transform any world (or your entire server) into a game similar to Minecraft Classic. Each aspect of uCreate is configurable, letting you have every feature you want, and none that you don't.

    Features: (all totally optional)
    • Automatically activates Notch's creative mode
    • Drop disabling (fixes notch's silly bugs)
    • Weather disabling
    • Creature spawning disabling
    • Time disabling (day or night)
    • Flat map world generator
    • Homes
    • Teleporting
    • Item spawning (/i or /item)
    • Explosion disabling
    • Block physics disbaling
    • Liquid spread disabling
    • Fire spread disabling
    • Permissions
    • ..And more!
    uCreate won't lag your server.

    "But uCreate has so many features, it will lag!"
    Nope. If you don't want a certain feature, uCreate won't even register the listener. Meaning, any feature you don't want, you literally won't have.

    Screenshots, Videos, and Tutorials
    (Video) Tutorials (open)
    Videos (open)
    Wanna make one? :D
    Screenshots (open)

    uCreate 2.0 had it's config totally redesigned. It's a lot to take in, so to help you figure it out, I made this neat little chart:
    (as of 2.1, the config was trimmed a lot, due to Minecraft 1.8)
    noFireSpreadtrue/falseDisables fire spreading and damage.
    noLiquidSpreadtrue/falseDisables lava and water spreading.
    noBlockFalltrue/falseDisables sand and gravel physics.
    noExplosionstrue/falseDisables tnt and creeper explosions.
    itemSpawningtrue/falseAllows players to spawn items with /item or /i
    teleporttrue/falseAllows players to teleport to others with /tp
    homestrue/falseAllows players to set their home (/sethome) and go to their home (/home)
    wooltrue/falseAllows players to use the /wool command.
    clearinvtrue/falseAllows players to use the /clearinv command.
    defaultStackSizeAny integer (whole number)The default stack size players will get when using /i or /item
    worldsList of world namesWorlds that will implement uCreate features.
    flatMapHeightAny integer (whole number)How many layers the flatmap should be.
    permissionstrue/falseShould we check for permissions (true) or let everybody do everything(false)?
    noWeathertrue/falseDisables weather.
    noCreaturestrue/falseDisables creature spawning.
    stopTime'off'/'day'/'night'Stops time changing.
    noDropstrue/falseBlock drops (little items) will not spawn. (also fixes bugs in Notch's creative creative)
    breakBedrocktrue/falsePlayers can break bedrock(true)/players can't break bedrock(false)
    Default Config (open)
        noFireSpread: true
        noLiquidSpread: false
        noBlockFall: false
        noExplosions: true
        clearinv: false
        itemSpawning: false
        teleport: false
        homes: false
        wool: false
        permissions: false
        defaultStackSize: 64
        worlds: world1, world3, etc
        flatMapHeight: 3
        noWeather: true
        noCreatures: true
        stopTime: 'off'
        noDrops: true
        breakBedrock: false

    Syntax: /command OR /command [required] (optional)
    Using permissions in uCreate is totally optional. In the config (under 'settings') is an option called 'permissions' If set to false, no permissions will be used, so everybody can use all the features. If it's set to true, only people with specified permissions will be able to do certain things.
    Supported permissions: SuperPerms/PermissionsBukkit, Permissions 3.x, Permissions 2.x, *PermissionsEX (*needs confirmation)
    ucreate.*Gives acess to all of the uCreate permissions. (default Op)(works with SuperPerms)
    ucreate.notchGives players access to the features of Notch's creative mode.
    ucreate.itemspawnAllows players to use the /i and /item commands.
    ucreate.homesAllows players to use /home and /sethome.
    ucreate.teleportAllows players to use the teleport commands.
    ucreate.adminAllows players to bypass teleport requests.
    ucreate.woolAllows players to use the /wool command/
    ucreate.clearinvAllows players to use the /clearinv command.

    How to make your worlds generate a uCreate flatmap:
    Just follow these instructions to make specific worlds generate a uCreate flatmap. This will not overwrite existing worlds, however newly generated chunks will be flat.
    1. Edit "flatMapHeight" in the config.
    2. Decide which worlds you want to be flat ('flatworld' for this example)
    3. Open your bukkit.yml file (in your server directory) with a text/yaml editor.
    4. Add this to your bukkit.yml (where 'flatworld' is the name of your world):
                      generator: uCreate
    5. Enjoy your new flat map!
    Download uCreate 2.1

    What happened to the old uCreate?
    With the release of Notch's creative mode, some features of uCreate have become obsolete. Some features like the insta-break blacklist are no longer available due to the way Notch's creative is coded. Go yell at Notch :)

    Version 2.1:
    • Implemented Notch's 1.8 creative mode
    • Scrapped obsolete features
    • Deleting your config and re-doing it is HIGHLY recommended, but not required.
    • Don't expect any more updates after this.
    Version 2.0.4:
    • Added /wool command
    • Added /clearinv command
    • Both commands have corresponding permissions and configs
    Version 2.0.3:
    • Added ucreate.admin permission. Currently just bypasses teleport requests.
    • Made the ItemInventory support up to 10 pages which are choosable by pressing number keys.
    • Implemented 2.0.2 config auto-updater.
    • Added SpoutInventory.yml file to configure the ItemInv. (Read more in the OP)
    Version 2.0.1:
    • Fixed Spout dependency
    • Fixed infinite item painting bug, thanks @Lathanael
    • Added config option "useSpout" under "spout"
    • Update your configs manually. AutoUpdate coming soon.
    • Improved startup efficiency
    • IF YOU HAVE 2.0 UPGRADE TO 2.0.1!
    uCreate 2.0:
    • Many many many features added.
    • Bug fixes (thanks @Lathanael for helping with the "wrong item bug") and for using Github the way it was meant to.
    uCreate 1.0-1.5:

    • Initial release
    • Awesome updates
    • uCreate stolen
    Want to buy me a soda a car?​
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    Could you add a feature to clear their inventory if they are leaving a creative world? Or better yet, store the inventories. There are other plugins for per world inventory management, but they would make it so every world has separate inventories. I have a normal world, a nether world, an aether world, and now I want a creative world. I want the normal+aether+nether inventories to be the same since they are survival, but for the creative world I can't have spawned items being leaked into the real worlds. Do you think you could add a feature that prevents this, or do you have any suggestions?
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    try multiinv its what i use for my server.
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    wow okand i like the store feature too and the defalt stack
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    Hey so I got your plugin and it was working great for everything until recently. InfiniteBlocks doesn't seem to work.

    worlds: world,World3,World1,world1
    instaMine: true
    noDrops: false
    godMode: true
    infiniteBlocks: true
    noCreatures: true
    noWeather: true
    noPhysics: true
    noFireSpread: true
    stopTime: on
    instaBreakBlacklist: 7, 69, 64, 77

    The instant mining, no physics and all the others work fine. However, infiniteBlocks no longer does.
    Any tips?
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    I came across an error (maybe) with your plugin, I have an SMP main world and I created a "Creative" world, then used your ucreate to make the "Creative" world just that creative, gave go=true, spawnitem=true, but once that was done I could no longer use the/i cmd in my main world, I own the server and am op and have the -'*' permissions, I even installed 3rd party admincmd to see if that would overide it, but nothing??? I un-installed your plugin and viola' I am able to use the /i command again, any thoughts ? as I REALLY want to use this plugin on my server.
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    In my experience, this would be caused by the "noDrops = true." When you try to cmd things into existence, they "drop" from you and this would be preventing that. Try changing it in the ucreate config.
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    Thanks will try that
  10. same here
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    Unlimited works for me and the/i command works in the creative world but a variable is needed ie; /i [id] (qty) but this still doesnt work in the main world, is it possible for me to copy the entire config and paste it underneath but add the world to it and disable all the allowed things for the creative effectively rendering it a normal world ?
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    This is a great plugin, exactly what I was looking for!
    There's one thing though, I'd want to be able to only use insta-mine with a specific tool, like a pick or something. Is it possible for you to fix that? :)
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    how did you get the plugin to load before the worlds started to generate.
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    Testing again now!
  15. Could you remove the /i command, or perhaps change it to something like /g (short for /give :p)? I'm using CommandBook and this plugin just makes /i and /item not work :(.
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    Feedback: /i is broken :(. Running Essentials and wondering if it's conflicting with that.
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    yes the /i command does become broken but if you intsall this plugin although the simplegive plugin overides this :), this worked for me, its not released for the RB1000 but i have not seen a bug, problem or flaw yet. This might be the fix until uCreate can trace their cross over coding
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    So an exact copy (same code and everything) got released. I notified Plague and he said he "can't do anything about it"

    Honestly, you're the moderator that approves these releases, YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    So if this place is that stupid, go use the ripoffs.

    And before anyone says it, YES, I AM MAD.

    I can't believe I wasted my time here.
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  19. Actually, he said he can do something, it was just dependent on what your complaint was. He is only in his right to do something about it if an official complaint against intellectual property infringement is made. If you're just complaining because you don't like the other plugin, then he cannot do anything.

    There's no need to quit, you can get CreativeWorldz remove if you make a proper complaint; I also really like your plugin and hope you'd continue to develop it.
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    Can i have a link to the other one? I cant seem to find it.
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    As if the guy is gonna improve anything. Don't leave, for our sake :(
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    Nathan C

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    I'm sticking with this plugin.
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  25. I do have a copy of the source code as i offered him help with the 'returning wrong items' issue, if you like i'd clean it and bring it back online. (Ofcourse only as long as DrAgonmoray does not complain about it!! )

    Forget what i have said!
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    Doh, I had reviewed this addon awhile ago and came back to get it but its gone!
    I refuse to use a copy some hack 16 year old made and altered since his ability to continue the addon properly or know it inside out is yet to be proved whereas we know the original designer Dr.A knows where its at!
    The copycat is potentially ruining the future of a really good addon.
    If the copycat is able to build on and improve the addon then we can all be happy (well most). However, given what he did and why he did it I find the possibility that he is anywhere as good of a coder as Dr.A hard to swallow since if he was half the coder he wouldnt copy/paste Dr.A's source code the way he did.

    Shame on this forum for allowing the copycat to even post his crap or have any plugin maker title.
    How bout I copy all addons, rename them, make 1 tweak to each, put it all under my name, and also make sure my signature and such has a link to whatever my current projects or servers are that way I can get people hitting me up because of the popularity of the addons i host but copied? damn. Thats just one side of it.

    ps. Dr.A - Please put the info/links back up and continue your addon regardless of what some wannabe did, show them who is better.
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    Hey, don't worry about it. uCreate 2.0 is in the works, and it will blow every other creative plugin out of the water.
    I'm not going to go into details because it will ruin the surprise :)
    I will say: This plugin will be much better if you have Spout installed :)
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    Cant wait. :) and glad to hear. <3 spout - please keep up the great work & ty :)
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    GREAT!!!!!! Glad to hear the new works in progress and I'll be sure to have it on my server!!
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    Good to hear.

    Can't believe a copy and paste job was approved, what a joke...
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    Anywhere I can download the original uCreate plugin?

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