[MECH] UnlimitedLava v1.9.1 - Make infinite pools of Lava [1.7.9-R0.2]

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    I think what you should do is make it so that no matter what the pattern is, as long as 2 "springs" flow into the same empty spot, it makes them into lava springs.

    Lets say W is water, A is air.

    With water, these work:

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    I'm sorry to hear that you have problems with UnlimitedLava.
    Because you have these problems,

    are you sure you have downloaded version 1.0 (I double checked my links, but pls re-download UnlimitedLava)
    are you running MC 1.7.3 with the newest rb #1000?
    Do you have enough RAM?

    If you want, make a backup of your world, install UnlimitedLava 1.0 again and have a look at


    It won't regenerate the chunk, it will just refresh the chunk.

    Again sorry to hear, that UnlimitedLava is on your "never never touch list" :/

    In 1.0 this is working :)
    I checked it again...
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    Version 1.0.1 is up.
    It contains a bugfix, I'm not quite sure if it's present in 1.0. But I released it anyway.
    In the dev version (not 1.0.1!!!) (the commented in the source) it can destroy your whole world very quick, and you can't do anything about it :p
    But anyway, please download 1.0.1 just to be on the safe side!

    Thanks & greetings
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    Update again.

    Now with a config!

    Hope to see some answers...
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    @Avous they were possible since version 1.0 :p
    But now every admin can decide, which sources should be unlimited.

    In 1.2 there will be a command to reload the config on the fly (maybe change it ingame...)
    and to start/stop unlimited lava! :)

    AAAnd after that, I will look at your falls idea!
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    yay haha i was thinking if they fall into a 1x1 to 5x5 hole then it creates sources but no wider to stop flooding same for water
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    Thank you so much for the 2x2 option! This is one of my musthaves for plugins on new server builds. Thank you! Running Bukkit 1056.
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    Hello all!

    Just a quick status update!
    Version 1.2 will be out soon, with adding:

    Commands & Permissions
    (Permissions based on bukkit's permissions! I highly recommend, that you use something like PEX or bPermissions!)

    Sounds like a small update, but it's the biggest update ever!
    Expect it soon

    (I could tell you what you can expect in 1.3, but I guess surprises are cool, too)

    Glad you like my 2x2 option ;)
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    Hey there!
    Update is out!

    Version 1.2
    • Added commands and permissions
    • New value "permissions" in the config (standard is true)
    • Spelling mistakes corrected (comments and code)
    • Changed code of the 3x3 source a bit. Big fields are now not longer infinite until enabled with 'big'!
    • Changed messages (color and code)
    • Included README in the .jar
    • Added the "big" sources
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    i've got a question.
    im runnen a bukkit 1000 server.
    do you have that version, because the current version isn't working...
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    Hey @calvinbenik

    I just checked it again, the current version 1.2 is working with #1000
    Please re-download the plugin and delete the config file.
    After that, stop your server, refer to to the presentation or the first post and configure the config file!

    (Oh and btw. you should update to #1060!)
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    hmm I'll update now and check it then
    *will edit*
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    Hey guys!

    Big update! (alias the secrect update!)

    Version 1.3
    • Added new commands for enabling & disabling messages
    • New permission for the usage of UnlimitedLava
    • New config value, messages
    • Better code :)
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    Version 1.4

    • Commands will work, even if you type /unlimitedlaba (happend very, very often to me ;))
    • Big code improvement!
    • Fixed permissions bug
    • Added usage statistics
    • Updated to new config system

    No falls yet - it's kinda like a service release!
  16. Just to let you know that usrs are still interested in using your plugin - very useful, and doesn't lag the server the way a couple of previous versions did (I hasten to add, that was before you took over this plugin), however, this version broke on bukkit builds some time ago. Yes, it still works on the last recommended version (#1337), but it broke soon after that. Yes, I also know that there is no recommended version above that number, I'm just checking to see if you are still working on this project please, and will hopefully update on the next recommended perhaps ?
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    If you look at my github account, you will see that I'm still active!
    I also tested it on 1.0 and the pre5 versions, asap a bukkit rb is released, I'll release a new build too!

    Tell me, if you can, the build number which breaks the plugin & I'll try to push out an update in the next 24 hrs. (Can't promise anything, school 'til 5pm, but I'll give it a try!)
  18. I appreciate the reply - I've tested bukkits for you - this works up to bukkit #1395, it breaks in bukkit #1396.
    Thanks for your help.
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    After some research I now know what causes the problem. Because my plugin creates the config itself, some of the code has been changed & is not working (for me) anymore.
    Can you test to include a config.yml by "hand"?

    Cancel that!
    Wait a minute (or maybe a bit longer) & I'll push out an update - that should be working again for all!! :D

    EDIT 2:

    Update is out, enjoy!
  20. Yes, thankyou - checked up to bukkit #1468 and its still working on that.
    I tried the link from the bukkit dev page first, but I think I got the old version, so I tried the link on this page & that one was OK, so thanks again.
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    I have to wait for an approval at bukkit dev...
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    This plugin is kinda pointless, because infinite lava already works this way now.
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    Thanks for the motivation to keep my work up :)
    Because you are wrong sir ;P
    In 1.9pre 5 it was possible to create an unlimited lava source, but in 1.9pre6 it was fixed again
    If you don't believe my, download MC 1.0.0 and create a single-player world and test it out yourself!
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    still having problems finding a way to make lava behave like water when it falls? XD
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    And because of the "pre-release" builds I wasn't able to develop as much as I wanted.
    But it's still on my ToDo!
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    Awesome! great news! thanks!
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    At the moment I'm very busy.
    CookMe is done with updating - waiting for a new rb & then I'll push out an update
    GlowstoneDrop has a very nasty bug - but I believe it's a bukkit bug; anyway still something on my ToDo
    UnlimitedLava is next, because I only have to do the falls at the moment ;)
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    Version 1.5
    • Update to support bukkit standard
    • Added localization
    • Code improvements
    • Custom furnace
    • Preparation of falls

    This is the first part of an update!
    The second part with falls will follow asap!
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    Finally the second and last part of the 1.5 update!

    Version 1.6
    • Code optimizations
    • Lava and water FALLS
    • Custom height, to be more resource friendly

    The standard height (60) means, only lava field above or on Y height 60 are affected. This prevents the one in the caves.
    Should be much more resource friendly!

    Nothing more on the ToDo. Done.
    Thanks for your support.
    Especially to Avous
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    Version 1.7
    • Rewrite of the "check" code by Xastabus, thx!
    • Added T Shape and Plus shape (same permission style)
    • Added status command /ulava status
    • Big code and speed improvements
    • REAL multiworld support, define each world! (default: all are on)
    • Metrics update
    • Small bug fixes

    Own schematics? Just make a reply here!

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