[MECH] InfiniArrow - Have Infinite Arrows [1.5.2]

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    InfiniArrow - Have Infinite Arrows
    Version : 1.5.2

    This plugin is now on BukkitDev
    Old Thread

    What can I explain ?
    Just have infinite arrows while having at least one arrow in your inventory.
    It's just the same with dispenser.

    Features :
    • Throw infinite arrows if you have one at least (Permissions or in-built system)
    • Dispensers throws infinite arrows if they have one at least (Configurable)
    • Allow cancel pickup arrows while player have at least one arrow (Configurable)
    Download Links :
    InfiniArrow v1.2
    Old Versions (open)

    Permissions :
    • infiniArrow.arrow
    TODO :
    • Any ideas
    ChangeLog :
    Version v1.2 (03-09-2011)
    • Add an option to cancel arrow pickup when player has at least one Arrow
    ChangeLog (open)

    Version 1.1 (01-09-2011)
    • Add a config file
    • Add a config dispenser (infini / no infini)
    • Add a config permissions (with/without permissions)
    • Add in-build permissions system support
    Version 1.0 WP(03-07-2011)
    • New Version without any permissions support
    Version 1.0(20-06-2011)
    • Just the release of this awesome plugin.

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    Your plugin is great!!!
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    Looks good, does this require permissions?
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    Yes for the infinite arrow in a bow

    For the dispenser, I don't know how to add permissions to a block ^^ (or perhaps in the future depending who placed it)
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    Any chance you'll make a version that does not require Permissions?
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    You want everyone able to do this, right ?
    Ok I upload it in the next hours Tommorow (I'm so tired right now ^^)

    EDIT :
    But why don't you add the node for every one ?
    It's not difficult using Permissions
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    I don't currently use Permissions.
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    You should ^^
    Sorry I forgot today to release the without-Permissions InfiniArrow
    But it should be done tomorrow

    Sorry dropbox have issues and I cannot send the new version of InfinyArrow
    Be sure I'll put it in the nexts days

    Have a nice weekend ^^

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    adfly links are forbidden, deleted and moved to inactive for the time being
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    Is it right now ?
    For me afl.ly links are a way to reward someone not donating
    Because clicking on a links is muc easyier than donating (as I think)
    So if I put two links it should be right, isn't it ?
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    Nice plugin, very useful.
    But @bellardie seems to have an account only for you, maybe your girlfriend or something? :)
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    Yes ^^
    Exactly what you're saying
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    Well done, good sire
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    doesnt work it sais that it doesnt have plugin.yml or something like that

    Oh ,sorry my fault, i didn't installed it correctly, thanks for this great plugin :)

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    You realize that anyone running this mod is highly susceptible to a glitch that would allow a single player to slow the server down to a crawl by using this:

    I can just picture someone logging onto a server and leaving this running for 5-10 min and totally crapping out a server.
    (If you need a demonstration, PM me and I'll log on and show you)

    As for permissions for blocks vs players, how about a config file that allows you to globally set all the dispensers to have infinite arrows or not? I don't think most server admins would care if a dispenser had infinite arrows, more so if players did...
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    Hey Rominos2,

    I didn't visit Bukkit for a long time, but I can see you really took it at a higher level.
    You truly are getting better and better and I hope... if I ever host a server again... to use Bukkit again, with your plugins!

    Goodluck buddy,
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    Yes I see that's can be quite annoying but what would I do ?
    in fact, ifa player want to crash a server, he can do that by differents way so ...
    But yeah I'll do a config to set infinite dispenser on/off

    That's always ssooooo nice to see post like that ^^
    I hope I'll do better and better in the future to approach the best

    --- Release of the version 1.1 ---

    See the changelog for all the features (in 2h)

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    I want to use this mod, but could there be a configurable option to only allow one arrow in someone's inventory at all times or something? People can take advantage of firing infinite arrows and then selling them in the economy
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    You can also set a 0 price

    But Yes I add a oneArrow option to the todo list
    When a player will fire, then he'd have only one arrow in his inventory
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    Thanks, that would awesome :D
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    you said "would"
    But it's done !
    I'm faster than the arrows ^^
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    Oh shit, son! Thanks that helps out a lot
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    No Problem
    I'm the Dev
    I'm here for that
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    Is it possible to get The Source Code? Thks
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    I'm going to move on BukkitDev
    I'll post the source there
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    work with 1.8 ?
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    some problems acutually when you try to shoot but I'll look at that during the week
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    well...i don't need infinity bow arrows,all i need is inf. dispenser arrows,so as long as its working,im happy :3
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    So ... No problem for you
    But it's still named infiniArrow so I need to update it in the next days

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