[MECH/FUN] SwordsGame v1.4 - A GunGame like gamemode for Minecraft [1185]

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  1. SwordsGame - A GunGame like gamemode for Minecraft

    I've moved the project to BukkitDev.
  2. Spout's the only required plugin.
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    Then in dont know.
    i dont need perms?
    I think i need
  4. SuperPerms = Bukkit's built in Permissions system: you could use PermissionsBukkit, bPermissions or any other SuperPerms manager.
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    Hey i am using PermissionEx now and it works better but there ist one problem
    When the game start, the opponent dont take damage ( while hitting )
  6. Do you have turned PVP off in the server config/worldguard/whatever?
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    Sry i failed.
    i think there must be for example 2/2 to start the game
    Does it also work if i turn pvp off an create a region with a pvp flag ? ( pvp allow )
  8. Yeah, you could use WorldEdit to globally block PvP and create regions for the arena, in which PvP are enabled.
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    thank you^^
    thats nice :D

    i mean does ist works if i set pvp on false in the server proberties an create the regions with worldgaurd
  10. I felt like coding, so I've made an update for this plugin. :) Version 1.4 has one new major feature: randomization of spawns. (it's enableable in the config file) Enabling this will cause you to respawn to a different spawn point. (you could disable 'spawnOnKill' and create more spawn points for a bit more variance)
    I've also removed the update check thing and Permissions3 support.

    (you can download it here until the file gets approved)
  11. Herp derp...I've uploaded another update with some changes I had in the back of my head for quite some time now.
    • Fixed an error in the (soon to be removed) localisation.
    • Players will now automatically switch to survival mode if they're in creative mode.
    • The sounds should now get pre-cached.
    • Moar and better sounds!
    • Scoreboard using spout.
    Download link: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/swordsgame/files/3-version-1-5/
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    Woow this looks cool! Amazing plugin developer!
  13. By the way, feel free to take this over, I have lost interest in Minecraft quite a while ago, and this plugin has most likely broken since then.
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    could anyone bring this plugin back to life ? or release the source code

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