Inactive [MECH/FUN] Parachute v0.2.2 - An advanced parachute with a bunch of features [CB 1.3.1-R1.1]

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    Parachute - because your life is worth it:
    Version: v0.2.2 (Supports CB 1.3.1-R1.1)
    (Migrated to, but I will post all the updates here too until BukkitDev takes over completely)

    Adds new item: a parachute. Use it for your protection when climbing in high places or just have fun gliding trough the skies using a parachute with a good steerability.

    Note: This plugin can be quite resource intensive and slow down your server if many players are using it at the same time.


    Video by Strange_ice0 (introduces the old basic functionality before v0.2)

    The default item used for the parachute is an Egg. To activate the parachute, left click with your mouse when the egg stack is selected. You can alternatively activate an automatic lifesaver function: the "free fall helmet" by moving an egg to the helmet slot in the inventory like a normal helmet. The plugin will then detect if you are falling and launch the parachute automatically to save your life.

    You can steer the parachute with your mouse. The horizontal speed of the parachute can be changed by tuning the "wind" value from the config.

    The time that the parachute is in working state (aka the time before the chicken has a burnout) can be altered from the config file. There you can also add a parachute failure chance if you like to gamble with your life.

    By pressing the Shift-key when the parachute is in active state, you can ditch the parachute and continue falling normally. This is useful when you want to get rid of the parachute before the time limit or just land on water or on a specific target.

    If you feel like you are a hardcore bow sniper you can also try killing the chute-chicken to drop a player from the skies. I however recommend stacking up some explosive arrows or homing missiles, because hitting the poor creature is extra hard from the distance. ;)

    • A parachute with a great controllability. Use your mouse cursor to steer the chute.
    • Press sneaking button (by default Shift) while the parachute is active to ditch the parachute.
    • A "Free fall helmet". Automatically activated parachute for your protection. Use it like a normal helmet.
    • Optional failure chance to parachute activation.
    • The parachutes can be killed to drop the player from the skies.
    • Parachute material (default: egg) and parachute entity (default: chicken) can be changed from config.
    • Supports the standard Bukkit permissions API
    Possible Future Features (open)

    • Wind will blow the parachute to its direction
    • Changing wind speeds
    • Changing wind directions
    • Stronger wind in stormy weather
    • Biome spesific winds

    • /parachute reload (Reloads the config file)
    Default Permissions:
        description: Allows player to use "/parachute reload" in game to reload config.
        default: op
        description: Enable/disable the whole plugin for player.
        default: op
        description: Allows player to use the "free fall helmet"
        default: op
        description: Allows player to activate the chute by left clicking
        default: op
    Config (open)

    • fallSpeedMul: Affects the fall speed of parachute. e.g if value is 0.4, the speed is 40% of normal falling speed
    • wind: Speed of the wind i.e. the horizontal speed of parachute.
    • activeTime: Indicates how long time the parachute is active.
    • failPossibility: Indicates how possible a parachute malfunction is. (Values: 0.0 to 1.0) e.g value 0.3 is 30% chance.
    • helmetTriggerAltitude: The number of blocks a player has to fall before the helmet activates. (Used if freefallHelmet is active)
    • material: The material used for the parachute. (You can use material ID:s or proper entity names)
    • spawn: The parachute animal that is spawned when the parachute activates. (You can use entity ID:s or proper entity names)
    • spawnOnFailure: The entity that is spawned if the chute fails (You can use entity ID:s or proper entity names) (the failPossibility has to be larger than 0.0)
    • destroyAfterUse: Removes the parachute entity after usage to avoid flooding bigger servers with living entities.
    • msg1-4: Messages that are sent if a warning or a notice is needed. These can be left empty by writing '' instead.

    Download the plugin
    (If BukkitDev doesn't work, get the plugin from here.)


    Version 0.2.2
    • Fixed the plugin to work with CB 1.3.1-R1.1
    • Fixed a bug that caused a player to have falling damage if the chute was ditched near ground
    • Fixed some inventory problems with newest CB
    • Included the source files in JAR
    Version 0.2.1
    • Bug fixes
    • All default permissions are now op only. Meaning: you have to be op on your server before you can use the plugin
    Version 0.2
    • Fixes:
      • Support for 1.2.4.-R1
      • Refactored the code under the hood
      • Fixed a bug with "parachute reload" command when using it directly on the server console
      • Chickens no longer shoot eggs when getting tired (reducing the flood of the chickens on bigger server)
      • Other minor bug fixes
    • New features:
      • Added a possibility to set parachute active time to unlimited. To use this, set active time to 0 from config.
      • The parachute entities can be now set to be destroyed after use (to avoid undesirable entity flooding on bigger servers)
      • The parachute material can be now used normally like a helmet by dragging it with mouse to the helmet slot in the inventory
      • Parachute material can be now changed (use entity names or ID:s)
      • Added a possibility to choose a different living entity as a parachute animal (use entity names or ID:s)
      • Added a new permission for the chute helmet
      • Added a new permission for controlling the parachute activation with mouse
      • Removed the helmet setting from config
      • Added new settings to config
      • Custom warning/notice messages
    Old changes
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    This sounds really cool. You should post a video though
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    video! video!
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    I've had several users clamoring for a parachute plugin but unfortunately I'm having some trouble with this. The parachute deploys like its supposed to but users still take full damage when they touch the ground. I'm on CB 1176.
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    Hi, I fixed the bug and tested the plugin with CB 1184. I hope it works correctly now :)

    I would gladly make a video about the plugin, but I don't currently have the time and software for creating a quality instructional video. However, I would appreciate if someone could make a video, and post it into youtube, so I can embed it here.

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    these are the awesome plugins
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    I could make a video. But it can't be this weekend 'cause I have family stuff to do. So around next weekend I'll try to make a video :D
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    can you make a video? (i know... so many people are asking)
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    umm i like this plugin but its not compatible with the shotgun plugin, in the config can you add a setting to change the parachute item? because i keep blowing up things (egg is a gernade on the shotgun mod) can you add it plz?
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    HEY I found a typo! Under 'Usage', the second line. Should be activate parachute, instead of active parachute.

    Otherwise, i'm getting it! My players ALWAYS fall from heights and die. XD

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    Fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Ok, I will fix this soon. :)

    I'm thankful for your effort, but unfortunately I'd like to have a video that has better quality. You really shouldn't run the client, the server and a video capture program on the same computer if you don't have enough processing power. Also, I'd like a video that concentrates on the plugin itself, without any commentary, and just the bare essentials to get to the point for the sake of new users. That means: only the items needed are placed in the inventory and the usage instructions are provided textually or by voice (not including a voice of a friend, that has a humorous approach to mexicans, in background).

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    I made a bit simpler review video. It is quite narrow but should cover the basics.
    If you like it, feel free to use it. If you don't, that's just fine. Just tell me what's wrong with it so I can improve my future performance :)
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    Well you never gave any 'guidelines' on how you wanted it made, so how was I supposed to know how you wanted it. And it wasn't cause I was running JUST those at the same time, I had other windows open too.. I do have enough processing power to run those. Minecraft, running a server, and recording doesn't take much.
    Good day.
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    It's true that I did not give any guidelines for making the video, but you could have just asked beforehand what I and the people who were requesting the video would have liked to see. Also, I did mention words like "quality" and "instructional" before and I thought it would be common sense what a quality video is. Lastly, I can see that you are disgruntled because of my earlier response, but please, don't take my criticism personally. This is not so serious business.

    Your video looks fine to me. :) It is simple and short enough and covers the important basics satisfyingly. Thanks for your effort, I'll embed the video in the usage section.

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    Okay, I'll try to be better in the future. But also notice the keywords "I don't think it was the best video " meaning, I didn't put a lot of time into it thinking and planning it out.
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    Is this plugin compatible with older versions of permissions? like for example permissions ex and permissions 2
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    The plugin supports directly the Bukkit permissions API, so it should support all permission manager plugins that are using the API correctly. Read this for more info.
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    thx the shotgun developer fixed it but i would love to change a egg to a feather!
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    Why the fuking Chiken Explote Wen i get in the floor!??!!!??? and sometime the ugly chicken die in the air and dont make a parachute...i have to edit the value malfuntion?
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    Nice .. and thanks. Btw does it work in RB1337? plz
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    Thanks for your comment and yes, it does :)

    Hi, and thanks for your message. The chicken only "burns out" when it gets tired after amount of time defined in activeTime-setting in config. If you set the activeTime too small and jump from a very high place, the chicken will obviously get tired in mid-air and you will drop to your death. If you don't want to have randomness in your parachute reliability, you should leave the failPossibility-setting alone. I added the setting just for those people who like "russian roulette" ;) It has 0% fail possibility as a default value, so the parachute works properly if you don't change the value.

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    I'm glad I wasn't the only one who didn't care for that.
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    This looks quite cool - I might do some testing later with the latest dev-build for minecraft 1.0.0. If I do it I'll post back here with any problems etc. :)
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    Please update this plugin to the latest CB Build!
    My players love this plugin!
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    Done. The update (v0.1.2) is available to download after it is approved in BukkitDev. I haven't had enough time to add any bigger new features lately because my university studies take plenty of my time, but something new might appear around Christmas holidays. :)
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    you should make it so that you can drop items with it :D
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    Awesome, glad to hear its being updated :D.
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    It looks great, i have tested it on my server
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    I want to only let some people on my server use this.
    I didn't give anyone any permission nodes and everyone can use it...
    How do i make it so only people with a permission can use it ?

    I'm used to permission nodes like
    - parachute.enable
    the ones you listed are formatted a little weird for me, and I don't want it enabled for everyone!

    Help is appreciated!

    Edit: NVM i opened your plugin in winrar and in the plugin.yml
    I just changed default: true to default: op and it works perfectly!
    Awesome plugin! Thanks!
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    awesome plugin thanks!
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