Inactive [MECH/FUN] MoArrows v2.4.0 - Add new arrow types and customize bow damage! [1.2.5-R4.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by MrAverage, Mar 13, 2012.

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    They are on the bukkit dev page. Please read and follow the installation instructions on that page.
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    teleport doesn't work for me
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    ..Because you haven't set permissions for it.
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    Suggestion: Make a "Barrage Arrow" That uses x (configurable amount) of arrows that you can shoot at one time, required mats would be like chests and twice the amount of arrows or something? Idk specifically, just had that idea lol.
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    Hey this plugin is Awsome but can you add ice arrows which freeze the target ?? Would be soooo awesome !!
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    Don't have PLUGIN.YML!!!
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    Just wondering? I need a plugin.yml or whatever it's called but I don't have it generated
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    I love this plugin, hope it will get updated now that the bukkit 1.3.1 came out today!!!
    (but take your time, don't want this to seem like you're being spammed to do more awesomework!!!)
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    This is one of the plugins ill keep for a very long time, thanks!
    everything is perfect but one small Minor thing!
    which drives me up the wall.
    When im "op" i have to still switch threw my 9 or so diffrent arrow types, when i cant use all but 7
    (reason being) i disabled the No materials required/cooldown/etc.
    because having skills w/o a limmit is to powerfull. so i disabled it.
    being an op i still have to go threw each and every arrow; can you make it like not being an op, were it will skip threw the materials, if you can just add somthing like it in you next update.

    Also, what would be a great acrobat attribute is!
    the ability to Load an arrow on a bow quicker, can you make it were we can adjust how quick we load up the arrow completly? A good archer doesnt need much time to pull back a bow and aim then a normal person :p
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    Awesome plugin. However, I would love for varied bow draw speed. Speed would depend on movement, crouching/standing (crouching slower, standing faster), and armor. Also, a way to increase bow range would be awesome. Other than that, amazing work.
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    is further factions support possible? faction allies can still hurt eachother as well as fellow faction members
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