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    AirJump adds a completely new mechanic - the ability to jump in the air!
    Version 1.4

    Change Log
    Version 1.4
    • Added support for AntiCheat
    • Built and tested with the latest bukkit version (CB 1.2.5-R4.0)
    Version 1.3.5
    • Critical compatibility fix (built with JDK6)
    Version 1.3
    • Added more constant values (for developers)
    • Modified Y velocity modification to prevent increased velocity over 1 height
    • Performance improvements
    • Built with CB 1.2.5-R1.0
    Version 1.2
    • Fixed damage caused by longer air-time (fall distance correction)
    • Modified required hunger level to match sprinting
    Version 1.1
    • Added permission to disable increased hunger when air jumping (airjump.nohunger)
    Version 1.0
    • First release
    How do I use AirJump?
    Simple, just jump then hold shift.

    If I'm falling and I am holding shift, why do I air jump?
    This is a bonus mechanic! You know those situations where you're falling to your death? Hold shift and you'll be boosted. Get on that edge!

    Wait, then won't players be able to fly?
    Each time you air jump your hunger increases by 0.5 (half a chicken leg), this means the number of times players can air jump is limited.

    Are there any commands or configurations?
    Nope! AirJump is super simple.

    How about permissions?
    We do have permissions. For more information see our permissions page:

    I'd like to see the plugin in-action before I download!
    Sure! Watch the Video Preview, and if you don't like it, suggest something to be changed!

    Here's the preview right in this page:

    So, where can I get AirJump?
    You can go to our BukkitDev page:

    Hey guys the plugin has been submitted successfully on BukkitDev! :)

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    Add a [1.1-R8] tag at the end of the title (Latest RB).
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    It actually supports 1.2.3-R0.2
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    Which means it also supports 1.1-R8, as with that being the latest RB, Mods won't accepting it unless it has 1.1-R8 in the title
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    Okay, I put it so that it tags with 1.2.4-R1.0 because that's the latest RB.
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    Thank you!

    BTW guys, I have just submitted AirJump version 1.3!
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    Wait, then won't players be able to fly?Each time you air jump your hunger increases by 0.5 (half a chicken leg), this means the number of times players can air jump is limited.
    It says Increases by 0.5 But it should say decreases by 0.5 :)
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    Incorrect. It should say increases, as you become more "hungry", understand?
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    Ohh sorry that was my fault it sounded like you ment the hunger bar increases OK sorry about that
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    Must.. play... love jumping EVERYWHERE....
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    Yeah I know! I can't stand not having the plugin. Lols
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    make it so that you can switch air jump to space (double space to air jump, like flying)
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    Hi I realy like Air jump its a great plug in and a life saver at times. :)

    Unfortunatly a have lots of people hacking and abusing my server so I like many others have to use antihack: Link:

    Can you Please, Please Please, make your plugin work with antihack bye useing ther API to make your air jump plug in compatible.

    All the other 15 plugins I am using have done so.

    I and many others would be very thankfull if you did this.

    You have made a great Plugin.

    It would be a shame to see it go under because it is not compatible with antihack.

    Thanks for this great plugin,

    I hope you can make the small changes.

    Thanks all the best J & A
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    Can you Please, Please Please, make your plugin work with antihack bye useing ther API to make your air jump plug in compatible.

    Please, Please Please,

    Hello anyone ther :'(
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    Please make it so I can set airjump to space! I want to jump over big pits but with shift it doesn't work!!! It makes me crouch so I can't move very far!!!
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    Done! Sorry it took so long, I'm pretty inactive here.

    Not possible to do without a client mod. Sorry :-(
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    Well actually you could potentially do that, just watch for PlayerMoveEvent, and then check if (event.getFrom().getY() < event.getTo().getY()) and then you know they're ascending
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    This would not work. There are multiple cases as to when you're ascending (climbing stairs, explosions). You can fix that issue by limiting the scope of modification to the Y coordinate (to precisely the jumping modification). However, you've got another issue. To move the player upward, it is again, activated, causing them to continuously move upward. Thought of a fix? Yes. Have a timing wait before doing AirJump again. That was my original concept, and I proved it couldn't work. Also, you could not check for jumping in the air, there is no data about players using the jump key (however there is for the sneak key), hence you wouldn't be able to "air jump".

    I believe sneaking was the best way to do this plugin. I don't see any case where you sneak while descending, and sneaking for the jump makes it look like you're really jumping. It works without any flaws, beautifully... I can't play on a server without AirJump, it just doesn't feel right. I love doing crazy parkour / trickshots with bows and etc. with the plugin.

    Anyway, my YouTube account was banned for "spam/scams/commercially deceptive content" (I have no idea how ANY of my videos related to spamming/scamming/commercial deception), so you'll have to deal without a preview video until I create a new YouTube.
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    And that's why I said "ascending" and not "jumping", it's still an open-ended result, you have to do some more tests to make sure it's actually jumping.
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    As was said. There is no way to detect jumping mid-air without a client mod.
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    can u add a command to toggle the plugin for a player?
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    Update for 1.3.1?

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