[INFO] LightLevel V.4 - Display Light Level of a block [1.1-R7]

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  1. LightLevel - A diagnostic tool that displays the light level of blocks
    Current Version: v0.3 - Download - OLD Bukkit
    DEV Version: v0.4-DEV - Download - Bukkit 1.1-R7+

    Want live help? Join #lightlevel on EsperNet

    To Fix "[SEVERE] ebean.properties not found":
    Simply create a file "ebean.properties" in the same folder your Bukkit jar is in. If you ask about this in the thread, I'll tell you to refer to the large red text in the OP.

    I created this as a small diagnostic tool to verify my crop lighting placements. It's very simple; only one command 2 commands and it does support permissions, if you really want to restrict this sort of thing for some of your users.


    Video HOWTO (Thanks iffa)

    • Simple lightweight way to verify light levels
    • Numbers are color coded (RED: Hostile Mobs, Yellow: No Mobs, GREEN: Friendly Mobs)
    • Allow use of a "wand" (defaults to torch) so you can left click on blocks and get light level readings fast!
    • Wand toggles; /llwand turns it on or off, that way you can go back to your normal punching goodness!
    • Wand preference saves per user between sessions with use of built in database, no externals to install! Yay!
    • Utilizes permissions (lightlevel.use)
    Download V0.3
    Download V0.2
    Download V0.1
    Github Source

    Config File
    The config file is super simple, and should look like this:
        default: true
        item: 50
        enable: true
    default: Do you want users wands to be enabled or disabled by default? This only applies to first run, once a user picks enable/disable, it will persist through server restarts.
    item: Item id of the wand
    enable: true/false, do you want the wand enabled or disabled for ALL users?

    • Nothing right now
    [] = needed; <> = optional
    /lightlevel: Displays the light level of the block you're looking at, current limit is 50 blocks
    /ll: Displays the light level of the block you're looking at, current limit is 50 blocks
    /llwand: Toggles use of the wand on or off
    Please Post any questions/comments/requests!

    Version 0.3
    • Actually fixed NullPointerException in rare cases
    • Add ebean persistence
    • Add /ll convince command, much faster to type
    • Add /llwand to toggle on/off wand
    • Add config file to configure: Wand item id, Default wand, Wand disable
    Version 0.2
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release
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    Ok Thanks
    See you in a future new plugin LightLevelSensors ^^
  3. Thanks, just tried it and its a cool plugin, but could you maybe make it possible to disable /ll please (in properties or something), it conflicts with another mod which is a bit annoying :)
  4. Ah hrm... which mod? I think you CAN disable it with permissions. I think the perm is lightlevel.use. But I think what you're really saying is disabling /ll but leaving /lightlevel or the wand. I'll look into it.
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    Could you update it to CB 1000?
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    Seems to work great on Bukkit 1056. I don't use the wand, just /ll command for what I am looking at. Does what it needs to! I find it very useful to make sure mobs aren't going to spawn indoors in newly created buildings. Thanks for your hard work.
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    Great plugin! Works well on CB 1630. One small bug I've noticed: The wand is disabled by default, regardless of config settings. My players have to type /llwand first even though the config has it enabled by default.
  8. Yep, this is intentional, however, the settings are saved (even through restarts). It's been so long since i've worked on this plugin, so it's possible there's a bug.

    I need to update it to use superperms, but lately Multiverse has been my big time consumer.

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    Any plans to update this for R5+? My server loves this mod.
  10. But of course! Sorry, been really busy with work and Multiverse. I'll make it happen tomorrow.
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    Multiverse > LightLevel for sure that is another mod we use.
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    So... when is this great plugin going to update? Can't live without it... :(
  13. I'll do it tonight :)

    PS: I totally didn't say "tomorrow" a week ago ;)

    But seriously. Tonight. After my run.

    Raven-AoD Swang Updated!


    You'll find the dev builds there, I'll release a formal build when the next RB drops.


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    Confirming it's working on my beta 1.2.3 bukkit server :D the config file lightlevel.yml is empty though.
  15. Hmm ok, I'll give it a sharper look this weekend.
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    Wow! You are the best! :D Thanks! [cake]
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    ....only about 9 months later I get the mention. At least it came some day
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    Is there an option to change the colors I'm color challenged :)
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    If you wish to revive this plugin, please ensure that you update and test compatibility with the latest recommended Bukkit build before reporting your original post, asking for it to be moved back to the release forum.

    Thanks for your time.

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