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    This plugin was originally created by Edward Hand (credits go to him!) but I updated it due to a request. It simplifies the selecting of paintings and saves alot of time. Permissions are supported.

    • Allows you to scroll through paintings by aiming at them and using the mouse wheel.
    • Permissions support ("PaintingSwitch.use").
    • Configurable!
    • useSneak: If set to true (default) it will only switch paintings if you sneak, false means it will only switch paintings if you are not sneaking.
    • itemID: If set to -1 (default) it will switch paintings no matter what item you have in hand. Otherwise it will only scroll when you have the specified item in hand. I have yet to find a way to make sure you don't switch items when using this function.
    Version 0.4
    • Permissions are once again supported :)
    Version 0.3
    • Added a configuration file.
    • Option to use sneak and a certain item in hand.
    • No permissions with the 1.8 update. :(
    Version 0.2
    • Permissions support!
    Version 0.1
    • Re-releasing this awesome plugin.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    I think it's possible to force the painting to stay in your hand as you scroll.
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    Yes it would be possible since I could do the code and then cancel the event, if it is cancelable. Unfortunately I can't work on the config now. My computer's fan for the case itself is making an annoying sound (and is probably broken or something).
  4. Hi, dont know why, but when I look at the painting it continues to scroll through my inventory using version 0.2 without changing picture but version 0.1 works fine, also link to dropbox doesn't go to drop box. cool plugin tho, finally get to view those illusive paintings
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    Do you use permissions? Because if you do you need to add the node that is visible next to the permissions feature.
  6. Yes I use permissions, and I did add the node i'm sure, I'm rewriting my permissions configs now so i'll be sure to include required node again.
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    Is there a config file? I didn't find any :(
    Forgot to say thanks for a great plugin :D
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    I just finished adding the config file. I'll compile and upload + fix the dropbox link.
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    It's working perfect. Congrats :D
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    Good to know, I was gonna have some fun tonight but the config thing was messed up so I wasted alot of time :-(. Glad you like it though.
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    Sometimes my painting disappear while scrolling. I'm using MC 1.7.2 with CB 953.
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    What version of PaintingSwitch do you have? Do you get an error in the console? How often does this happen? Can you check if there is a conflicting plugin.
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    Hmm, looks like I have version 0.2, since there's no config to be found. I grabbed the download like a day ago, I guess you updated it afterwards? I'll get 0.3 and report back.
  14. there isnt a config file :S
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    Create a new Text file inside a folder called "PaintingSwitch"

    paste :

    itemID: -1
    useSneak: true

    save it as config.YML
  16. Nvm i used voxelsniper for it its quiet usefull
    the command is /b paint rightclick an arrow to go for bigger rightclick with sulphur to go for smaller paintings
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    Celtic Minstrel

    That sounds less convenient than this one, but if you prefer it that's your choice. :)
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    Is the config not generating for everyone?
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    it generated just fine for me :confused:
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    hi was wondering if anyone has got this to work with bukkit 1000 just discovered this mod would love and would love to use it but cant get the paintings to change when I try scrolling through them
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    Worked for me, just check the config if you have useSneak then you have to be sneaking when you scroll.
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    Great Plugin.

    Source Code?
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    Ohh, right, forgot that entirely. I'll have it up in a moment.
  24. Any plans for WG support so people can't change other people's paintings? Or some other way of making it so you can only change a painting you yourself placed, with some DB I suppose?
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    working for bukkit build #1060 too =))))
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    Does WorldGuard even have painting protection? 'Cause I haven't seen it, but I don't use it that much so I might be wrong.

    Thanks for letting me know.
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    make a doorway> put door in doorway> open door> keep door open> add painting.
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    Already answered... but originally I thought he meant without any type of block there aside from air.
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    Is there a video?
  30. Yes WG handles paintings.
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    No, not at the moment.

    Ok, then I will look into it. I don't want to create a DB because this is supposed to be a lightweight plugin.

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