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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Jonbas, Mar 1, 2011.

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    LocalShops has moved to a new thread. Please go here.

    Thank you for all of your support and feedback.

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    Thanks for all the work you've put into LS so far, Jonbas. It really is appreciated. :)

    LS is a pretty major mod for those of us running ECO servers, so I'm hoping it will get picked up pretty sharpish.

    I hope this isn't going to be goodbye; drop into IRC every now and then and let us know how you're doing!

    The Future Of LocalShops
    People of Minecraftia! Heed my call!

    Right. Now that I have your attention. Cereal & myself have taken over the development of LocalShops.

    From this point on, we'll be handling bugs (issues) and feature requests over at GitHub. I've taken the liberty of going over the thread and picking out what I consider to be legitimate bugs, and grabbed feature requests while I've been at it.

    However, if you have a problem with the current version of LocalShops, head over to our issues page, make sure it hasn't already been posted, then report it. Same for feature requests.

    Don't forget to tag! If it is a bug, be sure to include a proper description* and tag it using the red "Issue" tag. If you're submitting a feature request, use the blue "Feature" tag.

    We'll be creating a new forum thread (which I'll link here) with the release of LocalShops 3.0.0, which will have (at least) the following features/fixes:
    • Command revisions; /sell and /buy will now work. /shop buy and /shop sell will no longer be required.
    • /shop select & co-ordinates fixes. (we're working on it, stop yelling. :<)
    • New configuration options, including the ability to limit the amount of shops per player.
    We've also started up an IRC support channel, head over to #LocalShops on irc.esper.net if you've got any questions!

    (and for notch's sake, be patient, we've got Portal 2 to play in like a day's time)

    * "/shop list isn't working" isn't a bug, nor an error. It's you being an idiot for not reading the basic documentation.

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  3. Aww, damn... but it worked this morning when I tested it =)

    Also nice additions to 3.0, I'll be patient for it :p
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    Spencer Taylor

    When I Do The Command It Says You Do Not The Premission How Can I Make It So That I Don't Have To Be Oped To Use The Command :( Please Help
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    What command are you using?
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    Hopefully this feature request won't go unnoticed but,

    LocalShops is the most effective shop plugin I've used yet, and it is a cornerstone piece to the gameplay of our server.

    That being said, I would love to somehow see some kind of ability for prices to fluctuate up and down in a shop based on supply/demand. We have player shops and server-run shops on our server, and the ability to be able to allow the server-run shops to dynamically adjust their pricings based on volume of buy/sell over a period of time...would be incredible, to say the least.
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    I agree, I would love this I have been looking for a good dynamic market and the only one I have seen is DMWrapper but it conflicts wit this plugin.

    Also would like to maybe see an option to ignore stock for admin run shops. This would let the server shop never run out of a block.
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    Great Plug-in but one problem. say if i want a redstone shop and i want items like redstone dust and a redstone reapeter. It gets confused if the store has both in stock and i want to buy redstone because both things in stock contain the word redstone...
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    You CAN do this. "/shop set unlimited money" and "/shop set unlimited stock".
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    Hello there, Tryin to find a good localized shop plugin, as the chestshop plugins out there just aren't refined enough for my taste, so i have one quick question before i fully implent this, and give the users ability to setup their own shops.
    Can a Player create a shop that has (config set to LIMITED stock and money, yes i took a peak in there as well as on the wiki, and even the new wiki but didnt see anything) crap im rambling -.-
    Anyways can players that create a shop put UNLIMITED items in the shop?
    We use LWC with protection limits, and this would allow for (basically) unlimited protected storage space...
    Sorry if this is hard to understand but it's 3:00 in the morning and im a bit out of it, thnx in advance
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    Spencer Taylor

    /shop create [shopname]
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    The user needs access to localshops.create

    you could just say /shop buy repeater and /shop buy dust instead.

    Yes, currently there is no limit on the number of items that can be put into a shop.

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    Spencer Taylor

    How Do I Give Then Access? Also Minecraft Has Just Updated To 1.5 So How Do I Update My Server (Sorry For Asking So Many Questions)
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    there is a problem with this plugin,

    you can sell used tools (with little capacity) and buy new tools without real cost :)
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    message += " (Page " + pageNumber + " of "
    + (int) Math.ceil((double) inventoryMessage.size() / (double) 7) + ")";
    int amount = (pageNumber > 0 ? (pageNumber - 1)*7 : 0);
    for (int i = amount; i < amount + 7; i++) {
                if (inventoryMessage.size() > i) {

    Just saying that all those sevens should be changes to something that us users can modify from the yml config. Or having longer shop lists. Cause seriously? 7 per page? Not even sure if it's command specific. But, 7 entries per page isn't great.
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    You can set a maximum damage value in the properties file. It will prevent tools from being sold beyond a certain amount of use.

    It's on the todo list. Please check here for suggested features and to report new issues: https://github.com/cerealk/LocalShops/issues?sort=created&direction=desc&state=open

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    I just took your source and did it myself yea, it was easy enough. But, Honestly, If it's on the todo list. That's just as good.
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    I mentioned this earlier, but the commands are case sensitive when looking for specific object, and when you use lowercase, it looks for whatever it can match. Thus, '/shop buy stone' will turn up Stone, Cobblestone, and MossStone if they are all in the same shop. If you want to buy Redstone Dust, use /shop buy RedstoneDust (with caps). Likewise, RedstoneRepeater for a repeater. The plugin isnt confused, its searching for all items with 'redstone' in it if thats all you type in. Its a major feature that lets you search a shop for an item name when you dont know the command.

    Edit: As a 'feature' request, the new management might want to mention that in the commands list, Ive seen this question pop up several times.
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    Just a quick post to let everyone know 3.0 is coming across swimmingly - cereal seems to have cracked the /shop select issue, and has been hard at work with various tweaks, fixes and (we hope!) usability improvements.

    Hold on, we haven't forgot you! :)
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    Hey Jonbas when you do /shop set unlimited stock that is supposed to make all of the items you had previously put in the shop unlimited so I could buy like 300 of lets say Stone correct?... Well when I do that I do /shop buy Stone 40 I get a message saying "You have removed 0 Stone from the shop".. Thats with unlimited stock... Do I have to set Unlimited stock before I put the items in or after?

    EDIT: But other then that, the plugin is simply amazing!
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    It's just the way the plugin handles unlimited stock - since you're the owner of the shop, it is impossible for you to buy your own items. Change the owner and try again.
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    Ah ok Thanks, but when people buy stuff from my shop I get the money correct?
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    Yep. You don't get a notification, but you do get the money. Working on a notification message for 3.0, which is in development at the moment.
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    firstly, localshop is a great plugin. especially when combined with the plugin "commandsigns" very helpful to make it more user-friendly to my default players.... one question though... and ive tried and tried to figure it out..... how do you show page 2, 3, 4, etc?
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    /shop list 1
    /shop list 2

    Will be adding a prompt after a user /lists multiple times to let players know that they can do this.

    Much later on, we're planning to incorporate a signs into the plugin - won't be for a while yet, though!
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    Hello all! I have been using this plugin for a very long time on my server and I was hopin g i could sujest a feature?... I have classes on my server merchants can open and run shops via this plugin however I was hoping to add in an npc shop only merchants can sell to.

    So in short I would love it if there were a way to limit on a per shop basis who can use a shop.

    Thanks again for the plugin and all the hard work everyone does on it! and I hope to hear from someone about this soon enough!
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    Clean up your request (I'm not entirely sure what it is you're asking for) and make a post here:

    And we'll see what we can do.
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    MineralMC, any expted release dates?
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    Can't say for sure. I can confirm it is in active development, but it's a case of bug fixing and tweaking at this point, so no solid release schedule.
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    Would it be possible for me to own the shop but still pay for items? I've made a store for the town on my server, but because I'm the admin I'm the owner by default, and don't have to pay for stuff. I want to pay for it, but I don't know how I'd still be able to manage it but also pay.

    Thanks for any advice, if this is even possible.
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    will the bug where players could stack unstackable items fixed in future release?

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