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    LocalShops has moved to a new thread. Please go here.

    Thank you for all of your support and feedback.

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    whenever my friend trys to buy some glass, it says the shop isnt selling it. I have unlimited glass in stock and he has the permission to buy and sell. What's going on?
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    sometimes it is counter intuitive to set up a shop, you probally have it set to buy glass instead of sell glass
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    how exactly does the coin thing work? does everyone have an unlimited amount?
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    Whenever I buy something it won't subtract the money from my iconomy account.
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    Love this plugin! Very nice work. The '/shop add' command is probably my favorite as it makes adding items much easier.
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    last edit 2 april, hope u still find some time for this plugin ;)
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    It doest work for me,I just placed the JAR file in the plugins folder and it says: Unknown console command. when I say it ingame.
    Yes I do have Iconomy installed
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    which command do you use, cos there are two:
    1 jar is for the 'old' /shop and the alternative which is suppose to be the new type is /lshop
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    It seems that I fail then xD it works now.
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    ok, none of my users except admins can use command shop list to see whats for sale in that shop. I looked at the permissions nodes available and I see no node for me to enable for my users to do so unless I make them all admin.
    Is there a missing permission node for a shop list commands???
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    Perhaps I missed something on the 20+ previous pages, but how do you go about showing the next pages while browsing a shop's items? It only shows me some of the items and has a "page 1 of 2" line.
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    Does this work with the latest CraftBukkit?
    I believe its v. 677
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    G1R Productions

    When i do /lshop add [stack of 64] it takes away half of the items and put it in store but says theres 64 in the store. This is basically duping items...
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    Stefan Malone

    Thank you for this mod. Most of my players never use Redstone and this mod allowed me to setup a shop that only buys redstone, and sells pretty much everything else. Essentially, you've given my players one of the biggest things they've been asking for: a Redstone exchange machine.

    I do have a question though. Is there a way to disable my admin rights for getting free items out of the shop? I try not to have any big advantages over my players, makes it more fun, and having to self-moderate my coins anytime I went to the shop would get a bit old.
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    /shop list buy 2

    Change the owner of the shop to a third party - I've made a iConomy account called "Bank" for this very purpose.

    Jonbas, does the localshops.destroy node allow players to destroy shops created by others? If so, can we have a more specific localshops.destroy.own node, please?

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    Stefan Malone

    Thank you ^_^
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    Ahh, thank you very much. That should probably be stated somewhere on the first page. (assuming it isn't and I didn't just read over it...) Also, is there any way to change the default number of items shown per page?
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    Afraid not.
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    This looks awesome and simple so players don't get confused like with sign trading :D

    However could you look into limiting the amount of shops a player can have so that certain people who think they are funny don't spam a place with shops?
    A configurable amount would be nice :D
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    Psycho Robot

    I agree with shop limits
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    Got an Question:
    Why can't i do:
    /Shop select?
    and /shop create (name)

    This is what i tryed:
    I've re-downloaded it a few times.

    And i am an admin in my permissions plugin.
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    As with the other 6 people who mentioned it in the last few pages of the thread, you're a victim of a bug that Jonbas is aware of, and hopefully is in the process of fixing.
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    Wow..... the command /shop list buy doesnt work.
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    Money from my account is not subtracted once I make a purchase.
  27. IMO this plugin is good but it can be better... it needs to be simplified, please take note of the following:
    - /shop select should select the actual block as a reference point rather than the space on it
    - Cyan color is blinding sometimes, you should add a messages.yml configuration file
    - You could add a sign command feature to list the products instantly with right click from that shop (I could just use command sign plugin but this would be much better)
    - Simplify the overall command styles, you could also add /buy and /sell aliases or, again, signs.... to buy/sell item in your hand.

    EDIT: also, I don't really remember how I did it, but I used /shop add #all to add all my planks (I held 47 in hand and some other in inventory) and it said it added 47 but it didn't remove anything from my hand :confused: I used it again and then it worked, but when I removed the planks, it gave me more back, the additional 47 that got duped the first time.
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    Yes. Yes it does. Perfectly.

    That's currently how it works. It selects the actual block you've clicked, in the same manner as world edit.
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    Known problem. Being worked on. /shop select cancel then create a standard shop for the time being.
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    Hey all,

    Thanks for all the love and feedback on this plugin. Unfortunately life has gotten too busy for me to keep working on this.

    I hope someone will pick this project up push it forward. All of the source code is released on the Github linked above and you're welcome to use it in any way you see fit.

    @MineralMC thank you so much for all your continued support. Sorry for leaving this all to you for the past couple weeks.


    Jonbas (jonbas at centerleft dot net)

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