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    LocalShops has moved to a new thread. Please go here.

    Thank you for all of your support and feedback.

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    I haven't planned on doing anything with MySQL since there wasn't any call for it in scope of the current project. My thoughts on the log file were to just append each transaction to the end of a csv file so that it could be opened in excel and be easy to look at/use that way.

    The market interface sounds like an amazing idea. It would definitely add a curious twist to the play of an economics server. I'm totally open to re-working this to make it more powerful and flexible. I don't know if you are familiar at all with the game PuzzlePirates, but I think they had about the best economics system I've seen in a long time. Players could open shops, and depending on how much they payed up front and for rent, they would be able to stock and sell different numbers of items. From your own shop you could have access to see all of the prices and stock levels of everything being offered in your town. You could buy directly from shops nearby, but then would have to travel to the other towns/islands to check their prices and trade with them.

    My main concern with going MySQL is that it should be possible to use the current SQLight integrations that iConomy and others already support. I built this plugin primarily for my own personal server, and I don't have the ability to run a MySQL database there. So, I'm a little biased on that point.

    The other thing that I think is important to keep intact is for administrators to be able to manually add a list of items to a shop in an intuitive way. The current flat files aren't perfect, but when you understand the format, they are a fast way to setup and administer a lot of shops, so it would be good to keep some format that allows bulk changes without having to use a ton of commands. The further we can go with this project to get away from command line control the better.

    I think creating a web-portal for all of this would be a really great idea. It would be great to allow transactions through the portal between shops that are nearby and then require players to physically move inventory over greater distances. Then along with this a more physical interface in the shops themselves using chests would be icing on the cake.

    Bottom line, I'm all for your ideas and would love to integrate you into the project. I think I have most of the bugs worked out of the beta release at this point and it'll be fun to start working on some great new features.
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    Would it be possible to have a '/shop set pricecheck <on|off>' command that then enforces that the shops selling price, is higher than the shops buying price (eg the shop wont lose money)

    Helpful to be able to enforce a higher selling price when newbies are setting up their first shop. Also saves having to hope you got the /shop set buy & /shop set sell prices / order correct.

    To be able to disable the pricecheck feature would also be important for 'server shops' and such where price variances may be wished. Please consider this and if so, please consider it being turned ON by default.
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    hmm... might be worth just adding a check and warning.
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    Any chance that it will be possible to sell tools and weapons soon?
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    Probably tomorrow.
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    Andreas Brisner

    "While holding the block you want to sell:"
    Why isnt it enough that its in inventory?
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    Michael Briggs

    I am running a server using your Local Shops as it is by far the best shop system for multiple items available. I am however a bit bummed that the current system has no way of limiting where a person can create a shop (other than overlapping another shop.) I have recently been using the Towny plugin for establishing land rights and would love to get a version of this plugin that would incorporate the build permissions checks that are found in Towny. If you would be able to discuss this with me at some point I'd love to have a few moments.
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    by typing "/shop add [itemname] [quantity]" it is enough that it is just in your inventory. i thought the /shop add command was strange at first but once you start using it you realize how much better it is.

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    You can sell any block in your inventory. Holding it in your hand is just the fast way so that you don't have to type the whole name.
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    It works fine in my default world, as soon as I use multiverse to go to my second world it no longer allows me to create shops. Yes, I did add myself to both permission files.
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    Help: I Type /shop or other command he said me:

    [Shop] Here are the available commands [required] <optionnal>

    And if i type /shop create test he said me:

    [Shop] You Don't have permission to use this command

    And I'am Admin In My Server !

    I Have The Same Probleme With LWC (Chest Protect)

    Thank you answer me
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    Andreas Brisner

    Im having problems with my 8 block shops becoming 9 blocks :S 10 becomes 11, 7 stays 7..

    Any fix to this?
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    I'll look into it.
    It sounds like you have a problem with your permissions setup.
    Thanks for the report. I noticed this over the weekend too. I'll fix it in the next release.
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    I imagine that has something to do with the fact that when you set your shop area it goes out in a radius from the centre (or center, for you American folks. :D ). If you take your 8 blocks across shop setting, minus 1 for the centre block, then divide by two (to get your radius of blocks away from the centre block) you have 3.5 block. That 3.5 is likely rounded up to 4, so you end up with 9 blocks from a setting of 8 (4 block radius, *2, plus centre block). Odd number shops work out as intended, since you take the setting of 7, minus one for the centre block, /2, leaving a solid 3 block on either side of centre. Mind you, I have no idea how Jonbas has it programmed...

    Perhaps a simpler method might be to designate what corner of the shop area you need to stand at, and have the shop defined to the north & east from that block? North is easy to determine by looking at the clouds (they always travel north), so its a simple matter of taking your bearings and counting out the spaces if you're concerned about your shop's proximity to structures on the other corner.

    Have you considered using a wand-type shop area definition like is used for WorldEdit/WorldGuard? Each shop zone easily customized on the fly, perhaps with a max area setting in the config?
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    The problem is that the code takes the center of the shop and then adds width/2 and subtracts width/2. Any remainders are rounded down.

    This is a mistake in the code because if you set the shop width to 10 it creates an 11 wide shop.

    I'm going to implement wand selection of the shop area soon. It's not a big change for shop creation, but it is a big change in the way that shops are tested to see if they overlap.
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    can other people use /shop set owner <username> to change it to their store?
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    only admins or users with localshops.admin

    This is an untested build: <tested and broken>

    But it should fix shop size issues, and let you buy and sell tools, armor and weapons. Also gives a minimum damage setting in the properties file of values 0 - 15.

    If someone could test it and report back errors, I'd appreciate it. (I'll be able to test it myself this evening.)

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    I noticed that the currency is always displayed as Coin, rather than the server's currency. May I suggest reading the currency name from iConomy, or requiring it in a config? :)

    Oh also, for /shop list sell and /shop list buy, it's "amount", not "ammount" :)
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    It's supposed to do that already. I will look into it.

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    Psycho Robot

    it would be nice if you could set up the shop so you can buy something from the store, but not sell it to the store, and vice versa. For example, if I do /shop set buy cobblestone 0 and /shop set sell cobblestone 1, it should be impossible to buy cobblestone, yet still possible to sell cobblestone for 1 coin. Likewise, if I do /shop set buy cobblestone 1 and /shop set sell cobblestone 0, it should sell cobblestone for 1 coin, but not buy any.

    If I try to do /shop set buy cobblestone 0 and /shop set sell cobblestone 1 right now, it shows that the shop is buying cobblestone for 1 coin in /shop list sell, and cobblestone does not appear in the /shop list buy, and I can sell cobblestone to the shop for 1 coin, but instead of not letting me buy cobblestone, it gives cobblestone away for free. So maybe it should be /shop set buy cobblestone no to set it so it won't sell cobblestone?

    It would also be very nice if you could set unlimited stock for certain items, like using /shop set unlimited stock cobblestone

    It does that for ME
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    Those features are added too.
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    Im having problems with permissions...I must be going mad, but in order for my users to create shops of their own I have to give them localshops.admin? I am a bit confused, is this just me? To be more specific I gave them all permissions but the admin on and they cannot use /shop set
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    You're the shop owner, so you can buy from your own shop even if the price is set to 0. This is so that you can remove inventory from your shop.
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    Psycho Robot

    oh, well that makes sense. Sorry for the confusion
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    Okay, just released v1.14b it allows you to sell armor, tools and weapons again. Fixes some spelling. Fixes bug with shop size. And gives you an option to set maximum damage for a tool 0 - something or other (I'm not sure)

    Try the newest version, it may have been a plugin startup order problem

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    What up Jonbas?! This plugin is fricken insane. But I have one question. I can't seem to find how to change the values of the different Blocks/Tools etc. How do I access the file that contains the money values for the different values? Thanks bro,
    And if you already have posted this before and I skimmed over it, please double post.
    Thanks again brah.
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    This plugin only has local shops, and each shop sets their own prices. You can open the items.txt file and change the names of the items if you like. Does that answer your question?
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    Oh ok I see. That's tight. So changing the prices is a command?
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    Is there any way that we can make it so players can only make one shop without setting the price to horrendous? Or are their any plans of implementing that?

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