[INACTIVE][ECON] BankAccount v.0.5.1 - Shared Bank Accounts [860]

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    [​IMG]BankAccount v0.5.1
    IRC @ irc.esper.net/#BankAccount
    Team: TAT

    Download 0.5.1 (JAR, TAR.GZ, ZIP)
    Earlier versions: 0.2-0.5
    Source Code @ Github

    BankAccount enables the players to open shared bank accounts with each other.
    The players with access to an account can deposit, withdraw and transfer money.

    Searching for coders and testers
    If you are interested in code and/or test BankAccount, please send a PM to TAT.

    Error reporting and feature requests
    Please use our Redmine system for this: http://redmine.earthgame.dk
    Requirements (open)

    • iConomy, BOSEconomy or Essentials Economy
    • mysql-connector-java-bin (Found here) (NOTE: must be included to Java ext folder - instructions included in Readme)
    • sqlitejdbc-v056 (Found here) (NOTE: must be included to Java ext folder - instructions included in Readme)
    Features (open)

    • Open a shared bank account between each other
    • Deposit/withdraw money between economy account and shared bank account
    • Transfer money between shared bank accounts
    • Password protect shared bank accounts (Case-sensitive)
    • Amounts on accounts can gain interest over time
    • Use commands global or in bank areas
    • Loan system
    Todo (open)

    • NPC??? (Perhaps)
    Permissions Nodes (open)
    Commands (open)
    Admin commands
    • /account help [page]
    • /account open <accountname> [players]
    • /account info <accountname>
    • /account list
    • /account balance <accountname>
    • /account adduser <accountname> <player>
    • /account removeuser <accountname> <player>
    • /account password <accountname> [password]
    • /account deposit <accountname> <amount>
    • /account withdraw <accountname> <amount> [password]
    • /account transfer <from account> <to account> <amount> [password]
    • /account loan <amount>
    • /account pay <amount>
    • /account close <accountname> [password]
    • /account select
    • /account setarea <areaname>
    • /account removearea <areaname>
    Documentation @ GitHub
    Howto videos (open)
    Basic Setup (open)
    MySQL Setup (open)
    Area Setup (open)
    Features planned for next release (open)

    • Separate banks with separate accounts (like in reality) [option]
    Changelog (open)
    Version 0.5.1
    • Added permissionnode for list command (Included in basic permission)
    • Added possibility to disable interest and loan debug output
    • Accounts no longer case-sensitive
    • Code clean-up
    • Changed to use Register [GitHub Commit: 2071011cca5d89940f310dc39273be8bb7e517bc]
      • Now supports following economy plugins (iConomy preferred)
        • iConomy 4
        • iConomy 5
        • BOSEconomy
        • Essentials Economy
    • Updated to CraftBukkit #860
    • Removed response to multiple banks config
    • API changes
    Full changelog
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    I CAN'T set an area where my bank will be, i'm the admin/server owner, but idk how to set the place where the bank will be. I tried /account select
    then i did /account setarea bank
    Can you plz help???????
    the video you have doesn't work for me, idk why
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    Do you get any errors?
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    953 is out, I love how this plugin sounds and I can't wait to get it, so could you please update it?
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    hi im using CB v953, permis. 2.7.4, BA v5.1, Iconomy 5.0.1
    and im having problems with permission nodes
    my players have - 'bankaccount.basic' but they still do not have permis to use /account open.
    ive even tried setting each permis. node - 'bankaccount.open' ... ect. and still nothing
    i also tried permis. 3.1.6
    my config file is has this set:
    OP: false
    Permissions: true
    GroupManager: false
    SuperAdmins: true
    DepositAll: false
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    Do you also have 'bankaccount.access' permissionnode?
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    Is it working on RB 953?
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    no as it said "Overrides all other Bankaccount permissions" though it was some super admin type thing
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    With Bukkit 953 there is an Exeption, but doesn't matter or?
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    I'm working hard to get 0.6 out with new features.
    It will be tested on latest RB right before released, so there should be a minimum of bugs.
  11. Any idea of the potential release date? I would love to have this running on my server and with the new features!
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    soooooooo you can make banks and bank accounts? or is that already in iconomy?
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    how can I import now the existing SQLite database in a new MySQL database?
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    Suggestion: Interest rate according to the money the player has.
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    Does this work with bk 1000? and how does interest work? Can we do like how the iconomy one is. You gain X% based on the amount of money they have in the bank?
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    Mathew Alden

    Okay... so this has banks... Are these banks owned by players or is there one large global bank?
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    Every user can add accounts.
    And cann add members and owners to the account.

    Would you release it in the next week?

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    Hey TAT,

    I use the inofficial Version 0.5 of your Bank-Plugin for iconomy 5.0 (that one, you dont support:)) and I want to upgrade to the newest Version. I noticed, that the databases are incompatible. Am I right?

    Is there any possibility to convert them to the new version?

    greetz tiga05
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    Hi all, I'm sorry it's taking that long, but there is a lot of changes going on (I have almost changed every single file), and I have been busy with other things in my life.

    Yeah, there have been some databases problems. I think the upgrade system should work, but I could be wrong.
    I will try to make the upgrade system better or perhaps a converter :3

    Just as a proof of that I'm still working on BankAccount: https://github.com/TATDK/BankAccount/commit/971f3e32f2883e932c08d7d1b1243ccf203087fe

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    Thank you. As long as it works I will use this "old" Version. It is very difficult to inform about 60 Users, that they must take their money from the bank. Especially, if there is no Forum :D.

    EDIT: Is a successful upgrade visible? For example through an entry in the console.
    btw: I switched from a local database to mysql database.
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    If you follow the upgradenotes, yeah there will be a info in the console about the upgrade.
    If you have transfered your data from local to MySQL, you should be able to upgrade.

    I'm going to bed (it's 03:55 AM here), so there will be some time before I answer
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    I could upgrade it to 0.5.1. It works now, for me. But i wasnt able to convert it to mySQL. So I must use sqllite. But thats not your problem :p
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    I have the following problem.:

    The plugin works with MySQL, it sometimes works, sometimes not. When I reload the server with /reload, than it works für a short while. Have you any idea what the problem is?

    I always get the message:

    "You're not in bank account area minecraft bank"

    But the area has been set up and sometimes it works so well.
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    How can I convert flatfile to mySQL?

    Also it'd be really convenient if you were to uninstall BankAccounts and having everyones money refunded to them.
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    Hey, I'm not sure if you can, (I suck at coding) but it would be really useful to be able to make a shared account and then be able to use it with iconomy chestshops. On our server we have stores that are partner deals and we want it so all profits go to that account and split it.

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    Sounds like there is problems with the MySQL connection, is there any console errors?
    The best thing is to use a SQLite browser or other programs that can read SQLite files and make a SQL dump.
    Then you set BankAccount up to use MySQL and run it once to let it create the tables, then use the SQL dump to place all the data into the tables.
    And who should get the money on multiple owners and users accounts?
    Please report that into mine Redmine system, thanks
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    Maybe the person who made the account in the first place?
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    That isn't saved.
    The player is automatic an owner like other owners and can be removed like other owners of the account.
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    How about the people who have deposited their own money into the account gets it back after the plugin gets uninstalled?

    Like If I deposited 10,000 Dollars and my friend only deposited 5,000 Dollars I would get my 10k back while he gets his 5k back.

    EDIT: Does that make sense [creeper]

    EDIT: Oh I forgot about interest :(
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    That should be possible if BankAccount walked though all transaction, but that is only possible if the server have transaction enabled. So again, not a solution.

    It's not that I don't like your idea, but I don't want to make a solution that doesn't work for all. The best solution I have is to say to the players that have a deadline to withdraw the money they want and then remove BankAccount after.
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    The command /account addowner is missing in the command-list.

    And I have the same problem like spuki11.

    After a time the sql connection lost.

    When Im home from holidays I'll post the error message in the console.

    Bye 4 now. xD

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