Inactive [GEN] DefaultCommands v4.0.0 - The "default" plugin [1.4.5-R0.2]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by vildaberper, Mar 2, 2011.

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    How do i disable MOTD, i don't have a config.yml ? :)
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    Not Compatible with BukkitContrib :(
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    I love the plugin! Its great!

    But recently I installed BukkitContrib (also great) and your plugin seems to block it. A lot of servers use bukkitcontrib, compatibility would be nice.

    According to the bukkitcontrib developer the plugin blocks authentification of the client.

    If its any help, it spits out "Unknown Command" on join
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    Okay im sorry i didnt read through all of the comment so if it is already in the comments just tell me what page but i cant get TooManyItems to work and it says just edit the TooManyItems.txt but i cant find that! just tell me where to look and i can do it from there! thanks!!!

    Ps: Amazing plugin i love how i can have multiple worlds! I wish it worked with travel portals like multi-world teleporting!
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    Just right click the button/lever.
    How about smelting the cobble?
    You can build even if the block isnt there (it actually is).

    Its called creative for a reason, no tools required. Its not just about instabreak.

    Thanks, Ill add dc.use.<world>! :D
    Yeah, Ill add a node for chat colors.

    Thats in the Permissions thread. If youre using the op_permissions, just add the nodes in Config.yml (theyre all there by default).

    Change ' world' to ''.

    Try PermissionsPlus, its an awesome plugin for that.


    - help



    in Commands.yml. :)

    Ill add the teleportlist again, like in 2.5.5. :)
    And Ill also add /tpr (teleportrequest), with /accept and /deny.

    You could add:

    'dcmessage <player> No!':
    - dccuboid 46

    in Commands.yml. :)

    Its in Strings.yml, set it to '' to disable it. Or just add '-dc.motd' in the permissions.

    I have no idea why it sais that.
    Ill talk to the dev about it.

    In your .minecraft folder.

    Thanks! :D
    You can teleport through different worlds with DefaultCommands. xD
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    First: I LOVE YOUR PLUGIN!!! :D So great job, dude!
    I recently upgraded to the newest version (v3.5.0) from some rather old version. I completly deletet the DC folder, and everything works fine, except for "/fly". It allows me to use it, but it only works about 20% of the times when you click, and it seems not to work at all if i look into the air (any higher angel than horisontal). I hope you can fix this/help me with this thing ;)

    EDIT: I found out some more: It works, but only when you can reach a block!
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    Maybe an option for kick/ban/tempban and unban in the plugin? :)
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    i would Really really like if you could say /spawnmob creeper good or like /spawnmob creeper netural is that possible? :)
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    Thanks for the reply I got another question can i put in commands.yml something like
    dckit Admin;dcnopickup:
    - Admin
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    Fixed in the dev build. :)

    kick ban and unban is in the dev build, but Ill add "scheduled commands"! :D

    Maybe, but then I would have to redo how the command is written.
    I could add a command for it (right cick the entity), but then you would have to be fast or in /ignoremob. xD

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    wel it doesn't work for me srry maybe a bug?
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    haha i knew you could but i didnt know how and travel portals is really easy but setting up a portal is probably really easy too! thanks for the quick response i appreciate it
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    I need more info than than.

    Look it up on the wiki, its best explained there. :)
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    Bradley Hilton

    Type %B into minecraft chat and it outputs "TRUE".
    Then if anything is said with a % in the chat, it takes away their prefixes and suffixes and their name's color.
    Thanks for adding those too!!! :)
    Not sure if this is something with yours, but using questionor with Towny my people can't accept questions. I have to temporarily remove your plugin to allow them to. I've even allowed /accept and /deny in your commands file but it still doesn't work.
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    Thanks for the reply, but it didn't work. I still get "Unknown Command" on join. The plugin is supposed to apply a texture pack for everybody on my server. It works, unless I have default commands installed.
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    Thank you, very nice work on this plugin! Will probably switch to this on my production server
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    What didnt work? I said I would speak to the dev of BukkitContrib. xD
    As the first post states, set unknown_command to false.

    Thanks for probably using my plugin! :D
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    eh... kinda of funny. I read the wrong advice :D.

    I set unknown_command to false and it worked. Thanks for your help!
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    on 1000# work stabl?
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    Eh... I use BullGuard Security as anti-virus, and such, but when i try to download the Dev Build, BullGuard tells me, that it blocked the site cuz of my computers security. I'm sure there's nothing to be afraid of, but I just wanted to say it.

    PS. What is a "Dev Build"? (Me = Newbie :rolleyes:)

    PPS. Would you be able to add "special" letters to to the chat part of DC? Like: æ, ø, å, ï, ö, ô, î,
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    Thanks for your help guys, could of swore that I've tried that before.
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    Development build, its the build I work on before I make an official release.

    åäö is already in Minecraft, but I cant add any new ones.

    Yep, the dev build is "stabl"! :D

    Great, I wasnt sure if it would work or not.
    Thanks for confirming!
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    thx :3
    (if i woonna change/translate some world (if you spawn e.t.c.)?
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    Hi, me again.
    I'm having problems setting up a portal, could you please tell me the exactly what to type if I want to get from my default world to world 2, Just call the portal portal1.
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    Not sure if I understood you correctly, but take a look at Strings.yml.

    Usage: /setportal <name> <target>
    So you would type: /setportal portal1 world:world2
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    It just says invalid selection.
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    never seen before
    i <3 DC
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    I removed DC from plugins.fol, and it didn't work = it wasn't DC's Fault. Sorry for bothering you, Mr. Epic-Awsomeness-Dude :)
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    maybe add the ability to add items at certain spots in inventory with kits so i can auto-eqip armor or something

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    Just one more question, when editing a yml after I save it and run the server. A new line will be deleted. Such as...
    after I save and run it becomes
    This That
    How do I stop this happening?

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