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    Tim Andersen

    it worked before. but i could do it wrong. My users are a mess right now due to upgrade to permissions 3.0
    here is my configs
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    Some help with warps please ^_^.
    I can't seem to give my players permission to warp or join a diff world.
    i tried
    but also i noticed the layout was something like this (dc.warp.self.*Warp,*=warp)
    and i dont understand that layout.
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    That mean that the permission is "dc.warp.self.NameOfTheWarp ".
    So if you want your users to use all the warps you've created, just put it like : "dc.warp.self.*" ; It will give the permission to use all the warps.
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    When I have defaultcommands up and running, non-ops can destroy blocks but they can't pick it up. What it the problem and how do I fix it?
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    i was just wondering what are the controls for flying?
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    What do you mean? Do I have to change it or delete it and where? I'm not using permissions.
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    in your config.yml in the world folder or whatever your world is named change* to if thats your world name.
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    I searched through a bit of the thread and didnt see this problem, but as soon as I installed defaultcommands on my server, anyone that is Not an admin, can no longer pick up items... I dont know if its DC or another mod, but it only started happening as soon as I installed DC. Has anyone else experienced this?

    other mods I have are,
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    Do you have op_permissions set to true in your world's config?
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    Does it convert MyHome and MyWarp homes and warps to the format it uses?
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    Can you hover with this mod? i'm trying to find an easy way to build. TY
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    In order for anyone to be able to build/pick up items, they need the permission world name here). Without it, they can't build, destroy, attack mobs, or even pick up items. It's meant to be ultimate security against new Guests and potential Griefers. In order to build, you'll need the "build" of the Group/User to be set to true ASWELL. Hope it helps. the reason Admins can pick up items is because you probably have their command nodes simply set to - '*'. That would enable all nodes, allowing them to interact with your server. Hope this helps!
    Can you add these commands?:
    /kick <player> [reason]
    /createjail <name> (maybe created using the cuboid feature?)
    /del(ete)jail <name>
    /jail <player> <jailname> <duration> [reason]
    /tempban <player> <duration> [reason]
    /ban <player> [reason]
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    /kick and /createjail /jail etc


    i support that!
    you want to have the users go straight into a "predefined" jail .. or does the /createjail command create a 3x3x3 cube (glass or whatever material)?
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    I was thinking more along the lines of you physically creating the jail to your likings, like the materials it's made out of and any aesthetic features, and then you would define the jail area with the cuboid function. For example: While in the cuboid area (jail), you should not be able to use teleportation commands, all the blocks are indestructable, and the ultimate safeguard would be if someone somehow magically left the area, that it would recognize their coordinates are not in the specified jail region, and would immediately teleport them right back into jail. Just a thought. >>
    EDIT: To the author, can you add piston/stickypiston/pistonextension to the /item codes? Also I noticed a lot of other common item names are not working with /item like "/item iron" not giving me an ingot, "/item ironore" not giving the ore, etc. Also, can you add the ability to use /lightning on other players?
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    I dont use permissions though. Its a personal server, so I dont exactly have a lot of problems with new people griefing... or new people for that matter. is there not a way to just disable that, or enable it without permissions?
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    If you go into the config files somewhere it'll ask you if you are using permissions. Then I believe you can base the permission nodes off of who's OP and who isn't. Otherwise, you would have to make everyone OP and then disable Permissions as a surefire way to make it work.
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    My only problem now is that if i set it so players shouldnt be able to take things in between worlds, they still can.
    how do i fix this?

    Edit: Fixed i just downloaded MultiInv, they updated so it works again for me.
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    Is there a way to separate what commands default players and ops can use without permissions?
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    This plugin does not work for me in Arch Linux using openjdk6 or jre (x86 or x86_64). My Bukkit's version is 1.7.2 (953). I tested both plugins like without them. The problem is I can not open doors (it closes by itself), to break blocks I can not get them, I can not hit the animals ... I have all the permissions on the server.

    Sorry, I don't speak english very well.

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    Im working on it, its still the dev build. :)

    Looks like a bug in bukkit or another plugin. Try updating to the latest RB.


    Not caused by DefaultCommands.

    None of them yet, but youll be able to bind commands to items soon. :)


    Doesnt work?

    Click with your mouse.

    Cant so that yet, but maybe I could add a way to convert stuff from other plugins in the future.

    Cant, its only possible to hover with a client mod.

    Thanks for the ideas!
    Added /kick, /ban, /unban and /bans. Will be adding the jail thing and /ipban soon! :D

    Set separate_inventory to true in Config.yml. xD

    Not without permissions, but without Permissions. xD
    Set op_permissions to true in Config.yml and wdit the nodes under permissions.

    Add '*' to your permissions ('<world>').
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    So the only way to let people build/pick up blocks is to make everyone an op without using the permissions plugin? D:
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    I find the "/dcrepeat" and "/dcreply" commands to be humorous.

    More likely then not, the repeated command is going to be shorter and "/r" is a much more simple way to reply.
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    Add the permission nodes in Config.yml under permissions. :)

    If you dont like it, change it! Commands.yml. ;)
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    Add that and it might be worth switching.
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    Tim Andersen

    i really need help with this..

    I use teleport ++ and it have to have the tp command.
    i use multihome. it needs the home / sethome
    mcbans. it needs the ban
    and thats it i think.

    how do i unload these commands from default commands?
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    How do i make it to where it doesnt display the players IP when entering?
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    In the world config, you can choose if leaves drop saplings and/or apples. As of 1.7 shears make leaves drop leaves. Is there a way to say (in the config) that leaves drop what they would in vanilla, so using shears makes leaves drop leaves?
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    Edit Commands.yml.

    Edit Strings.yml.

    Yep, Ill fix that soon. :)
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    not sure if it's been reported yet mate, but an "internal server error" occurs when you I use shears to cut leaves when Creative mode is enabled. I assume it's because of the new feature where creative dumps the 'mined' block into your inventory. Obviously not a serious issue, but might be worth checking out.

    Cheers for your top plugin

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