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  1. WolfPound - Adopt a Wolf Today:
    Current Version: v1.0.4 - Get it at

    Please Move All Discussion/Questions/Comments/Issues to our Site!
    BukkitPerms verison on it's WAY!

    Want live help? Join #wolfpound on EsperNet

    Wolf Pound aims to make obtaining these epic companions just a little easier by allowing users to buy them (or have them for free)! The process is very simple and there are no config files to edit! Simply copy the jar to your plugins folder, create a sign with the required text, and you're good to go!

    • Lets users buy wolves (or you could make them free :))
    • Integrates with iConomy, BOSEconomy, RealEconomy, Essentials Built in Economy, and Permissions!
    • All wolves spawned by this are neutral, meaning you must train them yourself with bones! See Below:
    • Spawn wolves as neutral, friendly or REALLY ANGRY
    • Spawn multiple wolves with one command! (Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the massive amount of wolves you spawn, or if wolves start getting in fights)
    • Limit the number of wolves you can spawn with the command
    • Multi-World Support! All options are now configurable PER WORLD!
    Download V1.0.2
    Download V1.0.1
    Download V1.0
    Download V0.12
    Download V0.11
    Download V0.9
    Download V0.8
    Download V0.7
    Download V0.6
    Download V0.5
    Download V0.4
    Download V0.3
    Download V0.2
    You don't want V0.1
    Github Source

    Video Demo: (Thanks @EpicDavi!)

    • Restrict wolves per time (wp[mhd]) This would not restrict the number of wolves a user can have, only a limit on how many they can get per amount of time from the sign, to reduce wolfspam - Medium
    • Refactor. The code is a mess and it's making future changes hard. I'm working on this in my free time from MV2 - HIGH
    How to setup a Pound (Store) (Simple):

    If you've used Essentials Free/Buy/Sell/Trade, then this should be a breeze, for everyone else, it should still be very easy.
    • Place Sign
    • Make Line 1 say: [WolfPound]
    • OPTIONAL: Make Line 2 say: $10
    • OPTIONAL: Make Line 3 say either: angry, friend, or neutral
    • DONE!
    Example Sign:

    Note: You can have line 2 in whatever currency you want, it could say `100 Rupees` and that would be valid.

    How to setup a Pound (Store) (Advanced example):
    • Sign1: No params = Free wolves
    • Sign2: 2:bone = It costs 2 bones to get a wolf
    • Sign3: 1:260 = It costs 1 Item #260(apple) to get a wolf
    • Sign4: 3 = It costs 3 dollars from an econ plugin, if none is found, wolf is free
    • Sign5: $10 = It costs 10 dollars from an econ plugin, if none is found, wolf is free
    Config file: (If you mess it up, delete it and it will auto regen)
    You don't actually ever need to touch this. You can use the commands that are outlined in the commands section entirely!
        price: 0.0 # Set this to the number of dollars or items you want
        type: -1 # Set this to a positive integer to use an item, or leave it -1 to use dollars
        limit: 10 # The max number of wolves someone can spawn using the /adopt command
        aggro: friend # Could also be angry or neutral
                price: 0.0
                type: -1
                limit: 10
                aggro: friend
    I have included 3 types of permissions:
    wolfpound.create - Allows users to create/destroy Pounds
    wolfpound.use - Allows users to use Pounds
    wolfpound.adopt - Allows users to type /adopt [X] and get a wolf (or X wolves, the X is optional)
    wolfpound.admin - Allows users to and use the /adopt setprice/settype/setlimit/setglobal

    Integration with other Plugins
    All integration with other plugins is handled automatically, but I thought I would explain a little about what this means.

    Permissions Plugin Support
    If you have Permissions installed, it restricts commands based on those, if you don't, it's a free-for-all.

    Economy Plugin Support
    Econ support is in this order(meaning it will use the one at the top of the list if you have it, then go down the list):
    1. iConomy - Version 4.6.5, Version 5 (Yes both of them :D)
    2. BOSEconomy - Version 0.6.2
    2. RealEcon - Version 0.6.2
    3. Essentials Economy - Version 2.2
    If you have none of the above Installed, all Pounds will give wolves away for free, regardless of what you put on the second line. The version numbers listed simply show which version is the latest I've tested with, they will most likely work with newer or older versions.

    {} = needed; [] = optional

    /adopt [X] : Where X is the number of wolves you want. If X is not present, it defaults to 1. Automatically charges you price * X
    /wpprice [all | w:WORLD]: States the price of a wolf.
    /wplimit [all | w:WORLD]: States how many wolves can be adopted at once.
    /wpsetprice {PRICE} [global | w:WORLD]: Sets the price to buy a wolf using the /adopt command.
    /wpsetaggro {angry | friend | neutral} [global | w:WORLD]: Sets the agressiveness of a wolf when it is obtained via /adopt.
    /wpsettype {ITEM_NAME | ITEM_ID | money} [global | w:WORLD]: Sets the type of currency used to buy a wolf via /adopt.
    /wpsetlimit {NUMBER} [global | w:WORLD]: Sets the number of wolves one can adopt at once via /adopt.
    /wpreset {w:WORLD | global}: Resets specified world to default from the current world if none is specified, or all if global is specified.
    Please Post any questions/comments/request!

    Version 1.0.2
    • Upgrade AllPay Version. Now this works great with MV2!
    • Remove dependency on CraftBukkit, should be more stable with future updates
    Version 1.0.1
    • Fix massive console spam caused by AllPay (Thanks @phaed) - tested by renaming to aWolfPound
    • Fix Essentials Economy (2.2+ required as of now)
    • Supports permissions 2x and 3x
    Version 1.0
    • WARNING: MOST COMMANDS HAVE CHANGED (OP is currently being updated)
    • Fix several ecommerce bugs
    • Now features AllPay integration! No longer will you have to choose your econ plugin based on WolfPound!
    • Much better code :)
    • New wolf functions from RB 766
    Version 0.12
    Version 0.11
    • Update for MC 1.5/CB 704+
    • Fix compatibility error with other plugins that used signs
    • Fix Essentials economy giving you money if wolves were free
    Version 0.9
    • Add RealEconomy Support
    • TONS OF BUGS SQUASHED - .9 is a MUST HAVE UPDATE (See Github if you want to see what bugs were squashed)
    Version 0.8
    • Add friendly, neutral or angry spawning options
    • Add /adopt agro X command to allow setting default wolf type spawned via the command
    • Add Line 3 of signs now controls how a wolf spawns
    Version 0.7
    • Add multi-world support
    • Add ability to limit wolves spawned with the /adopt command
    • Improve error messages
    Version 0.6
    • Add partial item matching (now you can use cook instead of cookie)
    • Fix BUG where if you had the exact number of items requested, it would give you a wolf but not take items
    • Add better error messages when creating signs
    • Add config file support for buying wolves via the /adopt command
    • Fix some other bugs I forgot about...
    Version 0.5
    • Refactor banking to reduce future errors
    • Add support for using items as the currency for wolves
    • Add config file support for buying wolves via the /adopt command
    Version 0.4
    • Add /adopt X, where X is the number of wolves you want
    Version 0.3
    • Add BOSEconomy Support
    • Fix message to users on every sign
    Version 0.2
    • Add /adopt that requires permission wolfpound.adopt
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing WolfPound
    Other Wolf Plugins:
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    SIIIICK!!!! TY TY TY TY TY <3!!!!
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    Nice idea, not seen any Wolves in game yet.
    Just updating my server and all my Plug-ins and ill give this a try.
    Added it, great little mod - very easy to set up.
    Havnt tried it fully with Permissions or iConomy yet though.
    Very satisfying watching a pack of wolves at your command tear through a horde of zombies.
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    This is awesome
  5. Updated to V0.2
    Added /adopt
    This just spawns a wolf at your location, you need wolfpound.adopt to use it (unless you're not using permissions, in which case it's a free for all like the others)

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    Cosmic Break

    dont make angry wolves, because if one is hostile, they all become hostile unless theyre already tamed.
  7. Haha, no worries (and yes, in testing, i've been chased by about 50 wolves, wish i had screenshots...) currently only does neutral wolves.

    Edit: Oh wait... here's one:
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    can we get BOSEcon support? its api is easier to use than both Esentials and iConomoy
  9. I'll go check it out, hadn't heard of it
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    Possible change that I would like too see:
    I setup the server with WolfPound and also this works great with Permissions.
    I was able to make it fine with one account and with another couldn't (due to Permissions) which is good but useing the account without the permission to creat a WolfPound when making a normal sign with normal text input the message comes up saying "You do not have permission to create...."
    Would much prefer it if you get a message to confirm it was set up but NO message when it doesnt create one so users just putting normal signs up don't get it displayed.
  11. Oops... my bad, left some code in there that shouldn't have been there. will be fixed in .3

    Version 0.3 is out!

    • Add BOSEconomy Support
    • Fix message to users on every sign
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    Daaamn... You beat me to it... While I was trying to figure out why my code suddenly broke (not even bukkit related...). So here are my ideas:

    • Allow people to have one wolf that can't die.
    • Add orders: like "guard" would make the wolf attack anyone/anything that enters the area (you can set living entities targets by the way)
  13. I'll see what I can do, I'm also working on MultiVerse a tiny bit (but I don't want to do much if any features on the old version), so I'm also going to see about teleporting wolves to other worlds with you, on the topic of the one that can't die

    I like the guard idea, I'll see where we can go with that
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    End of discussion.
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    Thanks for the support, ill make sure to add you to our list of "supporting" plugins!
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    I know this isent an issue with your plugin, but anyone else notice teleporting with wolves = not good?
  17. I assume you're talking about teleporting to other worlds, because at least with Essentials Warp and /j, I have no problems anywhere in a single world having my brave companion teleport to me.

    If this is what you're having trouble with, let me know, if it's multi-world related, I'm looking into this. The issue is right now, I have not been able to find out who the wolf has befriended, this is also why when you do the /adopt or make a sign, they come out neutral rather than already befriended.

    Nifty Sidenote: Compatible with at least build 621

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    Ya im not talking about world to world tp, so if it is working on Ess. Warp, this must be a MultiVerse issue (since that is what im using) but thanks your post helped me ill switch over to essentials warp as i no longer need world to world teleport,

    Ess. Warp the one that is for cb 531? and is only text based? *bangs head off keyboard*

    edit: Do you know what it could be. i tp my users into a small room inside a mountain the dog prob just glitches out when it tp`s itself into a wall ill try "opening up" my tp areas and report back

    edit: yup that worked

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    Make it so that Admins can host the wolfpound and spawn as many as they want to be adopted.
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    After i relog wolves become invisible... ;(
    only untamed ones it seems tho
    nvm its random
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    thats bukkit.. It happens where i cant see my Mods wolfs or the members of my server, just relog and they will be there
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    ya i noticed that before but this time it is happening without fail everytime i relog they dissappear,
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    Wow. This is the exact same as the plugin i'm creating except I was using a command to buy the wolf rather than a sign.

    Also, for your "limit"

    Will try doing the code myself. I'll pm you if I can sort it out properly :)

    *Would use Github except i'm retarded and don't understand how to use it >.>*
  24. What do you mean by this?

    Admins can use the /adopt command for free, and those wolves will roam the area and even spread out a bit until people are not near the locations for a while.

    I have seen this once or twice, but I wrote it off as a minecraft/bukkit error, since the plugin code has no control over this. :p

    But on a serious note, that site is basically amazing, and their are several other great resources like or Git has quickly risen to the top as my favorite DVCS hands down, and you can use it on any platform!

    Alright, now, back on topic.
    <3 Git
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    I mean can admins use the /spawn wolf 10 command so others can adopt
  26. so you want basically:
    /adopt [#to spawn]
    /adopt 10
    would spawn 10 wolves?

    I'll see what I can do.
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    That would be nice if you can create multiple wolves at the same time :) Overall, however a great plugin :)
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    I err, stole your source code and added a few things :3
    Got skype/msn or the like? @fernferret
  29. Version .4 is out
    Added ability to do:
    /adopt X wolves.

    Sorry for the delay, Rockband, Alchohol and my roommates were the cause :p

    I experienced very strange things with /adopt 300, such as wolves attaching in a huge mob and attacking each other
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    wolfpound.use does NOT work with the new permissions. Users cannot use the sign i made. But thank you for this plugin, i hope you get the auto tame feature to work soon, that would save a lot of time for the admins :)

    Also, this may require some work. But, is it possible to have a command to kill the wolfs you own. And possibly another command that makes all your wolfs sit, and one that makes them spawn to you instantly?

    Thanks again!

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