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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Keyle, May 4, 2011.

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  1. MyWolf
    take a wolf on a leash

    Moved to BukkitDev:
  2. @Aprof you need to leash him with a string.
    I have the same problem than @josephgold5
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    Downloaded 0.5 from the link, deleted config, and lang files, and replaced Jar Plugin file. Loaded up the server and it said loading my Wolf 0.4.9, was the download link updated to 0.5?
  4. Sry I my fault >.< it was the link for 0.4.9.

    Thanks for the info @Shadowbane
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    NP keep up the good work m8 :)

    P.S My wife just loves this plugin!
  6. xD thanks
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    Alright the wolf skins work, /wolfskin and the (URL) and you have a cool wolf skin.

    A single trivial issues, I tried to load your skin with the chests on it as a skin and it worked, but without the chests.

    A single more important issues is that when you log off you loose your wolf skin and have to type that long darn URL in every time.

    I also found 15 cool wolf skins made by another guy here

    Simply download the file, UnZip/RAR then go into the unzipped folder and then into the mob folder. This is a list of PNG files here, you want the one called wolf. Drag it to your desktop and then upload it on your fav site like Photobucket. Then you can link to it.

    If any1 has another site with cool wolf skins post it!

    For any1 having issues:

    You must have spout client to see your new wolf skins and to see others wolf skin. Without spout you can still change the skin for others to see, but you can't see it yourself. If you can't see your new wolf skin you prob don't have spout!!!
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  8. Can you please make if is possible a kind of power of the dogg for exemple if your dogg is going to die he become a wolf_angry and he kill faster than before(sorry for my poor English but I'm only fifteen :s)
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    i've got another problem! my wolf cannot have an inventory!
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    Great plugin! It's really clever; only I can't seem to get skin changing to work. I'm running spoutcraft and everything is up to date however when I write "/wolfskin exampleplayer" nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? I can change my wolf's skin but I can't change other player's
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    The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is your using spout server side without the spout clientside maybe, I will hop on and see if I have the same problem as u real quick.

    Nope I can't seem to change another persons wolf either, I'm using superperms atm trying it with OP's. I'll do further testing. Upon further testing I can't change another persons wolf even through console command.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Honestly that's not very surprising, MyWolf was originally designed only to be command-able by individual owners.. I mean it's definitely a bug, but yeah.

    My best guess as to the cause is that either the plugin is still taking your own name as the value for the wolf-owner (or, perhaps as part of it, like your_namePlayers_name), Or simply that the perm mywolf.wolfskin.other wasn't properly coded in the plugin (or he forgot :confused:).

    I wouldn't really know though, I'm just taking a guess for learning purposes :p,
    @Keyle will probably fix it soon anyway.
  13. OMG what have I done >.< that's totally crap xD
    It's not possible to set the skin for other players. It's definitely a bug

    and I don't added SuperPerms because I still don't know how to handle them >.< but it's definitely planed
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Lol you made a whole plugin chill, but you must have an idea about whats missing? or is it just coz your new to things that affect other players?
  15. I know whats wrong :p
    It's a really a simple mistake that I can correct in one minute :D
    It works but under impossible circumstances:
    fail xD
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Lol command sender's mywolf should be irrelevant and the wolfowner variable should be case insensitive
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    I have a multiworld setup where one world is a creative world in which the players can spawn items freely.

    I have some plugins in place which prevent player from bringing items from the creative world to other worlds.

    Unfortunately I discovered that the inventory of your wolf is accessible in any world.

    And the current permission nodes doesn't enable denying access to the inventory once you have it.

    I would like a permission node that lets me control where players can use the /wi command so I can disable it in the creative world.

    I also found a typo in the lang.yml file where the "release" line (second last) reads:
    instead of:
  18. Will add the permission node
    and thx for the typo info
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    Changing the wolf skin by another player is working fine with 5a.

    Still have the issue of the skin going away after logging out and back in. Seems the skin url is saving in the wolf config but not kicking in when you log back in for some reason.
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    skins is now working but the /wi command is not with permissions 3.1.5 :(
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    i cant get a my wolf i left click with string but it doesnt work am i doing someting wrong
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    I think i have everything set up as it should be. But when I left click the wolf with string it simply hits the wolf! Was wondering if maybe anyone knows of a plugins conflict that may cause this?
  23. I think this should be done by Spout but it's no problem. Next update will solve it
    do you have
    I added this node in 0.5.0a
    do you have the permissions??
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    no do u need it

    do u need it cuz im an op

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  25. If you have permission-system installed you need to have the permissions
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    I think your plugin is duplicating wolves on my server.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    If it's duplicating at random times and not just when closed or restarted, then its a bug, otherwise (if youve got a public 24/7 server that restarts itself) I'd say there must be a plugin that safely restarts your server, and whatever you are using now might be rather unsafe to use in general. >.<
  28. Yap but this is a known issue that I can't remove. But you can prevent it if you shut down the server with /stop
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Well there has to be some way.. perhaps checking last co-ords on start up and if there is a wolf existing there, replace THAT instead of spawning a new one? though I trust it's not designed for it (neither bukkit mc or mywolf currently) but there must be a way right?

    You should probably use spoutdev and make a stickie faq for these questions, (for the wiki we have neglected xD) plus the plugin/mod list on spoutdev is much better than the old Get Plugins, though it takes up more space I actually find it quicker :confused:

    Edit(wait, was this an edit? I forget xD): Off-topic... I'm actually trying to get some feedback about an RPG spout add-on thingy idea which would rather test the possibilities spout unleashes should an attempt be made to implement the ideas fully... its my new status. Can I have some dev feedback? :3
  30. Yes I could do that but if the server is not shut down properly it will not safe the last position of the wolf :p so if you teleport to another lokation and the server crashes I will not be able to find the wolf. So it's the same problem like before. As long as the entityIDs of the wolves are not persistent it's hard to find the right one.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    I see, wait... how did spout do per entity skinning with out persisting entityIDs for the mobs?
    Edit: Did you see my last edit about the project? xD
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