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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Keyle, May 4, 2011.

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  1. MyWolf
    take a wolf on a leash

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    maximum lev is 6? or is it configurable?

    can you please explain about level system and configs with more detailed?:'(
  3. Maybe I will ad this but it has VERY low priority
    But I don't understand why you hate it to parse files. It's so much easier to parse a yaml file than to make a MySQL query
    I will add a config option for it.
    there is no levellimit but there is a way to set one^^
    but I will explain this an all other features (in a wiki I think) when I have the time
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    Parsing yaml in PHP is a nightmare...
  5. No :confused: it's very easy :D
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    Prove it without a third party yaml parser :p

    *Found Spyc, used it, it works, still want MySQL.
  7. c'mon installing a yaml-php-extension is not very difficult :p
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    2 different suggestions!

    1) iConomy support for players to buy lives for their wolf
    2) A click method to open your wolf's inventory (I abhor commands)
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    I got a strange bug:
    After a Level up the Server is stopping and restarting.
    Yeah, without a Error. :/

    My Idea: Commands work at level '1/0' that would be nice (No Level System). :>
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    Spout <- has many problem.
    plaease don't request.
  11. 1) I thinking about removeing the lives in the future :p but I don't know this atm
    2)open inventory by clicking the wolf (with items)???

    Woooooot :confused: which build, plugin version, other plugins do u use??
    There is already an option to disable the levelsystem :confused: ?!?!? and you can configure it so that every command is available on level 1.
    WTF??? :confused:
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    Is there a reason that i can not tame a wolf with a leash i use permissions 3x and i have the correct permissions set up any answers?

    have that same problem

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    Hi, I wanted to say first of all, great job with the plugin so far. I just have a few requests. I like to use this plugin with the EternalWolf plugin at . For the most part, that plugin doesn't conflict with yours with the exception of one thing. Because that plugin makes your own wolf invulnerable from damage from yourself, I cannot use string to left click my wolf to turn it into a MyWolf. Rather than only using string, I was wondering if you could make a command to turn a tamed wolf into a MyWolf (and also possibly a command to check the wolf's info rather than having to use string). The other thing I would also suggest is to give the option to turn off the automatic sitting. It has it's uses, but sometimes I wish I didn't have to keep getting my dog to stand back up after doing something in one spot for like a minute. Anyway, thanks in advance for taking any of this into consideration, and again, amazing job with this plugin so far.
  14. Did you tame the wolf with a bone before??
    invincible wolves will be leashable
    added wolfinfo command
    added config option for SitdownTimer (0 to disable it)
    in 0.4.9c
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    Wow, thank you so much, not only for taking my requests into consideration, but for also implementing them so quickly! The updated plugin works perfectly and exactly like I want it to now. You sir, are an awesome person. =3
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    Marcos Cosmos

    @keyle, do you know of a few servers that run mywolf? or have one or something.. Cedar has mywolf but the server isnt really setup to be playable yet.. ><
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    Yes ive done the mywolf ever since it first came out i know how to do it but when i started using the new mywolf and perm 3x its stopped working even if im admin and have all the permissions

    I have a server with a good bit of plugins including a bunch of spout plugins and i use a whitelist to control who joins so message me if you want to join our server

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  18. hi peeps and keyle dev,

    got a question, we have mywolf running with no issues on our spout server, is there a way to make the wolf carry small chests like in your plugin banner picture? with or without it doesnt matter, just curious :)
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    #1000, 0.4.9, Other Plugins:
    Show Spoiler

    Minequery, Superpickaxe, Votifier, LocalShops, NearestSpawn, Permissions, FalseBookBlock, FalseBookCore, SpoutWallet, TaxFreeRegion, MagicCarpet, Spout, Vouchers, FirstJoin, WorldEdit, SimpleSignEdit, NoIce, WeatherControl, CookieMonster, hBank, Transporter, SimpleSign, WorldBorder, FalseBookExtra, iConomy, FalseBookChat, PermissionsBukkit, BiomeSound, dynmap, MultiVerse, WorldGuard, LWC, Stackable, MyWarp, mInfo, iConomyDeath, ScizzrHome, FalseBookIC, BigBrother, ControllerBlock, FalseBookCart, CommandBook, LagMeter, HeroSpawn, ScheduledAnnouncer, Highlighter, SpoutBackpack, mChat, mChatEssentials, MyWolf, MobArena, BookWorm

    (next day I clean something out and yes, server have no Lags :p)

        '1' or '0':
        - HP
        - Inventory
    Dosn't work (Wolf have not the Skill)
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    Hi can you add a config to allow local hosting of the sound files? as much as I appreciate you hosting the files, over time I have found it easier not to rely on third party hosting for files for my server. thank you.
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    @Keyle could you make this multiworld compatible (ie option in config for either only allowing inventory in worlds set by admin OR have separate inventories per world perhaps with option to share across some worlds as set in config (much like MultiInv) ... the current setup allows cheating in servers with a survival style (no /give) world
  23. I have a server set up with it, the IP is :)
    We are also running McMMO and Towny plus some smaller plugins ;)
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    So does anyone know why mywolf doesnt work for me? no errors it just doesnt work
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    i want slowly regain wolf HP.
    can u implement that regain HP?
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    yea like with chuckster i tamed with bone hit with string and rightclicked with string no leash at all a folder never came out of my .jar file either keyle
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    @Keyle this is a GOOD IDEA, I SECOND IT
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    I'm having the same issue; I tame a wolf with a bone, left-click it with the string, and all it does is hurt the poor thing. I'm sick of accidentally beating my wolf because the plugin isn't working right for no reason, seeing as there are no console errors.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    @Chuckster @athuw and everyone else who has issues at the moment: I expect the plugin isn't loading at all,
    you have to delete the "MyWolf" folder accompanying the .jar and let the plugin recreate it, so make a backup, then once you delete and recreate the folder, re-enter your settings and data manually (make sure to abide by the new format) there's nothing else you can do,

    it's because of a change to the structure of inventories, but the new structure allows for custom inventory sizes as instead of inventory small and inventory large, for each instance of the "inventory" skill, you get a row of.. I believe its 9 slots. So it's a bit like lives and health points now.

    I'm pretty sure Keyle explained it in his updated first first (reading the bits in read is usually important).
    So there's not much point in asking again...

    If that doesn't fix the issue it could be a plugin conflict? or permissions... but it looks like its a very common issue, so try my solution if you haven't already ^^'

    Hope I helped,
    Marcos Cosmos
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    Deleted my MyWolf folder and let it rebuild, but i'm fairly sure that wasn't the issue since I as just using the defaults. I also found that World Guard uses the string's right click as region shit, but I quickly changed that. I have no clue what other plugin it could be. I took all the permission nodes from the OP and made them accessible. Unless one was only supposed to pick one of hte inventory things, but I don't see why that would make the entire plugin non-functioning.
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Hmm... Well considering that the wolf inventories were based on the backpack plugin.. they might potentially clash? and what about pvp settings? I'd make a list of all the plugins that use item in general, see if one of them like to be overriding.. I didn't even need to delete the folder because I did it for 0.4.9b.... OH, do you have a dropbox? (edit: I did update, but none the less it could be a file generation glitch.. did the server say mywolf was loaded?) you can compare myfiles to yours if you want:

    I'm afraid I'm at a loss as to the cause since mine works fine and I just updated to the new one... Though it is a little odd that config and lang are lowercase whereas Wolves is uppercase, that could hardly be an issue?

    Also, you don't have invici-wolves do you? it could be an error in the feature..

    It's a client-side mod, there's a link in the first post,
    all tame wolves will have chests though, not just mywolves, and the server your on has enforced textures, so youll have to sort it out with the admins.

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