[FUN] PVP Arena v0.0.5 - Team Style PVP Arena [1000]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Carbon131, Jul 6, 2011.

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    MobArena is able to have a region defined in Worldguard not to spawn mobs, and when you make an arena inside that region, the plugin will override this and spawn your arena mobs. Something similar could probably be done with PVPArena to override world settings for one particular region....
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    That is listed as a feature on MA. It is not listed on here, and should not be assumed as such.
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    Obviously, but i wasn't remarking on an option that doesn't exist, learn to read.

    Childish arguing aside, great plugin Carbon, keep up the great work.
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    heres a suggestion: add a /pvparena endfight command to end the fight! cause when everyone does /pv leave u cant have a fight anymore becuase it will say: Theres already a fight going on
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    i don't get any on screen message when i type "/pa region set"
    same when i replace pa w/ pvparena

    i have a lot of plugins, so it might just be a plugin conflict
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    Hm could you in any way make this more light weight I get alot of complaints of lag while using this in a area. But it doesnt any where else.
  7. yes now there is a plugin like that that doesent require permissions
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    Is there a way to override Factions pvp restrictions in a certain area? I try do Pvp arena with people in my faction and it says I cannot hurt them.
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    When i type /fight redlounge its saying "Unknown console command."

    Sorry didnt saw the command changed xD.

    How can i stop a fight?? If everyone is leaving i cant join because its saying its already in progess?
    And how can i enable pvp?? Should i use worldguard for that??

    Lol! I dont want to have pvp on my server but want to pvp on in a arena

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    Ok. That's your problem as a server admin. Use Worldguard or something. Unless the devs want to add it in, it's YOUR problem.
  11. /pa join
    Chose Class items
    /Pa join
    (invertory seems clear)
    /pa leave
    (Inventory filled with the items yay)
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    I use worldguard but it dosen't work
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    I have a suggestion :

    Could you limit the nuber of gladiators for each team ( so we could make 1vs1, 4vs4, 1vs4, n vs m ... fights ?)

    and along with that, allow players to choose a team, and then choose with a waiting list who should fight next battle ?
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    when people leave the fight using the command /pa leave, and then try to join again. It says its already in progress.
    Leaving doesn't cancel the fight.

    This must be fixed :(
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    Alright I read all of your guy's posts, and I am sorry for the delay. I was on vacation and I will have a release by the end of the day with many bug fixes.

    Try version 0.0.5 and let me know what the bugs are.

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    My players love this plugin, however they are craving more custom classes.

    I've toyed with classes like a "rogue" that has spider webs (for a trap).... The problem is the arena gets very clustered very quickly with Spider webs, and other such blocks as Players can place blocks but not destroy them....

    DO you plan to/can you add a feature that simply restores the arena to the way it was when you used /mobarena region save
    at the end of each fight....

    This would make the plugin So much more awesome than it already is.
    Thank you. :p

    - Made it so when the game is finished, if a region is setup for the arena it will remove all the items and arrows that are left in the arena when the game is done
    Just saw this update... does that remove placed blocks aswell? or just "items" tools, armor, food ect?
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    There is a bug that could be abused.

    If you type /pa when you already choose a class, it will remove your equipment. If you type /pa leave after the last command took away your equipment, you will spawn at the exit with the class equipment.
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    I want to the winner team win golden apples, in the rewards I replace none with 322, but nothing seems to work...
    The rest of the plugin is great!
    I could make a tutorial video if you want...
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    In the next update I will make it so it removes all the placed blocks that were in a region. At the moment it only removes items and arrows


    Thanks for pointing that out, I will fix that bug.

    That's weird, I will look into it.
    And that'd be great if you could make a video tutorial, but wait until I get version 0.0.6 out before you do that because it fixes a lot of bugs.
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    So, when it will be released?
    I really need some more views to my channel...


    My server (Hamachi):
    Join to -R4TH4CK3R-
    Password is 123
    Ip from internet browser:

    Not always online!
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    I can't get it it to work:

    The permission plugin I am useing is Group Manager
    I added fight.user to default group
    and fight.admin to admin group

    The arena is succesfully builded, protected but Normal players can't access the arena with useing the /pa of /pa red/blue command
    - "pa watch" isn't working also

    Somebody an fix?
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    Have it keep score. like record how many times blue team and red team won and lost
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    also the commands says(pa red/blue) ( default group > invalid command (503)
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    Just a suggestion, perhaps make the spectator area and the area where people are teleported to upon dying or leaving the arena separate locations, making the spectator area an optional setting. Also, consider using warp points. The current method of teleporting players into the arena, and to the exit point causes a spam of false positives with plugins such as NoCheat whenever someone enters, or exits the arena.
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    can someone test this to work with CraftBukkit build [1000]?
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    this plugin is rly great :)
    But I´ve got some problems...
    If i type /pvparena region set it says "Invalid Command". Its the same with /pvparena region set /pvparena region save /pvparena region edit and /pvparena forcestop. Then I´ve looked into the config and saw that the part with
    enabled: false
    disable-block-placement: true
    disable-block-damage: true
    block-tnt: true
    block-lighter: true
    disable-lava-fire-spread: true
    disable-all-fire-spread: true
    wand: 280
    manually-select-teams: false
    team-killing-enabled: false
    randomly-select-teams: true

    was missing. I´ve added it and suddenly the plugin didn´t work anymore...If I try to use any command nothing happens.

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    Hello, please help, same problem. What have you done to earn? You can read more! Thank you. plugin PermissionEx
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    Sorry, but I dont understand you. Can you please rephrase your question.

    Just sent you a pm. There is a "bug" with new 5 on RB 1000. You keep your armour after doing /pa leave.

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  29. no dude its
    when u did /pa then take armour, then do /pa again then it ''clears'' ur inventory, right after do /pa leave
    and you get the amour you first picked!

    it was also before rb 1000

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    Great mode :)

    It would be great if you add an option to have pvp on server off and only in the arena on :) I and I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate it.

    Keep up good work :))
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