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    This plugin is very confusing. The help commands give you no information whatsover on how to set it up.
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    yeah, that's because they are command help commands ^^

    But I heard you, I am in the process of rewriting both the plugin backend (for better understanding by coders) and the dev.bukkit.page (for users)

    DId you ever check out the dev.bukkit.page? I'm looking forward to this forums being deactivated - I cannot have all information up to date at all locations ;) check the opening post for dev.bukkit link
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    Sorry for the spam. But I am really lost! The problem is that after a reload/stop/start of the server the just created arena is gone (/pa list) and I can't join what so ever. When I create an arena it does work! But what I already said after a reload/stop/start of the server it gives an error and the arena doesn't load! I even tried with a server without any other plugin except Essentials and Pvp Arena. Must I use iConomy or what??? I use Vault.
    I really need your help! I need this plugin so badly. And please use 'Reply' button for a quicker respond.

    Nothing changed:
    pastebin ----> http://pastebin.com/jhsvdgpd
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    please do another pastebin. The posted error leads to the "timed" setting not being correct. It tells me you set the timed setting to a letter or stuff. Please do another log and config post...

    Are you sure you only have one arena?
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    I found a bug.
    Everytime we play our users say "Wtf? I got killed but had 5 hearts?"
    And it's true, I die with 5 hearts.
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    killed with what? DIamond sword?
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    No with stonesword. And they had a diamondarmor.
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    do you run plugins that change damage values? Essentials? WorldGuard? Heroes?

    mhh try /pa ** freelounge

    but spawn1 should work! check with "/pa freeforall info" if the type is correctly set to "free" :)

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    oops. i deleted my post. :D

    yeah im sorry i forgot to do that.
    good plugin!

    thanks for this man :)
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    great :) thanks :D remember, 80% of its awesomeness is due to your ideas ;)
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    I've 2 arena, both don't work. 1 with regios and 1 none. The log and config is still the same as http://pastebin.com/nR3kWWMB
    And what do you mean with 'timed' setting?
    Please help me fix this! I have tried everything!
    Thank you
    And like I said, use 'reply' for a quicker respond.
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    Yes I have Essentials and WolrdGuard!
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    okay it seems the error is in the classitems: block. I don't believe you that this is the error you're getting with that config file. One of your config files (you said you have two arenas and only posted one -.- so how should I help you??) has a number set there, incorrectly. More input!

    Yeah, please check those plugins for something like damage value changing. Maybe I can join your server if you don't find it, but please check for setup things like ... weapon powerups or armor weakening things... PVP Arena does only do taht with Powerups, did you use powerups?

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    I had teams.txt and team.txt but I deleted the team.txt. And after some experiments I am super sure the error is in the teams.txt.
    Config and error is still the same: http://pastebin.com/nR3kWWMB
    Please search what is wrong in that txt.
    Notepad++ doesn't find any errors
    Please help

    After more experiments I found out it has something to do with the classes!

    It work now! I needed to use the item ID's!
    Greetz roy
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    halelujah..... I told you "classitems" :D damnit, it SHOULD work, but you have to KNOW the right strings to enter in there for the items to work properly ----

    next version will feature better debugging about that
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    hi i want to know can i add more classes if yes how?
    and how can i setup classes that they get splash potion of poison iff i add this 373:16388 i get tons of water bottles :D
    thanks for help
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    i need somebody to help me out with my ctf arena
    maybe some help in my server?
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    How do you get the last thing you wrote, or edit the text?
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    Raketa141 I use the SpoutCraft client for that. You can use client mods like BetterChat ? I forgot the name.
  21. i like this update, its more easy to change the config, still having the problem with the items, ppl lost items after one fight, but i give up with this, im not getting errors when they lost items, so i left a post in my forum asking for join in the arena with clean inventory so...is their fault if they join in the arena with important stuff =/.

    Actually i made an spleef arena with PVP Arena and DodgeBallSpleef plugin, its perfect and very fun, also my bomberman arena its still working, but a guy just copy my idea and made a plugin called like my event =_=, bombercraft...i should make copyrights for the name cuz he just made it a few days after my comment in this forum (im joking, hes bombercraft is more like bomberman, but i think mine with PVP Arena is more fun xD)

    Check this plugin, u should suggest it for the ppl who play with PVP Arena: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/dodgeballspleef/
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    oh Im sorry to hear that :/ I hate those glitches ... I will be investigating that and/or hope it gets fixed by some minecraft update...

    hehe I like the idea, I'll thiunk about adding a link to it ... maybe :)
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    Hi, great work on this plugin. I would like to post some feedback and ideas to improve this wonderful plugin:
    • add option to disable all warping commands in arena cuboid (like mobarena does)
    • I figured out your "death" status. It's like HP below 8 smth.. but we are using mcMMO plugin on our server and one of swords passive abilities is causing dmg over time so it lasts after "death" in arena. Is there any chance you can "reset" this affection after death in arena?
    • minimum team size
    • timed restriction (permissions?) how often can user join arena
    Thank you very much for your time reading my shit :)

    Keep doing great work!

    Forget about first line of list (was testing on the OP acc..) :confused:

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    Are power-ups active ? Because no matter which bonus I get, it just does nothing at all. No errors in the console either...
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    hmm they should be! I didn't test in latest, tbh can you show me your powerup block? www.pastebin.com
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    When I try /pa teams create, it comes up with [PVP ARENA]You do not have permission to create a arena when I'm oped.
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    I'll look into this :) thanks!

    which permissions system (and version)?
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    I use PermissionsEX not sure about version but I think it's the latest one.
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    Its not working!!When i put in new classes in the config for the arena i created and when i start up the server,all of the changes disappeared(and yes i did click 'save')

    Please Help!I dont want to lose an awesome plugin like this.

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