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    I am not sure what you are talking about, but there are two things implemented that could be of interest:
    1) general.classperms
    > players need a permission node "pvparena.class.*classname*" to access a class
    2) class "custom"
    > players receive their inventory they had when joining the arena

    @Kainzo say what? ^^
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    Didnt know you were taking this up until yesterday - looks nice
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    Thanks :) yeah, since many plugins start to leak tears, PVP Arena was causing issues...
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    I mean something like this http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fun-magicspells-v1-3-2-add-magic-to-your-server-1337.16630/

    Since it is casting and not actually physical, can it be used? I wasn't sure if this would work since you can't throw down your inventory in a match.
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    definately :) MagicSpells does not need you to throw down your inventory ... just setup a Mage class, including the basic wands that ppl bind their spells to. Or use the "custom" class so ppl keep their inventory :)

    I recommend using Worldguard to block Ghast Damage (Fireball ;) )
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    Got ya. Ok cool I appreciate it. Also would you have any idea why my free fight lounge/spawn isn't working? I tried: /pa ffa create - Successful
    /pa ffa lounge - [PVP Arena] Invalid command 506
    /pa ffa spawn1 - [PVP Arena] Invalid command 506

    I also tried /pa ffa redspawn which worked, but the random spawns still returned with 506
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    did you say /pa ffa create free ?

    Check your config, does it say "config.free_ffa.yml" ?
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    lol, damn you. I was going off of your post here and didn't see that. Alright thanks it's working. I'm working on a mmo server based around arenas and all. If you wanna check out what I have so far let me know and Ill throw you the ip and white-list. Also if you need any bugs tested let me know. I have my main and my wife's account.
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    Thanks! I will contact you and greatly appreciate help :)
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    Np. I love this damn plug in. This is my first server. I saw the plug-in and said HELL YEA I'm making a server
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    He says: All waypoints must be set up first... i've done everything in the video...
    plz help
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    Euhm... I got a problem, when we join the php arena, the lives are somehow UNLIMITED, he says all the time: blablabla has 2 lives left... forever... plz help?

    and i can't create a different arena than the Team arena, with free arena he says Invalid command when i place the lounge (506)

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    I have this problem too. I made all of the points, and i get the message: All waypoints must be set up first.region
    I have already set up the region and saved it. One other problem is that when i hit an oponent on the other team, he dies immdeiately. Then, when people are killed on the last time, they go to spawn and thier items from before playing in the arena are lost. It also still thinks that person is in the game and wont let them /pa leave.
    Im sorry if this is a noobish question but the server owner will demote me if i dont get it done O.O
    btw this is all on the ctf mode
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    But can you figure something out for the team fight and ctf fight, because the player have unlimited lives... and i can't fix it... it keeps saying: Player has 2 lives left....
    plz help

    I fixed the waypoints error, so no worries about that :)
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    listen to what I say - I dont have enough information - and I tested that and its working fine for me - see the tutorial? It worked for me. So you must have done something different . in order for me to fix this, I need more information. period.
  19. Well i have something to say

    Ur plugin work great but, when im setting my arena and i want to save it, i get the help comand instead of the save comand, i tryed:

    pa default(is my arena name) region save pvp
    pa default region save
    pvparena default region save
    pvparena default save
    and more....

    i just get the list of comands like doing just /pa, i have Essentials and others simple plugins, i has regios but i turn it off, also i have factions, but i dont think thats the problem, so tell me what to do cuz ur command its not working....

    Ok, one more thing, u can work in the Essentials? like giving essentials support, cuz i have a great server, everything work great but ppl get bored cuz they want PVP, and my essentials its turned in PVP false, if i turn PVP true the players can fight everywhere, thats not good, i tryed setting PVP zones with regios but nothing work =/, so if u know some way for make PVP zones having essentials plz tell me or plz work on that.

    EDIT: Ok, the FreeFight comands are not working, i set spawns and get the same Help commands -.-, this is freaking me out....

    EDIT2: ur plugin its not working with essentials, ppl cant pick a class cuz my Signs are blocked, i cant do any of the commands for ctf or freefight, just the team commands are working, actually ur plugins its exactly like BattleNight but battlenight let my players pick a class with out having troubles with protection...
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    1) the save command has changed:
    /pa [name] region save [regionname]

    region names are: battlefield; [team]lounge, spectator, exit

    2) For the FreeFight arena and 1), check the tutorial I made:

    3) No, sorry, I can not give Essentials support, that's their business ^^ Though I know of a setting to protect signs.

    4) To enable PVP only in the arena, you will need a plugin like WorldGuard, where you set the global PVP to Deny and the arena region pvp to allow :)

    5) FightNight is a derivate of the Fight plugin, my plugin just "respects" other plugins. So if Essentials blocks Signs, I respect that, because you might have wanted it that way.

    it's a setup issue on your end however. Disable that sign protection (private sign?) so other ppl can use the signs, that is nothing PVP arena could or should fix.
  21. Im gonna test it, i just grab all the commands in a notepad, but im wondering, why u need to set the battlefield if it dun have any protection?
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    well you don't need it if you don't use block protection or join range
  23. Ok its working but i have a problem saving the blue and redlounge, i do that like ur video but i get the error 50X, but anyway thats not so important, what bother me is when i reload my plugins, the arena its deleted from the list, i have to create one with the same name =/, why is this happening?
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    Hey is this working on the latest dev builds?
    Looks awesome! :D
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    can you add more than 2 teams? like add a green team too?

    red: RED
    blue: BLUE
    green: GREEN

    I followed the setup video to the very end.. it didnt work for me. "All waypoints must be setup first spectator not set... but the thing is... it was setup

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    yes, you can add as many teams as you want, the exact way you did it :)

    spectator not set should be clear - if you did that .. mhh... do it again ^^

    Hang on, I am in the process of releasing a new version with changed (easier) commands and help system :)
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    Okay, I've done it 3 times now (frustrated) this time I setup everything...EVERYTHING a exact replica of yours. and I get this error " [PVP ARENA] All waypoints must be set up first. no coords set."

    I set the exit
    I set the spectator
    I set the red lounge
    I set the blue Lounge
    I set the red spawn
    I set the blue spawn
    I did the thing with the stick
    it just wont do it...

    EDIT: This is my config file
    red: RED
    blue: BLUE
    team-killing-enabled: false
    manually-select-teams: false
    randomly-select-teams: true
    items: 261,262:64,298,299,300,301
    items: 276,306,307,308,309
    items: 272,310,311,312,313
    items: 259,46:2,298,299,300,301
    readyblock: IRON_BLOCK
    lives: 3
    language: en
    win: old
    lose: old
    exit: exit
    death: spectator
    classperms: false
    preventDeath: false
    woolhead: false
    forceeven: false
    randomSpawn: false
    timed: 0
    joinrange: 0
    powerups: 'off'
    checkRegions: false
    entry-fee: 0
    amount: 0
    items: none
    enabled: false
    wand: 280
    disable-block-placement: true
    disable-block-damage: true
    disable-all-fire-spread: true
    disable-lava-fire-spread: true
    block-tnt: true
    block-lighter: true
    checkExitRegion: false
    checkSpectatorRegion: false
    checkLoungesRegion: false
    min: -183.0, 68.0, -74.0
    max: -170.0, 68.0, -61.0
    world: world
    min: -195.0, 68.0, -67.0
    max: -192.0, 68.0, -70.0
    world: world
    min: -195.0, 68.0, -72.0
    max: -192.0, 68.0, -75.0
    world: world
    min: -188.0, 68.0, -70.0
    max: -185.0, 68.0, -71.0
    world: world
    min: -173.0, 68.0, -58.0
    max: -174.0, 68.0, -61.0
    world: world
    world: world
    x: -192.63927447885783
    y: 69.0
    z: -67.60688859460824
    yaw: 91.34033
    pitch: 89.24993
    world: world
    x: -192.5029467602858
    y: 69.0
    z: -73.43348794237052
    yaw: 91.34033
    pitch: 89.24993
    world: world
    x: -178.8125
    y: 69.0
    z: -61.71875
    yaw: 92.9834
    pitch: 87.6
    world: world
    x: -174.3125
    y: 69.0
    z: -71.78125
    yaw: 273.7334
    pitch: 90.0
    world: world
    x: -185.5615562094204
    y: 69.0
    z: -70.50122580315949
    yaw: 89.38037
    pitch: 88.05
    world: world
    x: -173.2861400430956
    y: 69.0
    z: -59.61119201342863
    yaw: 3.1323242
    pitch: 85.20003
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    i found a problem that i cant fix (not with this plugin, i dont get how to do this though) i dont want pvp enabled throughout my whole server, but i want it enabled only in the arena, how do i do this? please reply to me as soon as possible :( i urgently need help
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    1) next time use www.pastebin.coim - its impossible to read your config in here.
    2) everything seems okay, hang on, I'll be doing a new tutorial for the latest version.

    However, it seems you have multiple arenas, because the arena you pasted is set up correctly. What does "/pa list" tell you?


    check out WorldGuard :) set the region in WorldGuard, set the __global__ region to pvp deny and the pvp-arena region to pvp allow

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