Inactive [FUN] PushCube v0.2 - Soccer in minecraft [1.0.1-R6]

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    PushCube - allows for people to have fun matches against their friends
    Version: v0.2
    This plugin allows people to play a fun little mini-game against their friends, where you push a red wool block into a scoring zone.

    • auto ball resetting
    • pushing a wool block
    Download the plugin here
    • /pc create [name] to create a new field
    • /pc delete to delete the field you are standing in
    • /pc help to view PushCube's help
    • /pc play to play a pushcube game
    • /pc setpoint, sp to set a point for the field after creating it (you need 2 points)
    Version 0.2
    • Updated to 1240 bukkiet
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my plugin

    Additional Information:
    • to create a score zone, just dig a hole that is at least 3 blocks deep
    • the play area should be flat and have odd (not even) dimensions (so the ball can be centered)
    • there has to be at least 2 players to play
    • I came up with the idea for this plugin after watching the video PushBall
    • This plugin doesn't keep any scores, that's for you to do :p
    • you need OP permissions to build on a field
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    Awesome plugin man!
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    UPDATE THE PLUGIN. I'm surprised it's still in releases. It's still at 1240. Get off your lazy keister and update it, the plugin doesn't even protect the field anymore.
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    Name calling wont get you anything.
    The plugin has been on R2 since mid Febuary, I just never updated the number in the thread. You really shouldn't complain about things in which you honestly do not have sufficient knowlege of.
    Fixed the plugin for R6
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    It's still 1.0.1 in the title. >_>
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    1.2.3 supported?
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    Any Video to show how it work :D?
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    thanks for fixing it for 1.2, this is like the only thing i actually DO on my server. but i have one request

    can you PLEASE fix that problem caused by people leaving the server in the middle of a game? its so annoying, and the only way to fix is either by deleting the field, reloading the server, or restarting the server. this is like, the ONLY thing i dont like about the plugin. everything else is just perfect about it.

    although a method of scoring wouldnt hurt ;D
  9. how can i stop a game? why doesn't my ball spawn in the middle of the field? do i have to delete and recreate the field any time i want to play a new game? could you make a tutorial or something like that? are there any permissions, so that my users can start games by themselves?
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    Whenever i try to use the field it says a game is in progrses, how can i end the last game to start a new game without having to keep deleting the field?
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    how can i stop the game??? once i destroy the block, i cant respawn the block. What do i do???
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    Give us the video
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    Could someone please take over this plugin? I miss this plugin dearly. :'(

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