Inactive [FUN/MISC] AttK v1.5.1 - Here's your arrow to the knee! [1.1-R4]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Fyre, Jan 12, 2012.

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    Nice! I remember the moment when someone wanted this addon in the plugin request-section, and now, someone actually made it! Nice and fine plugin!
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    My request, thank you very much ;D
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    what is the key set of words the plugin looks for?
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    any phrases with arrow and knee in it. they can be anyplace in the sentence, and the case doesnt matter
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    I installed this mod as a joke...Works fine, but people found out about it started "spamming it" therefore, cause the server to timeout and I had to kill the process and when that happens, a slight rollback happens.

    Granted should have done a "save-all" but didn't think it would got out of control like it did, therefore something maybe should be added to limit the amount of it doesn't inadvertly cause timeouts and eventually causes you to kill the processes.

    Just fair warning if anyone wanted to try this, but users apparently already know about it and they take advantage.
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    ok, who here thinks that we should add in a kick or temp ban configuration option if the players say it too much? like this post to vote for the addition of this.
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    Here, thought you might enjoy a list of ideas.

    1. My ideas for ways of deaths would be:
    --1. Lightning strike
    --2. Violent explosion (the explosion would only damage entities and not the terrain)
    --3. Teleports player to above the nearest pool of lava.
    --4. Make player phase through blocks causing the player to fall out of the world.
    --5. Player loses 1 heart a second until player is dead.
    --6. Player is kicked from game
    --7. Player is banned for a set amount of time. (time is settable in config)
    --8. Player is teleported to the elevation of 200
    --9. Places player in nearest deep water and disables player from being able to move until they die.

    2. These are non-lethal punishments.
    --1. Clear players entire inventory
    --2. Sets players health to 1 heart and food bar to 1 food.
    --3. 3 zombies are spawned nearby and the spawned zombies are immune to sunlight damage and will only target specified player.
    --4. Warps player to the highest point in a 200 block radius.
    --5. Warps player to lowest place within a 200 block radius.
    --6. Person loses control of their player for a determined amount of time. during that time his/her character will aimlessly wander about.
    --7. Player is silenced for a determined amount of time. meaning if they try to use the chat, the chat will just mock the player and nobody will see his messages.
    --8. This would be for servers that use an economy plugin. Player loses half of his/her money.

    3. This goes along with #1. Any player that is in creative mode will automatically be switched to survival.

    4. This one would work with a permission plugin. On the config file you could specify what groups would be effected and which groups wouldn't.

    5. An option to make it effect ops or not.
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    all great ideas, however the whole point of this plugin is irony. you say you took an arrow in your knee, and so we help you achieve that goal by shooting 50 in your knee.

    however, later on we are probably going to expand this plugin to be a lot of other really cool things, so those ideas will be taken into account if we get there
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    v1.3.1 released, the bug causing arrows to pile up and crash the server should now be fixed.

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    I want them to get a arrow in the knee and a message appearing: Playername told jokes, until he got a arrow into the knee :D
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    In a future update I'll add the ability to customize the message that appears.

    v1.4 is released, most of the changes made were in the config, and some categories were renamed, so if you're updating from a previous version I recommend you delete your config and let a new one generate.

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    exactly what i need for my server, in class now but when i get home i'm downloading immediately, or i was, until i took an arrow in the knee...
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    YES, no more stupid arrow to the knee jokes on my server!
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    Great plugin, I told my friend about the arrow to the knee jokes plugin and she took an arrow to the knee. Very well done, Bravo! [arrow]
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    yup, that's about it. As long as the player sees it coming.
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    Took you long enough to respond. :p

    v1.4.1 is released to fix a bug causing errors to spam the console every time anything moved. And yes I mean anything.

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    Found a bug,
    If you type in [arrow to the knee joke] and then immediatly after sprint away and jump (basically trying to evade from dying) it totally screws the server and forces you to restart it.
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    Post your config.yml settings please.
    Along with any error messages that show up in console.
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    no error messages in console.
    config.yml is..

    KillPlayer: true
    OpImmunity: false
    CanVictimMove: false
    ArrowDamage(1-20): 19

    ShowMessage: true
    CustomMessage: took his arrow to the knee, and 50 more.

    Thing is, ill type in [arrow to the knee joke] it works. Ill respawn, do the exact same [arrow to the knee joke] but sprint and jump immediatly after. I survive, but now everything I type will not show up and my server crashes 30 seconds after. and says Connection Lost. Its not my internet. It only happens when I pull off all of the above.
    Now if I type in "stop" on the server console. That wont even work, i have to shut it off from the x and then restart it.
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    Hmm, well that's a bug with the CanVictimMove feature, it isn't restricting your movements for some reason. Set it to true until I get that feature fixed, it should get rid of the errors.

    EDIT: I seem to have had the setting inverted, so if CanVictimMove was set to false, the player would be allowed to move, and vice versa. I'm uploading v1.4.2 with a fix.
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    funny mod!!
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    AttK v1.5 released. This is primarily an update for the new recommended build, 1.1-R3. Unlike the previous versions, 1.5 uses the new Listener API, which should, in theory, result in a measurable increase in server performance.
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    Sooooo........... It just deleted my whole world... What do i do? I have no backups... I was playing super flat mode. And suddenly it changed to a default map mode and everything was gone..
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    There's nothing in my plugin that could cause that, unless you paste an error you got in the console, I can't help you.
  26. hey i found a glitch. when someone says an "arrow to the knee" joke when inside a building, the server crashes. there is no error message, and i have the config set to default.
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    What sort of building? As in size.
  28. Anything ranging from 5x5x4 to a hollow mountain
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    SNAP, im getting the same error, i had to delete the plugin, i want it back can you fix it! also it wasnt killing them? whats going on with that
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    Hm, I'll see what I can do about that spacing error.

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