[FUN/MECH] SimpleFly v1.4.7b - Flying The Simple Way! [1.4.7-R1.0]

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    Okay, so ive been running this plugin on my server for a few months now and i am very happy with it. Though I was wondering if PVP is enabled or Disabled by default? Becuse every time a player wants to pvp, they have to do /stopfly. Also if you guys could add a function that the flying automatically turns off when the user logs off? Thanks! Keep up the good work! :D
  2. 2 little questions:
    1-Can the players use arrows while flying to hurt other players?
    2-Does this overwrite essentials fly?
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    flying broke when going to the nether.... but only on 1 person... cant fix it no matter what i try...any ideas?
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    fly now broke on 2 players going to the nether........
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    1. PVP is disabled by default.
    2. I'll add that.

    1. Any errors in the console?
    2. Does he have permission?

    1. Only if the have the permission SimpleFly.pvp.
    2. I believe so.
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    I have admincmd and it overwrites that /fly so odds are it does that for essentials as well.
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    If that's the case (although I haven't see anyone with Essentials issues..) i'm not sure how I can fix it, unless I can block Essentials' /fly command, which i'm sure they won't be happy about.
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    Plugin this no compatibily to MobArena
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    Post the error(s) please.
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    Hello can you tell me what this plugin does
    And the commands
    And do ops do /fly

    Can you tell me the commands

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    • /fly - Start flying! Double-tap after using the command to start flying! Press shift to go down, WASD to go forwards, left, back, and right, and space to go up!
    • /stopfly - Stops flying!
    • /sfinfo - Shows info about this plugin (commands and authors)!
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    Thanks man
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    Thank you for saving some of my time.

    We already have a fix out, I plan on releasing that today.
    Some new features were added, but I would consier it a minor release.
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    How is this inactive? I haven't updated the thread title yet, it's compatible with 1.4.7. I'm not going to release a new build for every beta build Bukkit releases, it would be a waste of my time.
    I don't understand why you would tag something as inactive if it's still compatible with the latest recommended build, and if the developer is still active. The plugin itself is still supported and is nowhere near abandoned.
    md_5 TnT
    If you could move this to the appropriate forum that would be great, thanks.
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    Moved to releases
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