[FUN/MECH] SimpleFly v1.4.7b - Flying The Simple Way! [1.4.7-R1.0]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by ShootToMaim, May 5, 2012.

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    I managed to find a good soloution using another plugin called Booscooldowns.

    Thanks though, nice work!
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    D:. I was about to implement that feature :c.
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    Thx for update, going testing =DDD
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    Thanks for th ereply, please let me know when the pvp timer has been added <3
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    The next version of SimpleFly will have it. Hopefully it will be today.

    SimpleFly v1.4.2 has been released!
    SimpleFly v1.4.2:
    -Fixed PVP bug reported by @Adrenaline .

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    Next bugs (with active /fly):
    • Can attack mobs and dont receive any damage.
    • Can swim at lava
    • Can breathe under water.
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    do you have simplefly.nodamage (as you stated you had enabled before)
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    - SimpleFly.fly
    - SimpleFly.nodamage
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    Do you see the problem?
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    yes :)

    Flying is not for SWIMMING AT LAVA, you really dont understand?

    Flying is not for BREATHE UNDER WATER ..

    Namely.. mobs..

    Player when have active /fly and finds mobSpawner can kill unlimited monsters and dont receive any damage.. this is not fair for normal players.

    Now you understand ? :| and srry for caps :)
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    Then don't give the players the permissions node SimpleFly.fly if you feel that they'll abuse the power. Give it to someone you trust.
    I'll see if tyzoid has the patience to implement that support in the config.yml.

    350 servers running this plugin? That's fantastic!
    Thank you for your support guys! I appreciate you using my plugin :).

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    Well, if it isn't fair, then don't give them the permission node SimpleFly.nodamage. That's what it is meant for.
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    I'm sorry, I don't think we understand what you are trying to say and visa-versa.

    As per the OP: SimpleFly.nodamage - Allows a player to not take damage while flying!
    Fall damage is disabled anyway when they fall from /stopfly

    What I am trying to say, is that if it isn't fair that the players are invincible, don't make them invincible, and remove the node "SimpleFly.nodamage" as that's what it is meant for.
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    Without "SimpleFly.nodamage" i cannot hit other players but i can be damaged @[email protected] Default group dont have any permissions
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    then you give the flying group "simplefly.pvp" which allows you to hit other players.
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    Hey when using creative flying (Not in creative mode though) and you try to break blocks while flying, its like you are underwater and super slow.

    Does this have that issue?
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    This isn't creative mode flying.
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    When i'm hovering, breaking blocks take long time even though i have good tools. When I land it's normal again. weird :)
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    Interesting... i'll take a look at that.
    Thank you for bringing that up!
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    Seems like it does T.T.
    I'll have to ask tyzoid to fix that. :/
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    It is client side and difficult to fix.

    I may be able to fix it via potion effects (namely the one where blocks break faster) but I can't promise anything.

    Refer here: https://bukkit.atlassian.net/browse/BUKKIT-1301
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    We'll probably have to use the breaking blocks faster potion effect from JailLikeHell..
    Come on Skype so we can talk :).

    1500 players using this?! Holy sh*t! This plugin is only 25 days old... but it's doing so great :).
    Thank you!

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    I don't have simplefly.nodamage and i'm not taking damage from zombies...​
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    Are you OP?
    Also, my IP isn't what it says in your signature. Ha.
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    Yeah i was OP...
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    When you're OP, you automatically have all permissions. If you want to negate them...
    - SimpleFly.nodamage: false
    And the IP wasn't right because I have a static IP ;p.
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    If this plugin could be activated temporarily upon consuming a block, that would be really cool. Or maybe cost money to use the flying for a short time and then it's over. "Flying Potions"
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    I don't think adding a new block is possible without Spout and SpoutCraft.
    Perhaps I might add it, but it won't be a high priority.
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    COOL! better try it out:p
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