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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by orange451, Nov 29, 2011.

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    Hey, thanks very much for this plugin. It is very simple and easy to use :) Just one problem. Config isnt that great and I was wondering how I modify the Rewards etc. Would really like this help please thanks :) Awesome plugin though.
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    There seems to be a conflict with MultiVerse. I created a Conquest Arena in one of my worlds, but when the server restarted, the Ultimate Arena put me in the arena as if it were in the main world, not the arena world.

    Also, using CB 1597, Whenever a player joins the area, when they enter the lobby, it puts them slightly in the air inside the lobby, causing the server to tell them Cancelled, but they still count as in the Arena, but they cannot do anything else. And if they move, it puts them back in the spot they entered the arena.

    Same thing when the game starts, it starts the player actually one block in the air above where the actual spawn point was set, and just keeps teleporting the player back to there.

    And finally, When a player dies, it does not spawn them back inside the arena at their spawn point, it places them at the spawn point for the world. It spits out this in the log:

    2011-12-21 21:11:11 [INFO] CONQUEST ARENA: player died!
    2011-12-21 21:11:13 [INFO] PREPARTING TO STOP ARENA
    2011-12-21 21:11:13 [INFO] null
    2011-12-21 21:11:14 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Timer-3"
    2011-12-21 21:11:14 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    2011-12-21 21:11:14 [SEVERE]     at com.orange451.UltimateArena.listeners.PluginPlayerListener$
    2011-12-21 21:11:14 [SEVERE]     at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Unknown Source)
    2011-12-21 21:11:14 [SEVERE]     at Source)
    There were some issues with setting the points as well, but I assume it was just the wording, But please Fix it to make it clearer, and If you wouldn't mind adding a config file or two?
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    Feature Request!
    In arena plugins the players dont actually die, they simply spawn out of the arena when they lose all their health, if this is possible to add to yours it would be fantastic. It would allow the players to keep the exp they earn.
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    I should have pointed out, at this time, UltimateArena arenas will only work in the normal world, sorry! :p
    I'll get to fixing that bug for you, though.
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    Is the source available?

    If not, could you post it on ?
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    I don't really want to give my source out, if that's alright with you.
    ~Fixed the bug that was posted a little while ago
    ~you NEED to use /ua done when it tells you to, or you mess up the arena creation!
    ~I added a video on how to properly set up a PVP arena (it's still processing)
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    Hey i have got this Error!

    2011-12-22 12:52:57 [SEVERE] java.lang.IllegalAccessError: Synchronized code got accessed from another thread: java.util.TimerThread
    2011-12-22 12:52:57 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.event.player.PlayerListener.onPlayerTeleport(PlayerListener:0)
    2011-12-22 12:52:57 [SEVERE] at$9.execute(
    2011-12-22 12:52:57 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
    2011-12-22 12:52:57 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
    2011-12-22 12:52:57 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.entity.CraftPlayer.teleport(
    2011-12-22 12:52:57 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.entity.CraftEntity.teleport(
    2011-12-22 12:52:57 [SEVERE] at com.orange451.UltimateArena.Arenas.Arena.spawn(
    2011-12-22 12:52:57 [SEVERE] at com.orange451.UltimateArena.Arenas.Arena.addPlayer(
    2011-12-22 12:52:57 [SEVERE] at com.orange451.UltimateArena.main.joinBattle(
    2011-12-22 12:52:57 [SEVERE] at com.orange451.UltimateArena.main$
    2011-12-22 12:52:57 [SEVERE] at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Unknown Source)
    2011-12-22 12:52:57 [SEVERE] at Source)
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    I have a bug:
    If a player on the arena and exit of the game, after join to game he has armor and weapons + not participates in the event.

    Sorry for my bad English. I use Google Translate...
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    Is CTF gona be break the block and bring to base / Flag?
    BTW: Idea for game mode:
    King of the hill!
    Place colored wool blocks in a frame of obsidian, then you get points every x seconds / Ticks.
    When you reach an x amount of points, your team wins.
    To steal the point, break the blocks and put your color in it.
    Also ability to set team colors, and ammount of teams avable in a battle woud be great, if you can do that. :D
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    Drew Cowie

    Hey orange is it possible to add a feature that allows you to turn the arena on and off so a server admin can choose when people can join
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    Hey, I posted before but didnt get a reply :p How can I modify the classes and rewards? Btw people are taking off the Monseterspawners and BlockJumping lawl! Could you make it so they cant take anything off in the arena please? Also people need food. Thanks for your help! Great work :p Also People are some how glitching out of the arena and getting the MobSpawners haha.
  12. Thx 4 the reply, but unfotrunate this doesent work either.
    Its just happening nothing after that regartless of the command I give.
    I will try it totday wile shutting down my other plugins,
    evt its an confikt with one of them.
    I will post again then.

    have a nice x-mass
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    Amazing work.
    Maybe you could give source? I need for translate and something to edit.
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    I was wondering, for the Mob Spawner helmets if there is a way to edit it out or replace it? I've tried to put a helmet in the class files, but to no avail they get the spawner still or both.
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    Hey im running this plugin on a server,
    I'm wondering how the medic class works and what the gold axe is for?
    Like can you heal others with it and how so?
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    When I type /ua create cq cq nothing happens
    /ua works normally, but thats the only thing...
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    this plugin is running around the clock on my server. i feel that it increased my number of players. i have like six or seven different arenas in my server.

    orange you are the man!
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    The medic class gets healed every 3 seconds, by 1 health.
    with the axe, if you left click someone, it will heal them 1 health.
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    are there permissions for this? or can anyone use it?
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    sounds good
    does it have a config
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    okay I've been using the heck out of this plug in and i was wondering.... could you fix the dumb ass class cause items like that cant work and what if you could customize kill streaks? that would be awesome just throwing it out there and custom prizes? like using iconomy when you get oh so far? I'm trying to use this on my server and I'm getting it going just certain things bother me about it like i wonder if it could be completely customizable... by the way i loveeeeee being able to create my own classes by the way please write me back beautiful plugin :)
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    Is there a way to separate the Ultimate arena's Mob arena and PVP arena in 2 different suites (.jar files) because I feel that we are only going to use the Mob arena, and I don't think we'll need the PVP arena. I don't want to have wasted resources but I would love to use the Mob arena only!
    Great looking plugin.
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    Found bugs:

    1. When player logout and login he has all items sword and etc.
    2. Sometimes when players fight game inturrupt:
    One player spawn on spawnpoint and another is spawn normal near arena.

    20:57:48 [INFO] null
    20:57:49 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Timer-93"
    20:57:49 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    20:57:49 [SEVERE]       at com.orange451.UltimateArena.listeners.PluginPlayerListener$
    20:57:49 [SEVERE]       at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(
    20:57:49 [SEVERE]       at
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    That first bug has been mentioned numerous times.
    that second bug has been fixed awhile ago, redownload the plugin :)
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    Second bug hasn't been fixed yet.
    It's rather but sometimes i have this error.
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    It's odd though, the line number that your bug is occuring doesn't make sence with the actual plugin. Perhaps I forgot to upload it after I fixed it a few weeks ago.
    On the brighter side...
    I made a king of the hill arena type ;D
    how it works:
    ~set 2 points for a single lobby (same as always)
    ~set 2 points for the arena (same as always)
    ~set as many player spawns as you want (each player spawns at a random player spawn in this game mode)
    ~set ONE flag point after the player spawns
  27. actually they are 4 arena types ^^
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    Why are you saying, "actually"? When did I, or anyone else, suggest there were not 4 arena types?
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    Definitely something I want to use but I do rely on Multiverse for keeping my Arena world seperate from my Main world. How soon would it be for multiworld support of some kind?
  30. In the main post you wrote that there are 3 arena types instead of 4

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