Enchantment Control?

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  1. You are renaming it wrong...
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    Lol i didnt know that was possible :p How should i do it then? From the moment i hit download.
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    right click on file, goto properties, and change the ending from zip to jar. You cannot change the extension of the file by just renaming it
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    i cant do that. only lets me hit "Change" to change how it opens, like with winzip or winrar, but no option to change the "type of file: " part.

    Can you upload the file to an upload site and give link? Sorry for all the trouble, and sorry for such a late response, my players were waiting for our late christmas event and thats what i just finished :)

    come on somebody please help me out here.

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  6. No that won't work, the code is not enough and it's not in the right folders.... You need to add a YML and compile it. The zip after remaned to a jar is pertectly fine...
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    i tried renaming to jar but it just becomes .zip.jar haha. And no way in properties to rename from .zip to .jar, doesnt give me the option.

    nvm i got it, in my folder options it let me "hide file extensions" was checked, so i unchecked it and was able to rename the zip file to .jar.

    Ok i got it working :) It has an issue with it tho, when a player enchants and it "takes away" the fortune and/or silk touch, it actualy eats their EXP and doesnt enchant anything (obviously this is the plugin takeing away the enchants). Is there a way to ONLY take away the fortune and/or silktouch, and not the extras that were put on it?

    For example, if a player enchants it and it woul dhave been fortune AND durability, its just taking away ALL the enchants includeing durability, and eats the 30 lvl's of EXP, and is still a blank pick axe.

    Can it just take away the fortune and silktouch but leave the others that it enchanted on it?

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  8. I thought that it was it'd do.... give me a second...

    Yeah it does that, I know what happened: Your player just got silk/fortune and nothing else and thats why it didn't give anything to him...

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    hmm i see, ok then how about this, make it so if it DID take away the fortune or silk touch, it will give that tool a "durability 3" enchant. ?

    This way players dont get Pissed off that they just lost 30 lvl's of exp haha.
  10. Well in that case I'd prefer an unenchanted pick but whatever...
    Untested as always, same License :D
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    absolutely perfect :) I have 1 more thing for you to add if you can :3 make it so it generates a folder for its plugin name and a document that i can edit for the chance to lose the enchantments. So you said it was 60% chance to lose, so can a .yml file that i can configure say something like


    Also, i couldnt offer you money to do this to begin with, due to against the rules, but i should be able to send you money of my own free will after the deed right? Whats your paypal email? :)
  12. Okay I'll add a config you don't have to pay anything for it...
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    surely i can send you even 5 bucks for your troubles :p i insist.
  14. Done...
    Same as above

    And... no thank you I don't want any money
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    Ok ^_^ Thanks for the work, its very much appreciated! Also, i just got the file and added it, however its not generating a folder with a yml file for me to edit :p
  16. Added Config generation...
    Same stuff as before 'n stuff.... stuff :D
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    somethings not working :( I set them both to 100% to test, and im still getting fortune and silk touch, in fact once i got the file that generates a yml config, it seems im getting the enchants more often then before you made the file without a config.
  18. Did you set them to 100% or to 100 (don't do the %)?
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    ya i didnt add "%" cause you didnt have it added so i just changed them from

    fortuneloss: 60
    silktouchloss: 60


    fortuneloss: 100
    silktouchloss: 100
  20. Dangit... forgot to limit the Random integer to 100 ... fixed
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    Perfect :D I cant thank you enough! This is gonna help a LOT

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