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    I installed this on my server today to play with it and have it control overworld dungeons while instances are on a separate map using DungeonBuilder. Now I've come into a huge problem with this addon, and I do not have a clue what I'm doing wrong. Most of the time when I try to spawn a dungeon, it tells me there's not enough space for the stairs. Now what does that mean? It doesn't matter if if I use /cat plan Example 1 1 or /cat plan Example 20 20, the problem remains that it won't let me plan. It took me 3 hours of WorldEditing land yesterday to get a Catacomb to spawn and an additional hour terraforming the land back, lol... not quite as easy as I was hoping it'd be.
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    Just wanna say my server loves your plugin. I think I have about 20 catacombs placed and a few have been unprotected and claimed for bases the rest I will reset each sunday. I look forward to a feature that will regen a new layout when we remake them so users cant set warps in the last floors.
  3. Sorry to hear the stairs thing has been giving you grief. There are two types of stair checks, the first is is under your feet when you plan, the second is at the end of each level you hope to generate.

    The first one checks there is a vertical shaft of solid-natural material starting two blocks beneath your feet and going down to the bottom of the first level (9 blocks is the default depth on the config).
    Natural is defined as stone,dirt,sand,gravel, sandstone and the ores. Note grass isn't on the list, but it's ok because it ignores the block you are standing on and starts checking below that. Also note air isn't on the list, the build site needs to be solid.

    The second type of check is based on whether the dungeon planner can locate a suitable place at the "end" of the dungeon for the stairs down to the level below (or for the end of dungeon chest on the last level). It sometimes fails to find a suitable location if the dungeon is very tightly packed and it's left it too late before trying to fit the final stairs off the existing rooms. Once a location for the stairs down as been found the plugin will also run the check-vertical-shaft-is-solid-and-natural check as well.

    I'm sure you've run with many different options, but the practical implications of the 2 checks above is that the chances are that neither of the command lines you happened to mention will ever complete successfully. /cat plan Example 1 1 will never find a location of the end of dungeon chest at the end of the first level, because a stair structure is 3 blocks x 2 blocks and this won't fit (with a stair up and a room) into the 3x3 area you've allowed. Also /cat plan Example 20 20 is requesting 20 levels of depth which is likely to run into bedrock if you start from sea level (to debug try /cat plan Example 1 10 - I run this lots to create small test dungeons and it almost never fails).

    If the plan steps fails to build the whole dungeon you asked for it will complain and not let you continue, which I guess is what is happening. Try /cat plan 1 10 and post the message you got in the server console and the message that was sent to your character (apologies for the long winded response).
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    Ok im uploading a vid for this now... No audio but it should be OK. :)
  5. That sounds great dabram71. I'm looking forwards to having a look.
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  7. Thanks for making the video and uploading. It certainly gives a flavour of what people can expect and reminds everyone why it's important to enter with food and equipment. :)
    I added you to the credits section at the top.
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    Thank you so much,
    Glad to have this plugin on, and running on my server!
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    Nice plugin but iConomy does not seem to work correctly. I am using version 6 and it says I get gold coins but afterwards when i do /money it has no increase at all.
  10. Version 0.4 of Catacombs was tested with iConomy5 (rather than 6 which is why your are not getting any cash).
    I've updated the code to support many more economy plugins now including iConomy6. The new version hasn't
    been released yet, but I'm targeting a release this weekend once I've totally removed the need for MySQL.
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    Nice plugin man, love it !

    How does the secret door works ? It seems that the dungeon have em, but there is no save file, so, whats the definition of the secret door so i can make it in other places for example ?

    Thanx fo for the attention.
  12. By default the secret door mechanism works all across the map (it's a little more efficient in time to not check if a click is inside a dungeon). [There is an option to limit the mechanism to dungeons only for those that want that. Servers with sensitive economies should limit the mechanism to dungeons only to avoid players creating redstone torches out of thin air.]

    The structure vertically starting at the bottom is either:
    • redstone_torch, piston_sticky_base, piston_extension, block1, block2 (this is the closed door)
    • block2, piston_sticky_base, block1 (this is the open door)
    The sticky piston must be pointing up, block1/2 should be cobble or mossy cobble.

    Just released version 0.5 of Catacombs.

    One major change is that MySQL is no longer required if you are starting fresh or after you've run once to convert any old data to the new scheme.

    Also added
    • /cat which
    • /cat suspend <name>
    • /cat enable <name>
    • /cat goto <name>
    • /cat recall
    See the release notes at the top for all the details.

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    I am satisfied.
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    Thanks for the awesome update ! ^^
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    Does this work with SkylandsPlus?
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    0.5 looks nice I love the new commands to bad my server is down. Im sure I will spend lots of time with it tomorrow its so much fun. I would love a way for admins to block select commands while in a catacomb to stop warps, using /home, shop or whatever other commands servers might have that can make catacombs to easy.
  17. Not sure, give it a try and let me know if you have issues. One thing is that dungeons can only be built in solid regions so in skylands you might only get a level or two before running down into sky. There is no real reason why I couldn't allow dungeons to build into empty space I just chose to stop this because it doesn't look very nice when they stick out of the sides of mountains or floating islands.

    I'm not sure how easy it would be to cancel teleport events from other plugins when inside a dungeon I'll have a look. What's the exploit with shop?

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    You can check out Jail, Combattag, Mobarena, etc, they all let you define commands that you cannot use when inside a certain area / being tagged / etc.
  19. Yes thanks. It looks like intercepting a set of given commands is a very straight forward way to achieve this.
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    Wow. Just wow. Truly an amazing plugin. Now if only they generated randomly.. ;D
  21. Release v0.6 just went out for those that want to upgrade.
    • Chest contents now fully configurable
    • Build dungeons in multiple styles of your own choosing
    • Refill chests in multiple styles
    • Added configuration to allow Admins to block certain commands inside a dungeon.
    See the release notes for all the details.
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    This is a very nice Plugin.

    Why is the source not distributed?
    i would love to customize a few little things
    otherwise i can state the special things i would like,
    but im afraid theyre not worth implementing for you.

    Also: you plan to let some other plugin handle the protection?
    Are you going to use Worldguard?
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    Great plugin!
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    First of all: A wonderful plugin! Customizable, very easy to use and simply...amazing! ;)
    But I have one question/problem: Can I use your plugin with CustomDifficulty? (

    I've set up a region (with worldguard) in my default world and created a dungeon (with your plugin) in this region, set the difficulty (with CustomDifficulty ), but somehow the mob-spawners in the dungeon don't spawn any mobs at all.

    I don't know where to search for the error, in CustomDifficulty, Worldguard or Catacombs -.-

    Here is your config:
        GoldOff: false
        CalmSpawns: false
        emptyChestonDelete: true
        MessyEndermen: false
        SecretDoorOnlyInDungeon: false
        Economy: any
        MessyCreepers: false
        SecretDoorOff: false
        - /spawn
        - /kill
        - /warp
        - /setwarp
        - /home
        DungeonProtectOff: false
        SaveDungeons: true
                EquipPct: 100
                List: []
                EquipPct: 100
                - diamond:100:1-2
                - golden_apple:30:1
                - leather:10:1-6
                - torch:50:1-30
                - ink_sack:10:1-5
                - wheat:10:1-5
                - gold_ingot:10:1-2
                - redstone:5:1-4
                - glowstone_dust:15:1-6
                - slime_ball:7:1
                - iron_ingot:20:1-4
                - arrow:10:1-25
                - sulphur:10:1-5
                - pumpkin:5:1
                - flint:10:1-6
                - gold_record:2:1
                - green_record:2:1
                - saddle:2:1
                - diamond:1:1
                - mossy_cobblestone:5:1-12
                - obsidian:2:1-8
                - golden_apple:2:1
                - cookie:4:8
                - bread:3:4
                - apple:3:4
                - cooked_fish:3:4
                - cooked_beef:3:4
                - cooked_chicken:3:4
                - grilled_pork:3:4
                - melon_seeds:2:1
                - pumpkin_seeds:2:1
                - bowl:7:1
                - seeds:4:1-6
                - book:7:1-4
                - paper:7:1-4
                - compass:5:1
                - watch:5:1
                - painting:5:1
                LeatherEquipPct: 10
                CaveSpiderPct: 10
                WolfPct: 10
                SkeletonPct: 25
                PigmanPct: 10
                SpiderPct: 5
                Max: 30
                Min: 0
            DoubleWidthPct: 60
                DoorPct: 20
                HiddenPct: 10
                WebDoorPct: 10
                BenchPct: 3
                SpawnerPct: 50
                ChestPct: 30
                    PoolPct: 15
                    FullPoolPct: 40
                    LavaPct: 30
                ShroomPct: 10
                SandPct: 10
                OvenPct: 2
            Max: 10
            Min: 3
        CorridorPct: 30
        RadiusMax: 12
            roof: 1
            floor: 3
            firstLevel: 2
            room: 3
            Width3Pct: 10
            Width2Pct: 40
            Max: 9
            Min: 3
            AirWebPct: 1
            MossyPct: 2
    And here my worldguard region config: (should you be familiar with worldguard ;) )
    # WorldGuard regions file
    # WorldGuard is unable to parse the file, your regions will FAIL TO LOAD and
    # the contents of this file will reset. Please use a YAML validator such as
    # (for smaller files).
        min: {z: 163.0, y: 0.0, x: 341.0}
        flags: {notify-enter: true, creeper-explosion: deny, greeting: Ein eisiger Hauch streicht durch deine Haare!,
          mob-damage: allow, difficulty: Sumpfgrotte, build: deny, mob-spawning: allow}
        max: {z: 193.0, y: 127.0, x: 376.0}
        priority: 0
        type: cuboid
        owners: {}
        members: {}
    And at least my CustomDifficulty configs (should you be familiar with these too :p)
        checkForUpdates: true
        savePlayerKills: 0
        useOldGetDifficulty: false
        initMessages: true
        useWorldGuardRegions: true
        minSpawnDistance: 24.0
        maxSpawnDistance: 222.0
        mobSpawnerRadius: 5.0
        mobLimit: 500
            mobAggressiveLimit: 75
            mobPassiveLimit: 75
            mobFriendlyLimit: 75
            mobChunkLimit: 1
            difficulty: adventure
            burnsInSunlightInterval: 20
            spawnInterval: 5
            aggressivenessInterval: 10
                aggressiveness: true
                burnsInSunlight: true
                mobHP: true
                mobDamage: true
                playerVsPlayer: true
                playerVsMonster: true
                reward: true
                lootMultiplier: true
                spawnAlgorithm: true
        rewardDepreciation: 10.0
        dropOnlyWhenKilledByPlayer: false
        - cavespider
        - spider
        - skeleton
        - zombie
        - pigzombie
        - wolf
        vsMonsterDamageAdd: 0
        vsPlayerDamageAdd: 0
        vsPlayerDamageMultiply: 1.0
        vsMonsterDamageMultiply: 1.0
        hp: 40
        damage: 10
        spawnChance: 100.0
        spiderJockeyChance: 1.0
        burnsInSunlight: false
        aggressivenessDay: aggressive
        aggressivenessNight: aggressive
        reward: 10.0
        lootMultiplier: 1
        lightLevelMin: 0
        lightLevelMax: 15
        heightMin: 0
        heightMax: 127
        hp: 80
        damage: 40
        spawnChance: 100.0
        burnsInSunlight: false
        aggressivenessDay: aggressive
        aggressivenessNight: aggressive
        reward: 10.0
        lootMultiplier: 1
        lightLevelMin: 0
        lightLevelMax: 15
        heightMin: 0
        heightMax: 127
            - 298:0:1:1:20
            - 299:0:1:1:20
            - 300:0:1:1:20
            - 301:0:1:1:20
        hp: 40
        damage: 20
        spawnChance: 100.0
        burnsInSunlight: false
        aggressivenessDay: aggressive
        aggressivenessNight: aggressive
        reward: 12.0
        lootMultiplier: 1
        lightLevelMin: 0
        lightLevelMax: 15
        heightMin: 0
        heightMax: 127
            - 302:0:1:1:20
            - 303:0:1:1:20
            - 304:0:1:1:20
            - 305:0:1:1:20
        hp: 60
        damage: 18
        spawnChance: 100.0
        spiderJockeyChance: 1.0
        burnsInSunlight: false
        aggressivenessDay: aggressive
        aggressivenessNight: aggressive
        reward: 10.0
        lootMultiplier: 1
        lightLevelMin: 0
        lightLevelMax: 15
        heightMin: 0
        heightMax: 127
            - 30:0:1:3:20
            - 98:0:1:3:20
        hp: 100
        damage: 45
        spawnChance: 100.0
        burnsInSunlight: false
        aggressivenessDay: aggressive
        aggressivenessNight: aggressive
        reward: 20.0
        lootMultiplier: 1
        lightLevelMin: 0
        lightLevelMax: 15
        heightMin: 0
        heightMax: 127
        spawnChance: 100.0
        lightLevelMin: 0
        lightLevelMax: 15
        heightMin: 0
        heightMax: 127
            hp: 40
            damage: 18
            burnsInSunlight: false
            aggressivenessDay: aggressive
            aggressivenessNight: aggressive
            reward: 0.0
            lootMultiplier: 1
            hp: 40
            damage: 12
            burnsInSunlight: false
            aggressivenessDay: passive
            aggressivenessNight: passive
            reward: 0.0
            lootMultiplier: 1
  25. I just haven't go around to tidying up the code and finding a place for it to live yet, but I will be posting the source once I've got through the top things on my list. Feel free to mention any thing's you'd like.

    I'm not sure which world protection system to used because I don't really need one on my server as it's close friends only. I did briefly try LWC. If I do integrate with another protection system it would need to be regularly updated and have a nice API. Your vote for Worldguard is noted and appreciated :)
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    Hey, just have to say I love this addon! It's very fun to see everyone team up to overcome them!

    I have one suggestion though. Usually after I create the dungeon, i kind of scope out the loot to make sure everything seems fair, just incase the generator didnt do so. I sometimes will change the loot and stuff to make more common stuff in front and what not, but after i reset the dungeon, the loot goes back to how it was originally.

    I was wondering if there could be a way to save the loot stored in the chests or have a way to save the catacomb so when we reset, it goes back to our liking?

    Thanks and [cake] to you. :)
  27. Worldguard and CustomDifficulty aren't plugins I've tried, but let's see if we can figure it out.

    Only one Catacombs option has any impact on spawning "CalmSpawns". If you set this variable
    to true then all Catacomb spawning code is switched off, which is handy, so try setting this and
    let me know what happens. Once the dungeon has been built you could also move plugins/Catacombs.jar
    out of the way and restart the server (i.e test the spawners without Catacombs running at all -
    You won't loose your dungeon locations as long as you don't delete the .db file).
    I contend turning Catacombs off will give you the same spawn behaviour as setting CalmSpawns to
    true but can try it so you don't need to take my word for it.

    The Catacombs spawning code runs as Event.Priority.Low when it's running and does 4 things.
    1. stops straight away if the spawn has already been cancelled by another plugin
    2. Cancels the spawn if it's within one of my dungeons and that dungeon is suspended (you'll see lots of glowstone)
    3. For pigmen only: it stops them spawning if light >10 and makes them angry if it isn't
    4. For wolves only: it stops them spawning if light >10 and makes them angry if it isn't
    Of these number (2) fits the facts, are your dungeons suspended?

    The Worldguard options sound fine. I'd put my money on Custom difficulty which appears to have lots of spawning control.

    Thanks for the kind feedback.

    Are you using version 0.6? In v0.6 you have much more control what spawns in the chests. True it doesn't get better as you go deeper and you can still get luck and unlucky, but you now have pretty much full control of all the chest loot and their numbers and their percentages.

    It would be possible to save a loot list off and reload, but there'd be no surprises :( Have a play with the loot configuration options in the new config.yml and see if you can tune the chances to give you loot the way you like it.

    Another way might be to generate all the loot up front. Sort it by approximate value. Then place it into the chests based on number of rooms distance from the stairs (which is known during planning) and level depth.

    Personally I like the surprise of a [diamond] in the first small chest that you'll get in 1:100 dungeons.

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    This is a great plug-in, I enjoy having it on my server and so do my players. I was wondering if you were able to make is so that we can higher customization. For example, certain blocks spawn different mobs, so we can have the ability to build our own custom catacomb. If we were able to do that we would be able to place a certain amount of chests with a certain amount of loot. Another idea that I have is the ability to power a certain block so it spawn a type of mob with a configurable amount. Like in this picture: [​IMG]
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    Big thx for your great help and some of your precious time you put into a solution!!!

    I guess its CustomDifficulty's spawn control which prevents mob-spawner functionality within the catacombs. When I remove CustimDifficulty it works just fine.

    It would be great if you could help me to find a solution to the spawn problem, since those two plugins would be pure awesomeness, when it comes to dungeon creation and difficulty customization ;) Maybe with a node to change the spawn priority within a catacomb to high? So it could override any other plugins spawn control within a specific worldguard region or world.

    edit: Just think of a dungeon full of mighty aggressive killer chicken and devilish cows! Or a beginner tutorial dungeon with easy to handle mobs. Lot's of awesome stuff would be possible if those two plugins could be used together :p
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    Thank you :)
    I can only recommend WorldGuard (my little plugin uses it).
    I haven't seen LWC's or any other protection-plugin's Source though.

    About my modification plans (really special things, have to do them myself):

    The Server I usually play on has up to 60 people online at peak times.
    The owner introduced a rank that is tied to your plugin.

    in short:
    4 catacombs (created by admins) are hidden in the map, who finds and beats them will get the rank and the catacomb that was finished is deleted and created somewhere else.

    Now the idea is, that it is really hard to find those catacombs for the players, so not evry other person running around gets that rank. With normal methods that is absolutely the case.

    Now here another plugins come into play.

    1. Dynamic Map:

    features an integrated Webserver that shows the Servermap in a googlemaps-style. there is a "cave"-view. it can be abused to find the catacombs, for they leave their footprint on that cave-view.
    My plan:
    • hook into the plugin and prevent the chunks from updating the images on the chunks that hold catacombs.
    Another problem is, that ideally there is only one person, or one with a few friends going in your catacomb an beating it. Unfortunately with that many people on the server there will be others possibly trying to come too. admins and mods cannot keep track of that all the time. so i had i mind to implement:
    • some kind of lock: once a player (or limited group of players) start a catacomb they cant get back out and no one else can get in until its done.
    • prevent bukkit-deathmessages for people that die in catacombs (if playerX keeps dying from pigmen people know that playerX s doing a catacomb)
    You see those are very special features needed, thats why im looking forward to check out the source :)

    And once again i have to say: i really like that plugin :)

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