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  1. Your typing /cat plan <name> <depth> <width> but should only type /cat plan <name> <depth>

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    Now I've built one and can't delete or reset it. Give me the same error as before, and it's not showing up when I type /cat list either.
  3. The plugin already supports levels of any size. The RadiusMax attribute in the config.yml can be used to raise the upper size limit for the levels. The default is 12, which means the level will never be larger than 12 blocks due North, South, East or west from the block containing the ladder down (12 + 1 (for the stairs) + 12 = 25). If you set this to RadiusMax to 499 it will try and build a 999x999 level (provided there is a large enough solid natural region under your feet and provided the java server doesn't run out of memory).

    On page 2 of this thread there is a link to a video showing how to set a MySQL database up.

    That is what can happen when the MySQL isn't working. The '/cat list' command queries the MySQL database.
    Check you get a message like this in the server console
    18:29:54 [INFO] [Catacombs] Looking for Permissions plugin
    18:29:54 [INFO] [Catacombs] Found and will use plugin Permissions v3.1.6
    18:29:55 [INFO] [Catacombs] Connected sucessfully to MYSQL
    18:29:55 [INFO] [catacombs] plugin has been enabled!
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  4. cant figure out how to build a catacomb... tried /cat plan namehere randomnumberhere i only get "-1"
    and when trying /cat build namehere i get 'expecting arg#1 to be a planned dungeon name.'

    is the plugin out of date or am i missing something
    i used the config from page 2 as suggested aswell.
  5. You might want to try with the default config.yml first (you'll need to enable and setup the MySQL entries), get that
    working then change the options. Check you seeing the "[Catacombs] Connected sucessfully to MYSQL"
    message in the console when the server is started.

    Find a suitable location, type "/cat plan mydungeon 1" then let me know what you see on the screen *and* in the console.
    Only when it says everything is good will you be able to run "/cat build mydungeon"
  6. ok its working now, i deleted the old config and generated a new one, looks like the settings on page 2 messed it up :|
    thanks for the help!
  7. The settings on page2 do work, they are only a subset of the settings you need. You would need to make the edits on page2 to a full version of the config.yml. In other words the settings on page two list the manual changes you'd need to make to the config.yml to get bigger-grander dungeons.

    Released version 0.4 of Catacombs. See the header for details. I'm getting some strange client side crashes when I use 'delete' dungeon so avoid this until I've resolved the issue.

    Check you are getting the "[Catacombs] Connected sucessfully to MYSQL" message in the console

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  8. is there a final room in which you can teleport to the surface, and reset the dungeon?
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    Absolutely love this mod. Everyone on my server is raving about it. I simply can't wait to see new styles and options!

    Any chance for Essentails Eco, or ecoCreature support? I don't use iConomy simply because 6 is broken horribly, and all the creatures in the catacombs don't seem to count as far as ecoCreature is concerned, and therefore means that no one gets money for killing creatures in a Catacomb, but do for killing creatures on the surface.

    Let me know, and keep up the good work.
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    I've installed 0.4 and checked the console to make sure it connects to my MSQL database, which it does, but I can't seem to reset the catacombs I make. I've tried both /cat reset name, which gives me the error 'expecting arg#1 to be an existing dungeon name. I've also tried /cat resetall and I get no confirmation message and it doesn't reset any of them.
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    Can i have the source, i want to edit a few things out :)
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    Emiya Shirou

    And why is that?
  13. Is it possible the dungeon was created before the SQL connection was good? The message you are getting is consistent with what will happen when the dungeon doesn't exist in the data base. '/cat list' will list all the known dungeons (I guess you'll get an empty list []).

    Try building a new dungeon, and see if that works. Also if you know your way around a SQL database (maybe you have phpMyAdmin http://<hostmachine>/phpMyAdmin) have a look in the 3 tables that get created and let me know what you can see (there should be one entry in the cat_dungeons table for every dungeon you build).

    Thanks. I'll look into adding Essentials Eco support.

    The plugin uses MySQL (as many other plugins do) to save the dungeon details so they don't get lost when the server is restarted.

    I will be posting the source at some point. Let me know if some extra configuration will be useful.

    There is a final room with a special chest set into the wall. Now way yet to teleport out - I hope you left a trail of breadcrumbs or string. The dungeon reset is admin rather than player at the moment. I'll add it to the to-do list.

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    Emiya Shirou

    What details? and if someone don't want to keep them? I just want to spawn the ready to explore dungeon and disable the plugin completely.
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    He's saying that if you host server, you can save the details into a MYSQL table so that after you've had your go at it, it's resettable for other players on your server, or for you again.

    You do not HAVE to have a connection to MYSQL, but once you create it there's no deleting it or resetting it, and I think if you restart your server it disappears.
  16. I guess you can disable the plugin once the dungeon has been created, but it wasn't written to really support that and so you'll get what you get (I think you'll find certain things stops working).

    For example the secret doors won't work. The pig zombies and wolves will be peaceful and won't stop spawning in the light. Obviously the Ederman, creeper and player protection won't work but that's probably not a big problem. As mentioned the reset and delete functions won't work.

    A large number of the questions and issues people have had on this thread are related to the MySQL database so I can definitely see the advantage of both changing the plugin to make it behave more gracefully when MySQL isn't present, and having an option (maybe sql lite or a plain file) for servers where MySQL isn't set up. I'll include some changes to help with this in the updates I'm doing.
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    I just downloaded version 0.4 and took a look at the new config file. I noticed that in the MySQL section there is now an Enabled: setting that was not there in the previous version. What exactly is this used for? In my config file prior to upgrading I had Enables: true in this section, but after upgrading I now have both the Enables: true and Enabled: false. I am not sure what the new Enabled: setting does so I do not know what I should set it to.

    As has been mention previously, this is a great plugin and I cannot wait to see what else you add to it.
  18. Yes there was a typo in the attribute name in v0.3. You can now delete 'Enables' and set 'Enabled' true.
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    it doesn't work correktly on my server :(
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        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.b(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.dispatchCommand(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.dispatchCommand(
        at org.bukkit.command.SimpleCommandMap.dispatch(
        at org.bukkit.command.defaults.ReloadCommand.execute(
        at org.bukkit.Bukkit.reload(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.reload(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(
        at net.steeleyes.catacombs.Catacombs.onEnable(
    java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: ENDERMAN_PICKUP
    2011-09-24 20:00:33 [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling Catacombs v0.4 (Is it up to date?): ENDERMAN_PICKUP
    Hey, Awsome plugin, BUT yes but :p i get this error on enable, could u please tell me why?? thanks
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    Can you make it configurable to consider ALL blocks to be normal for placement? If i'm not so concerned about where the dungeon is slapped down and destroying everything below it i'd like that option

    I was also thinking it'd be cool to have a setting that has these dungeons randomly auto-generate like 1-2% of the time during new chunk generation, with the percentage chance being configurable, and also have the catacombs auto reset every hour or something, with the interval configurable

    Also, great plugin ty!
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    just in your console scedule an event with the jobs manager to reset it using command...
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    Nice job, Love it.

    Slight suggestion: Pull the Major[Minor] Money name from iConomy so it says '7 Dollars' or '7 Schillings' instead of just gold coins, when iConomy integration is turned on ;)
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    So, this is a very nice, well written plugin you have here. Does as advertised and does it well! Resetting the dungeons tho, why does it not reset the mob spawners? They are destroyable when going thru a dungeon, but when you reset the dungeons, if the mob spawners were destroyed, they do not come back. Is this intended, or am I just doing something wrong? ;)
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    Also, please set up some feedback when you enter /cat reset. It current returns nothing and the user can't tell if it actually reset or not. Thanks.
  26. Yes the destroyed spawners aren't recreated unfortunately. The reason for this is that all the dungeon details are never saved and once the dungeon has been built all the detailed maps used to build the rooms are cleared from the server. The only thing that is saved are the dungeon level sizes (x/y/z dimensions and location). Removing torches, closing doors re-stocking the chests can all be done by inspection of the ransacked dungeon. Re-adding webs and spawners can't because no record is kept of where they were originally or which type of mobs they spawn etc.
    It would not be impossible to save the maps too, I've added it to the to-do list.

    One way around the problem is to place torches on the sides of the spawners to stop the creatures spawning. This way the spawners are re-enabled once the dungeon is reset (because the torches get removed). This is what I do.

    '/cat reset <name>' closes all the doors in the named dungeon, it will remove all the torches inside it and re-fill all
    the chests. Place a torch in a dungeon then try the command to check it's working for you (it is for me). In version 0.4 of the tool you'll also get kicked out (up) of the dungeon if you are in it.

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  27. Nvm :) i had grass flat world ^^ it didnt work on that, had to make stone-.-

    If i want to protect it again if i unprotected it , is it possible?
    also there obviously aint lights in the catacomb so ppl can still bring own?
    Also what is this:

    /cat list <- it shows no names.
    I have catacomb & dungeon named catacombs
    but when i type /cat list | it just says Catacombs: []
    No idea why ^^

    Also can i change mob spawner mob %? atm the first room has spawner, like 50 spiders..


    2 buggy removed whole plugin. Commands wont work properly and really bad instructions
  28. Is your server definately updated to bukkit 1885? ENDERMAN_PICKUP is a new event so you need to be running the latest version of bukkit.

    Do you have a message like this at the top of your console?
    [INFO] This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-1067-g6301507-b1185jnks (MC: 1.8.1)

    Not true. It does work on flat grass. Like the instructions say the region under the grass needs to be solid (no caves or player placed blocks) or it will not risk letting you build.

    As discussed further up the thread, it currently isn't possible to reprotect once it's been unprotected but that is on the to-do list.
    Yes it's dark. As the instructions say bring torches, food, armour and weapons.

    This means you have no dungeons or your MySQL connection isn't working.
    You can change the chance of there being a spawner but not the spawn rate. If you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.

    The instructions are brief but it's not obvious you read instructions that are there.

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    Keep up the great work! Unfortunately, I know that using this plugin as it is currently, people will just go thru these catacombs and destroy all the spawners, and replacing all the catacombs constantly would be a bit of a pain. I'll check this out in another version or two tho and see how this plugin is coming along. It's already a great plugin, but not having spawner/web restoration is a huge drawback... at least, for my server. ;p

    Oh, and had absolutely no problems running this on CB #1185, for anyone else looking to try this out. ;)
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    I need help getting the MySQL thing working. I'm not sure if I have to edit the code, and where I need to put it. I have an SQL database, and when I try to add it to query it just makes a huge error.

    There seems to be an error in your SQL query. The MySQL server error output below, if there is any, may also help you in diagnosing the problem
    ERROR: Unclosed quote @ 1152 STR: '
    #1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'MySQL:
    Enables: true - Some functions lost when MySQL not ' at line 1
    Please Help.

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